Cigarette displays which matters needing attention

although the operators of each cigarette shop are trying to learn how to do a good job of cigarette display, but also learned a lot of skills. But most of the time, often because some attention did not pay attention to, it is possible to make cigarette display work is not in place, and thus affect the development of the entire smoke Hotel business. Then, the cigarette displays what note?

1, the sample should be fully displayed, the sample smoke vacancies to be filled in time. General use counter display cigarette at least Liesi Chen more varieties of each line to display the volume reached 11 to 12 species per square metre; such as shelves display each line to display the cigarettes for at least more than eight brands, in order to avoid the monotonous and unobtrusive display; when the display sample by the customer to buy smoke go after pay attention to replenish, OTC, prevent the cigarette vacancies generated supply insufficiency, cigarette store impression cigarette out of stock to a customer. read more