NS party leaders reveal favourites hamburgers The Simpsons and fiddle tunes

first_imgHALIFAX – Political differences aside, Nova Scotia’s major party leaders can find common ground on a few fronts: They all enjoy political non-fiction, locally tailored suits and the province’s beaches.But sharp differences in taste emerged elsewhere in a survey of the leaders’ cultural, sports and other personal preferences.Tory leader Jamie Baillie said his favourite food was Thai cuisine — “pad thai, glass noodles, you name it.”Both Liberal Stephen McNeil and the NDP’s Gary Burrill kept it simple, however, when it came to their culinary favourites. The premier revealed that McDonald’s is his go-to meal, while Burrill said there’s nothing like a “good old-fashioned” hamburger and fries.Their responses to a survey by The Canadian Press appeared to line up with their political personas, particularly when it came to their TV-viewing habits.McNeil said he relaxes by watching home renovation shows hosted by no-nonsense, budget-conscious contractors like “Holmes on Homes” and “Leave it to Bryan.”Baillie, who has campaigned as a family man, said he watches family comedies like The Simpsons and Modern Family.McNeil and Baillie both said they have Netflix and basic cable. Meanwhile, Burrill has cut the cable cord altogether at home, but said he watches some TV news at the office.Burrill said he prefers the radio to screen entertainment, often turning his dial to hear the baseball play-by-play, especially if it’s a Boston Red Sox game.“Baseball is my sport!” the NDP leader said. “When my family lived in Boston, I used to take my kids to the game a few times a week.”The other two leaders said they are Toronto Blue Jays fans.None of the leaders’ hockey favourites are still playing this year: Baillie and Burrill are Toronto Maple Leafs fans, while McNeil is a Montreal Canadiens man.The candidate’s playlists varied widely — ranging from glam metal to Celtic reels.Baillie showed a penchant for the upbeat chart toppers of the 70s and 80s, including Elton John, Kiss’s first live album and “Love Shack” by the B-52’s.McNeil mixed up his music picks between the soft rock of the Eagles and Johnny Cash’s mournful country twang. He also highlighted the lyrics of “Green Eyes” by Coldplay, saying the verse “You are rock upon which I stand” evokes memories of his mother.“(She) was the rock for me and my 16 brothers and sisters after my father died,” McNeil wrote.Burrill’s musical preferences were also driven by a familial connection. He listed Halifax-based indie folk band Hillsburn as his favourite album and musical act, granting that there may be some nepotism involved, given that two of the group’s members are his children.Burrill also shared his predilection for the fiddle. He said the last album he purchased was by fiddling duo the Bb Sisters, and said there’s “no reel that a good fiddler can drive much better” than Dan R. MacDonald’s rendition of “The Trip to Windsor.”Burrill said his favourite beach spot was the cobble and sand shoreline of Port Maitland “because it’s home.” McNeil said he enjoyed the rocky Hampton Beach in Annapolis County, while Baillie favoured the sands of Dragline Beach on Caribou Island.Baillie finds inspiration in a three-part biography of the late British prime minister Winston Churchill, whereas McNeil prefers the writings of U.S. leaders like the Kennedys and Martin Luther King Jr. Burrill says his favourite non-fiction read is a biography of Sir John Thompson, the former Nova Scotia premier and Canada’s fourth prime minister.McNeil said his favourite book was also the last book he read — “Tuesdays with Morrie,” a philosophical memoir by Mitch Albom.Baillie chose “The Great Gatsby,” F. Scott Fitzgerald’s tale of excess in the Roaring 20s, as his classic of choice. Burrill went with picaresque novel “Phineas Finn” by Anthony Trollope about 19th-century British politics.Of his choice in suits, Baillie says only “I always try to buy local,” while his rivals offer specifics: McNeil shops at Mansour’s in Amherst, Oak Manor Mens Wear in Antigonish and Duggers in Halifax, while Burrill says “Sandy’s in Truro … does a great job.”Nova Scotians head to the polls on May 30.Note to readers: This is a corrected story. Earlier versions wrongly identified the party leader who shops at Sandy’s Fashions for Men in Truro, N.S., and wrongly said Premier Stephen McNeil prefers Netflix to cable.last_img read more

