Two Indias

first_imgIndia demands the equivalent of two Indias to sustain its consumption and waste needs.India’s Ecological Footprint – the amount of productive land and sea area required to produce the resources it consumes and absorb its waste – has doubled since 1961, according to the Global Footprint Network. India’s biocapacity footprint is exceeded only by the United States and China.However, India’s per capita Ecological Footprint, of 0.8 global hectares, is smaller than most countries and almost a third of the world average of 2.2 global hectares. In fact, even though India’s GDP has tripled since 1961, its per capita footprint fell by 12 percent.  Related Itemslast_img read more

Expansion of Maharashtra Cabinet on the cards

first_imgAs the State government gets ready for the last session of the current Assembly, the news of a possible Cabinet expansion is making the rounds again. The monsoon session begins on June 17. While details of a meeting between senior BJP leader and Revenue and Relief Minister Chandrakant Patil with Shiv Sena chief Uddhav Thackeray on Monday were not made public, sources said it was to discuss the possibility of expansion.State Finance Minister Sudhir Mungantiwar, in an interaction with mediapersons, said, “Yes, there is a possibility of Cabinet expansion. The ultimate right to decide rests with Chief Minister. More ministers would mean better governance. Therefore, there is a possibility that cabinet expansion may take place,” he said.Political circles are also discussing the possibility of former Leader of Opposition and senior Congress leader Radhakrishna Vikhe-Patil joining BJP and getting a cabinet berth. However neither BJP sources nor Mr. Vikhe-Patil’s aides have confirmed this yet.last_img read more

Audi RS7 Sportback gives spine-tingling performance

first_imgAudi’s pavilion at the Delhi Motor Show had the RS7 Performance edition that promised an even more powerful version of an already manic car. Power figures read 5bhp shy but 140Nm more than their supercar, the R8 V10 Plus, now that’s a beast!And no I’m not forgetting the weight difference but I’m also not forgetting that these are mega figures for what is effectively a four-door saloon. Sadly, this new version still evades us. What we’re left with though, is still quite mind boggling.Theres so much grip on offer that Im tempted to think if itll lose grip on oil-soaked tarmac. (Photo: Nishant Jhamb)560 thoroughbred and seemingly angry horses galloping away to 7,000rpm on the tacho as 700Nm of tarmac-shattering torque pushes you into the seat – that’s the RS 7 Sportback for you. And not much different from the equally insane RS6 Avant that graced these pages a few months back. It’s the same 4-litre, twin-turbo V8 engine housed in the Avant’s nose that’s doing duty in the RS7 too. Needless to say that the performance is relentless.The dasboard and centre console is layered with buttons but the classy layout doesn’t make it seem cluttered. (Photo: Nishant Jhamb)Analogue dials dance around as freely as the engine revs. (Photo: Nishant Jhamb) From the word go, a gentle tap on the throttle pedal sets off the eight-cylinder machine gun into a rapid pace. Act a bit more feisty with the pedal and the RS7 sends you rocketing towards the horizon at break-neck speeds. It’s simply astonishing how brutal the acceleration can be for a car that weighs a shade under two tonnes.advertisementMMI system offers preset and customisable driving modes. (Photo: Nishant Jhamb) The car features the four driving modes as in any RS model and it’s Dynamic that you’d want to choose to exploit the car’s full potential. Traction control is left on and everything about the car just stiffens and tightens to become razor sharp in response. The ferocity of every upshift that the 8-speed torque-converter ZF transmission performs is delivered with a prominent thrust and an ever increasing grin on your face.Bang and Olufsen stereo system offers rich surround-sound production. (Photo: Nishant Jhamb) But not all’s well when the RS7 confronts a corner. A quick set of corners, no problem, the RS7 will munch them down with oodles of grip from its quattro all-wheel drive system. The torque-vectoring sport differential affords you with enough confidence in time to not bother lifting off the gas pedal on the same set of corners. There’s so much grip on offer that I’m tempted to think if it’ll lose grip on oil-soaked tarmac. Things however, get hairy when the corners get tighter and progressively winding.This engine enjoys being revved to its redline. (Photo: Nishant Jhamb)The weight at the front of the car pushes itself outwards resulting in hair-raising under steer. The trick to an AWD car is to turn in quick, using the traction of the system and power through the apex rather than taking a conventional line around it, which will induce under steer.The gearbox is quick enough without using the flappy paddles. (Photo: Nishant Jhamb)And there’s a lot of traction which will always be on your side. Turning traction off and going fast around roundabouts didn’t make the car lose traction even once as the RS7 stuck to the road like the tyres had claws for grip. Stick to the air suspension though as the optional steel springs are super stiff even with Dynamic Ride Control set to comfort. Putting a stop to the action are the massive brakes which shed speed faster than your mind could anticipate.Theres so much grip on offer that Im tempted to think if itll lose grip on oil-soaked tarmac. (Photo: Nishant Jhamb)The driver’s seat is definitely where you’d want to be in a car like this but in a car like this, the back seat isn’t a bad place either. Draped in plush Valcona leather the contoured seats hold you snug albeit lacking adjustability and under-thigh support.Buttons retract infotainment screen, spoiler. (Photo: Nishant Jhamb)As long as you’re under six-feet in height, there’ll be decent head and legroom too. Air-con vents on the B-pillar and centre of the floor offer individual temperature settings while a 12V socket has been provided to keep the portables charged. Bah! Who am I kidding here… back to where the fun is – the driver’s seat.Shifts are delayed with paddles. (Photo: Nishant Jhamb)The dashboard is usual Audi fanfare, piano black finish, leather in places with carbon inlays and brushed aluminium trims. Optional RS sport seats offer a variety of adjustments and wrap you in place when you’re giving it the beans while also leaving you free of fatigue when you’re stuck in stop-go traffic.advertisement21-inch wheels are optional. (Photo: Nishant Jhamb)1390 litres of boot space can be liberated. (Photo: Nishant Jhamb) Bang and Olufsen supply the speaker system of which the beautifully crafted tweeters artistically rise from the corners of the dashboard. At the helm is a flat-bottomed steering wheel and seeing through it reveals a coloured-TFT display that shows navigation, audio, telephony, digital speedo among other readouts.DRLs looks menacing. (Photo: Nishant Jhamb) The RS7 was launched globally in 2014 and two years is ample time for a design to become stale and eventually forgotten. Yet Audi managed to style the RS7 such that it is still undoubtedly a fabulous looking car. It picks upon the coupe body style with a fastback rear design that sets it apart from any car in its class.Optional RS sport seats offer a variety of adjustments and wrap you in place when youre giving it the beans. (Photo: Nishant Jhamb)The car measures over five metres in length but the low slung profile gives it the athletic look that a sport saloon demands. The proportions are substantial but every curve, crease and bulge oozes class, luxury and most importantly, power. Traits that are important to compel a person into signing a cheque worth a crore and a half rupees.VerdictFast Audis from the Renn Sport division are delectably desirable in their performance. Yet fail to connect with the driver. Yes the electromechanical steering has a fair amount of feedback, the brakes offer precise feel but the numbness of the chassis fails to deliver that seat-of-the-pants feedback. Besides the spine-tingling performance the RS7 brings everything else that the competition has to offer and in most cases, betters it.Oh! Did we mention, it’s drop-dead gorgeous.last_img read more