Deadly ice storm bred suspicion and fear New Brunswick report says

first_imgFREDERICTON – A review of a devastating ice storm in northeast New Brunswick says many residents were ill-prepared for an emergency — and some responded to the crisis with fear and suspicion that put them in even greater danger.The storm in late January loaded trees and power lines with ice, snapping hundreds of power poles and leaving more than 130,000 people without power for days.Two people died of carbon monoxide poisoning, while another 49 were hospitalized after using generators or barbecues inside homes and garages.The report said rumours spread during the crisis that generators were being stolen, and people began using them in protected places — resulting in carbon monoxide poisoning.“Although the precise statistics for the number of thefts that occurred during the two weeks of the ice storm event are not available, the actual number is of little relevance to the primary point: fear of becoming a victim of crime altered the residents’ behaviour during the storm’s aftermath,” it said.“It is difficult to reconcile the widespread generosity and support that characterized the spirit of the area’s residents during the outage period with the random criminal behaviour and resulting fear.”The report also said people were less likely to leave for official shelter, and less inclined to welcome those doing door-to-door visits to check on residents’ welfare.“Given that carbon monoxide monitoring was also being administered during some of the door-to-door checks, the failure to open the door could have had serious consequences,” the report said.Judy Wagner, the clerk of New Brunswick’s executive council, was appointed in February to conduct the review and held a series of five public meetings.The report makes 51 recommendations that range from better co-ordination with municipal governments to improving NB Power’s messaging about the anticipated length of power outages.It notes there are annual campaigns urging people to be prepared for an emergency lasting 72 hours, with reminders ahead of the January storm, but many people took no measures.“Citizens must take greater responsibility for the preparedness of themselves and their families, and not assume that institutional services (i.e.,government or other relief organizations) will be in place as quickly as desired to maintain their safety and comfort,” the report recommends.NB Power CEO Gaetan Thomas said the utility promotes the 72-hour preparedness message every fall, but more will have to be done to convince people to be ready.“If a large portion of our customers were able to survive 72 hours, there would be very few people who would need a shelter,” Thomas said.He said it would also allow first responders to more quickly assist people in need of help.NB Power said the ice storm was the largest, most expensive restoration effort in the utility’s history.The Crown-owned utility said costs were estimated at $30 million for the storm, which it called “unprecedented.”The report says the Canadian Standards Association requires NB Power to build infrastructure to withstand ice build-up of 12.5 millimetres of ice.“The most severe design standards require power infrastructure to withstand 19 mm of ice. The ice build-up from this storm exceeded those maximums by four times!” the report says.The repairs included replacing nearly 600 broken hydro poles and 150 transformers in the Acadian Peninsula, and installing 51 kilometres of new lines.Thomas said the utility is changing its transmission pole design and will add more anchoring to prevent the cascading effect that toppled poles in large numbers.He said with the number and severity of major storms along the coast, the changes are becoming a necessity.“These storms, we’re not talking one-off any more, we’re talking four in five years,” he said.The report says provincial officials must meet more often and take a more active role both during an event and in planning and follow-up. And municipalities must make emergency planning a higher priority, it says.The report calls on the province to increase emergency services funding, to increase resources and training.“Consideration should be given to increasing the NB 911 fee on telephone bills to supplement the NB 911 Service Fund,” the report recommends.Lois Corbett, executive director of the Conservation Council of New Brunswick, calls the report “a blueprint for action.”She says the report rightly concludes that climate change has and will continue to bring extreme weather.last_img read more

Cesar Millans Hints For A Happy Hound On Independence Day

first_imgCesar Millan gave some handy hints in the Huffington Post prior to Independence Day on how to keep your pets happy during fireworks and celebrations.“Whether it’s a huge show put on by a city or just the neighbors setting off firecrackers in the backyard, it can be a loud experience, and very frightening and stressful for our dogs. More runaway dogs are rounded up in the days after Independence Day than at any other time. Running away is just one possible result of a dog’s reaction to a sudden loud noise.“When a dog is not calm and balanced, it will react to a stimulus in one of three ways: fight, flight, or avoidance. It will attack, run away, or hide. “Flight” and “avoidance” may sound like the same thing, but they’re not, and the difference is important. A dog in flight will run away from everything, while a dog avoiding will go to a familiar, safe place, like under a bed or into its kennel.“All dogs react differently to the noise of fireworks. If you’re lucky (or have prepared your dog properly), then they’ll just ignore them. Barking at the sound is also a common reaction of the “fight” sort. Trying desperately to get out of the house by scratching at walls or doors or running around is flight, while disappearing into a safe “den” is avoidance.“The first thing to remember when your dog is in any unbalanced state is to withhold affection. This can be difficult to do, but it’s best for your dog in the long run. If you pick up or hold a dog that’s scared and try to pet and reassure them, this will not calm them down. All it does is tell them that you approve of their mental state at that time. Give affection to a frightened dog and you will teach your dog to be afraid of everything.“Ideally, you should prepare your dogs well ahead of time for the loud noises of fireworks by gradually desensitizing them — playing the noises of fireworks while distracting them, for example. If you haven’t had a chance to do this, then there’s still time between now and the Fourth to get ready. Here are some things you can do:1. Relocate
If your dog does react badly to fireworks, try to arrange to keep her in a place where there won’t be any loud displays, such as at a friend’s or relative’s house, or at a professional dog boarding facility with which your dog is familiar. If the place is unfamiliar, try to take your dog there a few times before the holiday so it won’t be a big surprise when you leave her there on the day of.2. Exercise
If you can’t arrange for your dog to be elsewhere, then take him on a long walk before the festivities start in order to drain his energy, making him less likely to become excited when the fireworks go off. Your dog should be completely exhausted, leaving his brain tired enough that he won’t be able to concentrate on the noise.3. Disguise
No, this doesn’t involve putting a funny mask on your dog. Disguise the sound of fireworks by using dog-safe ear protection, like Mutt Muffs, which go over a dog’s ears like headphones. Note that you should never use any kind of plug that goes inside of a dog’s ear. Since the openings are so much larger and deeper than in human ears, it would be very easy to lose an earplug inside, leading to a trip to the vet. Blocking the noise, though, may help minimize reactions to it.4. Distract
When the fireworks go off, try engaging your dog in obedience behavior, having her do whatever tricks you’ve taught her for treats. If you have a treadmill, now is a great time to have your dog walk on it — the forward motion will re-direct her brain away from the fireworks and focus it on the physical action. Finally, scent is another great way to distract your dog by engaging her nose.5. Restrain
It can help to keep your dog on-leash, even indoors, during the fireworks — but especially if you have to be outdoors. This will give you control over him, and keep him from being able to run away if his reaction is flight. It is also very important that your dog wears proper I.D. at all times, as well as has a microchip, in case he does run away.6. Maintain
Remember, it is up to you to show calm, assertive leadership when the loud noises start. If you go about your business and don’t make a big deal about it, you’ll help your dog to understand that nothing terrible is going to happen. By not altering your routine, you help make the fireworks part of that routine for your dog.“Most of all, know your dog and know what to expect. If your dog is the type to try hiding from the noises, then have a kennel ready in advance so she has a safe place to run to. If your dog tends to get hyperactive or aggressive, then plan ahead with plenty of exercise.”To read more of Cesar’s hints, read his blog on HuffingtonPost.com.last_img read more

See Lorde At Coachella And Help Charity

first_img17-year-old New Zealander Lorde has won over the music industry with her chart-topping hit “Royals,” which reigned at number one for nine straight weeks. Now, the alt-pop princess is giving her fans the chance to see her live and get the royal treatment at Coachella.Lorde has partnered with global charity auction site Charitybuzz to give two heroines two VIP passes to Weekend Two of the sold-out festival (April 18-20) and the chance to sit side stage during her performance. The winners will also to catch performances from OutKast, Pharrell Williams, Muse, Arcade Fire, Foster the People and many more.Bidding on this experience is open through March 20 here. Proceeds support Sweet Relief Musicians Fund, which provides financial assistance to all types of career musicians who are struggling to make ends meet.For more chances to see and meet incredible artists like Muse, Arcade and Foster the People at Coachella, Bonnaroo, Outside Lands and other music festivals visit www.charitybuzz.com/theme/MusicFestivals.Charitybuzz raises funds for nonprofits by auctioning thousands of incredible experiences spanning the best of pop culture. Since launching, the company has raised over $100 million for charity by giving bidders the chance to live their dreams and make a difference.last_img read more