Pakistan bowlers have wicket-taking mindset: Bowling coach Azhar Mahmood

first_imgPakistan bowling coach and former all-rounder Azhar Mahmood believes his team is blessed with a bunch of bowlers with amazing mindset, who are completely capable of executing the plans on the field effectively.When quizzed about the wicket-taking approach of the Pakistan bowling attack in limited overs cricket, the 42-year-old said, “It’s not rocket-science to realise that in the modern-day limited overs game, where boundaries are small and bats are big, it is absolute madness to think that you can simply contain a top-quality opposition team by drying out runs. The only real way to stop runs from being scored against you is by taking wickets.””In this regard, we are very blessed that we have a bunch of guys who are wicket-takers and are able to effectively execute the plans given to them and deliver on the field. There is an amazing mindset among these bowlers that they need to get the batsmen out and not just worry about containing them, which is very important for the team as a whole,” he emphasised.Giving example of his side’s recent performances in the ODIs, Azhar stressed that his bowling line-up are confident of taking wickets at every stage of the game regardless of the opposition. He further emphasised on the rapid improvement in their bench-strength.”With this bowling line-up, we are confident of taking wickets at every stage of the game regardless of how well the opposition is doing at that time. The proof of our recent progress is in the fact that in the last nine ODI games, the most any team has scored against us is 236 which is a great sign for Pakistan cricket. On top of that, our bench-strength is improving rapidly with each back-up player performing really well when given the chance,” he said.advertisementMeanwhile, Azhar also reflected his disappointment on Pakistan’s recent two-match Test series defeat to Sri Lanka 0-2 in Dubai.The former all-rounder admitted that his side failed to bowl well in both innings of the Tests which cost them defeat.”Obviously, we were thoroughly disappointed by the loss of both Tests in the home series against Sri Lanka, but the fact of the matter is that we did not bowl well in both innings of the Tests. Again, this is not an attempt to look for excuses but the guys were playing Tests after a long time as our last game had been in May of this year and that rustiness showed up against Sri Lanka,” he said.Pakistan are now slated to play against West Indies in a three-match T20 series this November. However, the Caribbean side’s tour to Pakistan might get postponed due to adverse weather in Lahore.last_img read more