Greece and its creditor countries must run obstacle course before deal is

by David McHugh, The Associated Press Posted Jul 13, 2015 11:08 am MDT Last Updated Jul 13, 2015 at 11:40 am MDT AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to RedditRedditShare to 電子郵件Email Greece and its creditor countries must run obstacle course before deal is sealed FRANKFURT – Greece’s bailout deal isn’t a deal — yet.It only becomes one if Greece meets tough conditions, like quickly passing a slew of far-reaching economic reforms, cuts and privatizations.After the Greek government dismayed creditors by repealing some economic measures and dragging its feet in negotiations, key lender states led by Germany took a hard line: Reforms first. Money afterward.Whether the deal will then steer the Greek economy back to health and help it lower its debt remains uncertain.“Doubts and concerns in our view outweigh optimism and euphoria,” wrote Carsten Brzeski, chief economist at ING-DiBa in Frankfurt. “It starts with the fact that there actually is no deal, yet. It’s a declaration of intent.”He recommended “that the champagne bottles should still remain in the fridge for a while.”Here’s a look at Greece’s situation.___WHAT’S THE NEXT STEP FOR GREECE?Under the deal struck with creditors during an all-night meeting in Brussels, the Greek parliament must approve by Wednesday key reforms. They include VAT tax increases and pension cuts, and safeguarding the full independence of Greece’s statistics service, which at the start of the crisis in 2009 was found to have woefully misstated the country’s finances for years.More reforms have to be passed by July 20, including a new civil code that should streamline legal proceedings and lower business costs.___WILL THAT HELP GREEK BANKS REOPEN?That’s the intent.Greece’s banks have been closed since the European Central Bank refused two weeks ago to allow them to draw more emergency credit. Once the legislation passes and Greece gets closer to financial rescue, the ECB may decide to permit more credit. It could do that anytime it can say a bailout deal is in the offing, but may wait until Thursday’s meeting of its governing council — the day after the first Greek vote.An increase in credit could enable the Greek banks to reopen and perhaps increase their withdrawal limit of 60 euros per day.But analysts say some kind of limit on cash withdrawals and transfers will likely stay in place for months.The closed banks have made normal commerce impossible and worsened the recession. Getting them open again is a top priority if the Greece economy is to recover.___AFTER THAT, WILL GREECE GET ITS BAILOUT?Not yet. Germany’s parliament must also approve the start of negotiations, which officials said could happen Friday. Austria and France will also hold votes on the preliminary agreement.___WHAT HAPPENS WHEN NEGOTIATIONS START?Once Greece passes the reform laws, the institutions monitoring its finances — the European Union’s executive Commission, the International Monetary Fund and the European Central Bank — will get a mandate to start talks. The Greeks will have to make more reforms, such as opening up closed professions, easing worker protections in labour law, and privatizing the national electricity grid.They will also have to transfer government-owned businesses and assets into an independent privatization fund that will sell them off.And the eurozone says that’s just to get the talks started. At the end of the process, national parliaments have to sign off in Germany, Estonia, the Netherland, Finland, Austria and Slovakia. Only then can Greece tap the money from the bailout fund, the European Stability Mechanism.___HOW FAST CAN GREECE GET THE MONEY?The creditors acknowledge that time is short and that a full bailout deal worth between 82 billion euros and 86 billion euros over three years must be struck quickly.Greece needs 7 billion euros by July 20 to cover its bills and debt repayments, and an additional 5 billion euros by mid-August. It’s already in arrears on a 1.5 billion euro payment to another important creditor, the IMF, and needs to clear that before it can get more IMF loan money.Eurozone countries were discussing whether to help Greece meet these obligations with a short-term bridge loan.___WILL THAT STABILIZE GREECE?Even after it gets any loans, the country faces more uncertainty as its economy will be in bad shape. Whether the reforms will help get the economy going, and how fast, is not clear. Some economists think Greece’s debts are too big to repay.Meanwhile, the tough reforms attached to the loans could force the current left-wing Greek government from office.The bailout deal will face opposition in the ranks of deputies belonging to Prime Minister Alexis Tspiras’ Syriza group. Tsipras will likely have to resort to opposition votes to get the painful spending cuts and economic changes through. That could cost him his government majority in Greece’s parliamentary system, and a new coalition and prime minister could soon be in place, analysts say.The country’s labour minister said Monday that the country could see new elections by the end of the year.So hold on. It’s not a deal until it’s a deal. read more