Photo/Video: LSU Football Visited Flooding Evacuees This Afternoon

first_imgLSU football's Les Miles visits flooding evacuees.Twitter/@LSUfootballFor LSU football, today was a day to give back to a community still reeling from devastating flooding.The LSU football team took a break from training camp today to give back to those in need. Head coach Les Miles and his players visited the Celtic Media Centre in Baton Rouge to spend time with evacuees from the serious flooding that has plagued the area.Other LSU teams, such as men’s basketball, women’s volleyball and baseball, visited Celtic earlier in the week.The LSU Football team arriving at Celtic Media.— LSU Footbal (@LSUfootball) August 18, 2016Some of the media in attendance, including The Advocate’s Ross Dellenger and CBSNews’ Alyssa Estrada, also shared photos and footage. “Y’all got the best team this year, coach.” #LSU— Ross Dellenger (@RossDellenger) August 18, 2016Awesome job by Miles and his team, and really the entire LSU athletic department, for giving back to their community.It looks like they were able to put a smile on the face of people who could really use one.last_img read more

Blue gold crisis

first_imgAs India’s sixth largest city reels under a dystopian outlook of water scarcity to alarming levels, a delayed monsoon only makes matters worse. Satellite imagery affirmed what people of Chennai have been experiencing on the ground – unprecedented water shortage. Facts show the real picture and going by that, Chennai’s all four major reservoirs that supply drinking water have dipped far below and not hold even a per cent of their capacity. The city has to rely on the three mega desalination plants that are working overtime to match just the minimum requirements. The frequency and quantity of the water supply have gravely dipped. Further, the local farm wells have been plundered to source the private tankers that supplied water to the government-initiated IT Corridor that gave no second thought to water supply in the first place. The water tanker business flourished to fill this civil gap, depleting farm wells to ensure supply to the IT Corridor which proliferated to comprise more than 150 mega infrastructures and remains a source of employability to around 3 lakh people. Too many wells have been dug up which has drained groundwater levels. Introspection over how Chennai and its peripheral districts Kancheepuram and Tiruvallur, which once were blessed with more than 6,000 lakes, ponds and reservoirs that kept recharging the groundwater table, lost nearly half of the natural sources of water while the remaining ones lie in bad shape. Housing projects promoted by governments, converting water bodies into residential areas to house the rising population, proliferated the disappearance of natural bodies. Topographically, Chennai has clayey soil – making water very saline – which makes borewells redundant. Deeper borewells are also futile since they yield unsuitable water. Water at deeper levels is more synchronised with soil which mixes with the properties of water and ends up being unsuitable for use. There already has been a violation of government rules which prohibit digging private wells in close proximity to sea since the sea water seeps in the groundwater channel making the latter highly saline. Rainfall last year was not sufficient to replenish the reservoirs and it is delayed this year. A double-whammy effect of rainfall has brought upon apprehensions of a Zero City as Chennai faces its worst water crisis in years. While monsoon is desperately awaited, the necessity of long-term solutions screams at Chennai. The government has to step up and plan wisely or Chennai, with its current population, could face a nightmare since the scarcity of something as essential as water beyond survival needs would trigger a series of catastrophic ramifications. While Centre’s intervention will be the last resort, the state has to stand up and manage the crisis that it also has a role in. The rainwater harvesting drive that hit the city back in the early 2000s gave Chennai a reliable option should water crisis hit one day. But sadly, the poor implementation did not yield as much. Also, less rainfall has caught people off-guard. Experts cite that Chennai geologically also does not have ample groundwater which makes the city turn its attention to other alternatives. Rainwater harvesting is a good support system for water supply but it is rainfall-dependent. Desalination plants are cost-intensive. Lacuane in policy, violation of norms, low rainfall, scorching heat and over-utilisation of groundwater has stressed the water table bringing the mighty city of south India to its knees. No one even speaks about Kosathalaiyar, Cooum and Adyar – the three rivers of Chennai that have become drains crisscrossing the city. There is a Chennai Rivers Restoration Trust with a website as well but sums up its performances pretty much like the Yamuna River Project which overlooks restoration of the famous river of the national capital. Also Read – A compounding difficultyRejuvenation of the natural reservoirs and water management remain the top priority as Chennai as the expected rainfall will calm the situation down to some extent. Monsoon has to be utilised to make the most of rainwater and develop policies that will enable Chennai to sustain peak summers without a repeat of today’s crisis. While Chennai battles its water crisis, other cities have to take a note of water management as key to ensuring perennial supply to feed their fast-proliferating boundaries. We need river rejuvenation, water table management, water management at individual level along with technology to aid us in our effort to maintain this blue gold forever because it is that one thing humans just cannot afford to lose.last_img read more

China tells Canada of consequences of helping US

first_imgBEIJING — China says Canada needs to be aware of the consequences of aiding the U.S. in a case involving the Chinese tech giant Huawei that is believed to have sparked the detentions of two Canadians in China.Foreign ministry spokesman Lu Kang’s comments Friday came after U.S. Vice-President Mike Pence and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau called for the release of Michael Kovrig and Michael Spavor.Both were arrested on Dec. 10 after Canada detained a Huawei executive wanted by the United States on fraud charges.Lu said Canada needed to have a “clear understanding of the consequences of endangering itself for the gains of the U.S. and take immediate actions to correct its mistakes so as to spare itself the suffering from growing damage.”The Associated Presslast_img read more

Netflix Is Just Part One Of Melanie Jolys Vision For Canadian Content

first_imgMELANIE JOLY – KARL JESSY PHOTOGRAPHS Twitter Advertisement Login/Register With: Our instincts in the internet age tell us we cannot retreat from this global playing field. Canada can and must engage with star players on the international stage. We believe Minister Joly’s long-term strategy will see Canada seize this massive opportunity while keeping Canadian creators at the table.The noise aside, it’s that tension at the heart of this dilemma: In a world where our daily lives are soaked in a sea of global media, can Canada set its own course? In this age of connectivity, can we still shape our own identity?You’ll have to forgive Canadian filmmakers for feeling like we’ve seen this movie before — it ended forty years ago with the creation of Canadian content regulations and the CRTC.READ MORE LEAVE A REPLY Cancel replyLog in to leave a comment center_img Advertisement Two weeks ago, Heritage Minister Melanie Joly unveiled her vision for cultural policy in the internet age.The digital ink is still spilling.Hundreds of column inches have been filled in both official languages. The questions raised are as profound as they are numerous: The fate of film, television, music and journalism. Protecting French-language production. Declining revenues for some. Exploding innovation and record profits for others. Creators caught between telecoms, broadcasters and government. Facebook Advertisementlast_img read more

Myanmars authorities should respond to protests with restraint – Ban Kimoon

24 September 2007Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon today called on the authorities in Myanmar to exercise restraint in dealing with the recent wave of peaceful protests, saying he hopes they will spur dialogue between the Government and other groups on promoting national reconciliation, the restoration of democracy and full respect for human rights. “The Secretary-General hopes that the Government will seize this opportunity to engage without delay in dialogue with all the relevant parties to the national reconciliation process on the issues of concern to the people of Myanmar,” his spokesperson said in a statement. Mr. Ban is closely following events in the Asian country, where demonstrations began last month in protest at a surge in fuel prices and the protesters have more recently included many of the country’s monks.“He commends the peaceful approach the demonstrators are using to press their interests, and he calls upon the Myanmar authorities to continue to exercise restraint,” the statement added. The Secretary-General also expressed his commitment to continue to use his good offices mandate to help in the process of national reconciliation process with a view to also promoting “the restoration of democracy and full respect for human rights in Myanmar.” Last week, Mr. Ban’s Special Envoy for Myanmar emphasized that the latest events are a clear setback for the country. Briefing the Security Council, Ibrahim Gambari said “we have no choice but to persevere” through the Secretary-General’s good offices and work with all relevant parties to try to “move events in the right direction.” read more

Foreign exchange rates

These are indicative wholesale rates for foreign currency provided by the Bank of Canada on Tuesday. Quotations in Canadian funds.Australia dollar 0.9835Brazil real 0.3954China renminbi 0.1895Euro 1.4752Hong Kong dollar 0.160712India rupee 0.01930Indonesia rupiah 0.0000930Japan yen 0.01117Malaysia ringgit 0.2971Mexico peso 0.06610N.Z. dollar 0.8992Norway krone 0.1579Peruvian new sol 0.3867Russia rouble 0.02186Saudi riyal 0.3346Singapore dollar 0.9250South Africa rand 0.09350South Korean won 0.001110Sweden krona 0.1538Switzerland franc 1.2813Taiwanese dollar 0.04155Thailand baht 0.03789Turkey lira 0.3419U.K. pound 1.6538U.S. dollar 1.2548Vietnam dong 0.000055 read more

Glamping pods need building permits

Long Point Eco-Adventures has hit a snag in its drive to diversify its outdoor recreational offerings near Turkey Point.Last fall, Norfolk’s building department flagged 16 of 22 “glamping pods” for failing to follow the building permit process.The pods in question have a floor area of more than 108 square feet. As such, they required a building permit before they were installed.Eco-Adventures took a step in correcting the situation this week when Norfolk council gave the green light to fit the pods with indoor plumbing and an on-site septic system. However, many more steps are required that will take time and cost money.Adam Van Paassen, site manager at Long Point Eco-Adventures, says the miniature camping huts have been in high demand since the first ones went in three years ago. Van Paassen says Long Point Eco-Adventures is willing to do what it can to comply with county and provincial requirements.“We’re hoping for the best and expecting the worst,” he said at Governor Simcoe Square Tuesday.Compliance could be expensive and time-consuming. It remains to be seen whether the affected camping sites will be available for the 2019 tourism season.In a report to council, Norfolk’s building department says it will require an engineer’s report or similar certification that the pods are safe and fit for human habitation. Detailed drawings by a qualified architect or equivalent will also have to be submitted.Building permit fees must also be paid based on the value of construction.“All fees will be subject to a 100 per cent penalty fee for construction prior to the permit being issued,” the planning report says.Long Point Eco-Adventures also needs a construction permit from the Long Point Region Conservation Authority. Ministry of the Environment permits are required to service the site with toilets and a septic system.Speaking to Norfolk council, Adam Van Paassen said his group simply didn’t know the rules regarding legal development when it established the camping huts on site.Van Paassen says the process has been frustrating. In working with Norfolk’s planning department, he noted that satisfying one set of requirements seems to give rise to a new set of requirements. Navigating the process, he said, produces unexpected costs in the thousands of dollars with no perceivable end in sight.“I feel like I know five per cent of what I have to know to do development,” Van Paassen said. “I know there are people out there trying to do development with zero knowledge.”Mayor Kristal Chopp said this situation illustrates the need for Norfolk to come up with a transparent, predictable process for development that is easy to understand and simple to communicate.Another ambitious piece of the puzzle is the pending addition of a pavilion, restaurant and microbrewery at the property on Front Road north of Turkey Point.Plans were to have the brewery operational in time for the summer tourism season.However, given the requirements of the planning process, the parties to the development are leaning in the direction of setting up temporary brewing facilities on site and taking the summer to install the permanent brewery in the basement of the pavilion, which is also working its way through the planning process.Working in partnership with Long Point Eco-Adventures on the brewery is Hometown Brew Co. of Norfolk County. Hometown Brew currently brews its products at the Ramblin’ Road Brewery north of Delhi near La read more

No 10 Ohio State wrestling to take on No 15 Virginia Tech

The No. 10 Ohio State wrestling team is looking to build upon its early season success this weekend against the No. 15 Virginia Tech Hokies. The Buckeyes are 3-0 this season after defeating Utah Valley, Old Dominion and North Carolina by a combined score of 102-9 last weekend at the Wrestle for a Cure Duals in Harrisburg, Pa. “We were pleased with their performance,” said coach Tom Ryan. “But there is certainly room for improvement.” The young OSU team lost only two matches in the meet and won 28, led by redshirt freshman Logan Stieber, the No. 4-ranked wrestler in the nation at 133 pounds. Stieber had two pins in his three matches for a perfect 3-0 finish. The Buckeyes finished the meet with four falls, one technical fall and four major decisions. Stieber echoed his coach in saying the team has some work to do to be competitive. “We need to pick up intensity,” he said. “We still have a lot of things to work on, but we wrestled pretty well.” The probable starters for the Buckeyes this weekend include five freshmen, two redshirt freshmen, two redshirt sophomores and one redshirt junior. There is only one senior on the roster. Ryan said the youth of the team is its biggest challenge. “We’re trying to do the toughest thing that I’m aware of in college sports, and that is to have a freshman perform at a national level,” he said. “And that is extremely difficult.” The team will have to grow up in a hurry, as Ryan said Virginia Tech represents the team’s biggest challenge of the season, and this is only the third week of the season. Stieber will be involved in the featured match of the dual as he faces No. 5 sophomore Devin Carter , who finished in the Top 12 at the 2011 NCAA Championships as a true freshman. “Every match is going to be tough in that dual; we’re very similar in rankings in each weight class, so all 10 matches will be tough,” Ryan said. “But (Stieber’s match) is a doozie. Either one of those guys could be in the national finals, or both of them.” Fans are encouraged to wear black to the meet, which will start at 4 p.m. Sunday from St. John Arena. read more

Judge critcises John Terry for posting holiday snaps

first_imgJohn Terry on Instagram The thieves took designer handbags belonging to Mr Terry’s wife, Terri Poole, worth £126,00, more than £220,000 of jewellery and rare signed first edition Harry Potter books valued at £18,000.They also made off worth £30,000 in cash and a £5,000 replica trophy, none of which has ever been recovered.Not content with the original haul, the thieves returned with an unidentified man and an angle grinder, in an attempt to get into the safe.At one point CCTV footage showed three men wandering around the property with axes in hand then going back into the master bedroom up a ladder. A judge has criticised footballer John Terry for posting photographs of his holiday on social media, after a gang of burglars took to the opportunity to mount a raid on his home.The burglars, struck at the former England captain’s Surrey mansion making off with £400,000 worth of designer goods, after spotting that he and his family were out of the country on a skiing trip.Sentencing them to almost 28 years for that and a string of other similar raids, Judge Susan Tapping said it might have been a mistake for the footballer to advertise the fact he was not at home. John Terry on InstagramCredit:Instagram Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings. The raids came after the footballer posted pictures in February from the French Alps to his 3.4 million Instagram remarking that he was having a “great few days away skiing with the family”.The judge said: “It might have been a mistake to post a family photograph on social media to show that he was away on holiday. His home was deliberately targeted and the master bedroom suite was ransacked.”They spent some time searching for items to steal. Not content with the original haul they returned with a third man and an angle grinder determined to get into the safe.”As well as Mr Terry, the gang also targeted multi-millionaire businessmen ,Alfie Best, dubbed the gypsy king, stealing almost £150,000 worth of luxury goods from the six bedroom mansion in Windlesham, Surrey.They were responsible for a further five burglaries across Surrey and Sussex earlier this year stealing a total of £600,000 in the seven raids.Not all the burglaries were at night and some were carried out while someone was in the house, including a recently widowed woman who found one of them in her kitchen.The court heard she has now been left feeling “nervous and isolated in her own home”.center_img However the noise of the angle grinder woke the housekeeper and he was able to raise the alarm. Footballer John Terry and Wife, Toni Poole The judge said: “The mental turmoil may be harder to heal fully rather than a physical injury. All these victims have the right to feel safe in their own homes.”The court heard each of the defendants have a long history of offending.Darren Eastaugh, 30, Joshua Sumer, 27, Roy Head, 28, and Oliver Hart, 25, pleaded guilty to one count of conspiracy to commit burglary between February 1 and March 27 this year.After sentencing, Surrey Police Detective Constable Phil Carter, the officer in charge of the case, said: “The loss to victims was substantial, with a total value for the seven offences in the region of £600,000.“High-value homes were targeted, some with occupants present during the offences, which is likely to have been very upsetting for them.”I welcome the sentences handed down today. They reflect the very serious nature of these offences. This was a complex investigation completed with help from the Flying Squad whose assistance proved crucial in securing the defendants’ guilty pleas.” Footballer John Terry and Wife, Toni PooleCredit:Eamonn McCormack/WireImagelast_img read more

Prostate screening saves no lives and may do more harm than good

first_imgScreening for prostate cancer does not save lives, and may do more harm than good, a major study has concluded. The largest ever trial of PSA (prostate specific antigen) tests – which all men over 50 can obtain on request from their GP – found that death rates were identical among men, whether or not they underwent screening. Inviting symptomless men for the one-off blood test detects some tumours unlikely to be harmful – while still missing others that were fatal, researchers warned. The study, funded by Cancer Research UK, follows a long debate about whether the NHS should introduce routine screening, using the tests. Lead author Professor Richard Martin, a Cancer Research UK scientist at the…last_img read more

The Evening Fix now with added imaginary friends

first_img(Video: MagicofRahat/YouTube) A mallard duck keeps his balance as he crosses a frozen lake in Washington Park, New York (Mike Groll/AP).HERE ARE THE things you need to know as we round off the day in three easy steps…THINGS WE LEARNED#MISSING: Gardaí have this evening appealed for information in their search for missing teenager Kim Nangle. The 17-year-old was last seen at Blanchardstown Shopping centre at approximately 10pm on 15 March.#MICHAEL NEARY: Thirty-five women who underwent unnecessary procedures at the hands of disgraced surgeon Michael Neary have said that they are ‘in limbo’ as they wait for the government to set up a redress scheme. It has now been 15 years since the story about Neary’s practices, which included the unnecessary removal of wombs and ovaries from women, broke.#TAXI!: RTÉ released a statement correcting reports that it spent €360,700 on taxis in 2012. The broadcaster said that the figures supplied by RTÉ to the Irish Independent under a Freedom of Information request request were incorrect and that the actual amount spent in 2012 was €269,298.#CYPRUS: Banks in Cyprus remain closed today as political leaders scramble to find a bailout plan that will be acceptable for parliament. The country’s president said yesterday that a decision must be made today. Reports from Cyprus this morning suggest the government has decided to set up an Investment Solidarity Fund in a bid to secure the required €5.8 billion to unlock the €10 billion EU rescue package.#CONSULTANTS: A report from the Public Accounts Committee has found that the HSE failed to collect €74 million worth of consultant claims from private health insurers because consultants have not been signing off on claims. The report recommended that the HSE examine its scope to publish the names of those who are holding up the collection of income.#PROPERTY TAX: A list of 5,100 exemptions to the Local Property Tax have been published online today with a mixture of already existing developments, along with those for which planning permission exists. Priory Hall is the only development in Dublin which has been exempted from the tax.Hundreds of joggers, wearing special suits with led lights attached, arrive outside the Lowry Theatre in Salford Quays, Greater Manchester (Dave Thompson/PA Wire).THINGS WE LOVEDThese colour shots of Ireland in 1913. The glamour.The clever marketing strategy used by a Chicago couple to rent their two bed apartment in less than 24 hours. And of course we’re big fans of the photo-bombing dog himself.It’s Twitter’s birthday today. Here are some reasons we both love and loathe it.THINGS WE SHAREDThese 47 earth-shattering local news headlines. We’re raging we didn’t get some of these scoops.Were you a total poetry nerd in school like we were? Then you’ll enjoy these 6 secondary school poetry memories…Look at all those silly people falling for this prank. Our favorite is the really unimpressed, passive-aggressive ‘that’s trippy, however you did that’ girl.last_img read more

Geek deals 130 off HP Pavilion g7 laptop

first_imgJust because a laptop is a new model doesn’t always mean you have to pay full retail on it. The HP Direct store is offering the new HP Pavilion g7 customizable laptop starting at $699.99. You can save $100 off instantly, and another $30 with an online coupon code.The HP Pavilion g7 comes with a free 4GB RAM upgrade, as well as a free 500GB hard drive upgrade, which is a $65 savings. If you’re looking for a printer to go with your new laptop, the HP Wireless Printer is available for only $29.99 with your purchase. Did we mention it comes in some pretty neat colors? By default the g7 comes in Charcoal Grey, but you can also choose Sweet Purple, Butter Gold, Sonoma Red, or Pewter.Besides the array of colors, the HP g7 features a high-gloss finish, a borderless touchpad and chiclet-like keyboard, Altec-Lansing speakers, and SRS Surround Sound. That’s a lot out of such a reasonably-priced laptop. Optional upgrades include 512MB Radeon HD 6470M or 1GB Radeon HD 6470M DDR3 Graphics, Blu-ray, and a Core i5 processor, among other things.Buy the HP Pavilion g7 from Logic Buylast_img read more

Greek has faith in Aussie underwear

first_img Facebook Twitter: @NeosKosmos Instagram Tony Vass loves his new tongue-in-cheek undies and he’s hoping the rest of Australia will too. The former Pacific Brands employee and father of three launched his new online underwear venture-Grundies, following the controversial closure of the Pacific Brands Australian manufacturing plants in 2009.“I’ve always wanted to run my own Aussie-made underwear brand online, and seeing 3000 people- some of who I was very close to lose their jobs to China was the motivation I needed,” he said.“If I can do my bit to create jobs and keep profits in Australia that would be great.” Vass, who has worked in the underwear business for over two decades threw in his life savings, together with the redundancy package he received from Pacific Brands to establish Grundies in May 2009. He spent six months setting up the business and outsourcing Australian workers, and has been trading for 6 months since.The 43-year-old says that the greatest challenge of an all Australian manufacturing business is that industry is losing expertise, and that Australia is losing technology to China.“Manufacturing isn’t what it was like years ago…there’s not a lot of young people coming through the door and many people are walking away,” he said.“But I still believe there is something in Australian made or I wouldn’t be doing it. Many of my customers are saying they are all for the Australian underdog and Australian made message.”On the flip side, Vass has several pluses going for him.For one he has trademarked an iconic Australian name.“Grundies is the Aussie name for underwear so I thought it would be a good fit,” he grinned.Underwear- he added, is also a fast developing high interest category.“Once upon a time your partner would buy you a packet of briefs, but today there’s the emergence of the metro-sexual and there’s a lot more on the market.”Grundies current stocks men’s trunks, fit shorts, socks and T-shirts in a range of playful prints and original designs. “You are getting the Rolls Royce of quality at Holden Prices because we have removed the middle-man,” he said.Grundies will expand to include women’s underwear later this year.last_img read more

Happy Birthday America Chavez aka Ms America

first_img Marvel Censors Criticism of America From Marvel Comics #1000Can Even Jonathan Hickman Save the X-Men? Stay on target There are so many interesting and spectacular things about America Chavez that comics are just touching the surface of. America is a dyn-o-mite of a character since she stepped foot in the Marvel Universe. She’s also a big part in changing the way Marvel looked at their LGBTQ+ characters. In fact, America Chavez is the first openly queer POC to obtain her own ongoing series. But, on Ms. America’s birthday, let’s go back a little bit to talk about where she came from and how exactly she came to grace us.Created by Joe Casey and Nick Dragotta, America Chevez first appearance was in the limited series Vengeance (2011). Born to Elena and Amalia Chavez, America was born in the Utopia Parallel, and if you guys don’t know, that’s a whole other dimension. This dimension is “in the presence of the Demiurge,” who is… a life essence. You know, that good ol’ wacky Marvel sci-fi timey-wimey stuff. As America started to get older, she gained some of her powers from that life essence which allowed her to grow stronger by the day.Everything was happy. The Utopia Parallel was the chillest place to be until it was threatened with attack and destruction. Elena and Amalia Chevaz wanted to protect their home and sacrificed themselves to stabilize that reality. As you can imagine, America ended up losing her mums in the process. America admired her mums, especially their sacrifice even though she was still saddened and angry about it. America made a choice. She decided to dedicate herself to doing some good. She left her home to leap from dimension to dimensions, realities to realities to help those in need.Something about America that is always so intriguing is how much of a mysterious yet tough cookie she is. She’s one of those characters that’s so tough as nails on the outside. You’re wondering what’s brewing underneath all that. We’ve seen her soft side when it comes to helping people. We also see it with the people closest to her, namely Kate Bishop, her BFF and Lisa, her girlfriend or the teams she’s associated with. America still has some anger issues brewing, but that makes her even more of an enduring character. She’s caring, vulnerable, chivalrous, and reliable. She’s also capable, incredible, sarcastic, hilarious and a character that you can simply look up to. Both because she’s such a fierce character, but she’s literally a force to be reckoned with and a total badass. You don’t want to cross her.America has been apart of many teams throughout her years in comics. The very first was the Teen Brigade for a short amount of time. She co-lead the group with Ultimate Nullifier. Other members of the teen Brigade consisted of Angel Salvadore, Barnell Bohusk, and In-Betweener, who America saved from being captured. However, fans will remember Ms. America from her run in the fantastic and notable Young Avengers. She was also briefly apart of A-Force and the leader of The Ultimates!America’s powers are also off the charts. America is what’s not so popularly known as a Fuertona Starling. This means she’s able to travel throughout different Multiverses. She’s also able to do the normal superhero powers with speed, flight, and strength. However, she’s also invulnerable to a bunch of different things including bullets. I feel like I can stop there with explaining that cause if you can survive a bullet, you can survive anything. America is also able to “power stomp” and has super hyper-awareness in what goes on in all the dimensions.This might be the easiest rec list I can give you. Why? Because you should just read all of America Chavez’s runs. I’m serious. Every one of them has something incredible inside of them that builds America’s personality and sense of who she is and who she’s becoming. If you want to get into Chavez’s early beginnings, you’ve got to dive into Vengeance. The run that brought her into popularity and gave her a slick redesign and brilliant story is Young Avengers. You might also want to check out The Ultimates (read these guys. You will NOT regret it.), Ultimates 2, Avengers (2012), Patsy Walker A.K.A Hellcat. One comic that you absolutely can not miss is America, a series all of her own, going more into her home and her adventures. It’s a comic series that’s something special that no one should miss.Many ladies in the Marvel Universe are tough on the inside and out. America is definitely one girl that’s tough as rocks on the inside and out and we love her for it. Here’s to America Chavez. She’s beauty, she’s grace, I’d say thank you if she punched me in the face. Happy Birthday Ms. America! We can’t wait for you graduate to full Captain America one day!View as: One Page Slides1. ClemishSee It Here2. Claire RoeSee It Here3. 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