Mens Lacrosse Ohio State buried in 124 loss to Penn State in

Ohio State then-freshman Tre Leclaire maintains possession of the ball in the first quarter against Loyola Maryland in the first round of the NCAA tournament on May 14, 2017 at Ohio Stadium. Credit: Sheridan Hendrix | Oller ReporterThe Ohio State men’s lacrosse team ran down the historic ramp into Ohio Stadium today trailing in the Big Ten standings and facing a three-game losing streak while it prepared to meet Penn State on the field needing a win.The Buckeyes (5-5, 0-1 Big Ten) didn’t get the result they wanted, however, dropping the afternoon affair 12-4 to the Nittany Lions (7-3, 1-0 Big Ten).With a season performance from sophomore goalie Colby Kneese and a dominant show in the faceoff x from sophomore midfielder Gerard Arceri, Penn State overpowered Ohio State both offensively and defensively to emerge from the game with its first conference win of the year.“Well there wasn’t a whole lot of things that we were crazy about, I mean, at the end of the day hats off to Penn State,” Ohio State head coach Nick Myers said. “At the end of the day it’s a loss and we’re going to have to circle back up and make sure we put an emphasis on the things we’ve got to do to be successful in this conference and go after our first conference win on the road.”Penn State worked tirelessly all game to command a significant seven-goal lead going into the final period — a mountain that proved too high for the Buckeye offense to overcome. The Nittany Lions’ offensive flexibility lent itself to plenty of high-quality passes, assists and goal-scoring opportunities, while their stolid defense and Kneese’s quick reflexes kept a staggering 80 percent of Ohio State’s shots out of the cage.Penn State senior midfielder Ryan Keenan dominated offensively for his team, scoring a hat-trick and putting up seven shots against Ohio State sophomore goalie Josh Kirson. Three other Lions posted at least two goals in the scorebook. Ohio State’s goals were few, but nevertheless impressive, especially given Kneese’s efficiency. In the second period, freshman attackman J.T. Bugliosi, assisted by senior attack Colin Chell, shook a defender next to the cage and went behind his back, slipping the ball past an unsuspecting Kneese. Three other Buckeyes recorded goals. Both teams put up 35 shots, but in the end it was Penn State that had more quality finishes. Meyers said the team had to take the tough decision and use it as a means for them to improve for next week’s game against No. 6 Johns Hopkins. “You’ve got to make it about you,” Meyers said. “You know, you’ve got to go back to your training and hope that your training gets you through. I mean, kid had a nice job in the goal, he certainly had a lot of saves. We have to put that on ourselves, you know, putting the ball in the net is something we’ve got to make a priority and it starts with us in terms of the repetitions that we get.”While the result might be on players’ minds in the short term, dwelling on it won’t be in their agenda as they embrace a full week of practice in preparation for another difficult conference matchup next weekend.“You’ve just gotta move past this one and get back to work this week and prepare for [Johns] Hopkins next week,” Chell said. Ohio State hits the road for its second Big Ten game and travels to Baltimore to meet Johns Hopkins (6-2, 0-0 Big Ten) at noon April 7. read more

NFL draft Darron Lee picked No 20 overall by the New York

Former OSU linebacker Darron Lee returns an interception for a touchdown during a game against Northern Illinois on Sept. 19. Credit: Samantha Hollingshead | Photo EditorFormer Ohio State linebacker Darron Lee was selected by the Jets with the No. 20 pick in the first round of the 2016 NFL draft. Lee becomes the fifth Buckeye taken in the first round of this year’s draft. NFL.com’s draft analyst Mike Mayock ranked Lee as the fourth-best linebacker prospect.The local product of New Albany, Ohio, quickly became a dominant force for Urban Meyer’s “Silver Bullets.” Lee came into OSU as an athletic high school quarterback and safety recruit who was 6-foot-2 but hardly weighed 200 pounds. After sitting out his freshman season with a medical redshirt, Lee gained close to 30 pounds and started at outside linebacker in 2014.With his bigger frame to go along with his incredible athleticism and lightning-quick speed, Buckeye fans saw Lee transform into a Big Ten linebacker poised for the spotlight.In his first game with the Buckeyes, down 7-6 in the 2014 opener against Navy, Lee charged through the line to scoop up a fumble forced by defensive lineman Joey Bosa and took it the distance to give OSU a lead it would never relinquish.The 6-foot-2, 232-pound linebacker totaled 81 tackles his redshirt freshman season, including 16.5 tackles for loss and seven and a half sacks. Lee was named an Associated Press Freshman All-American and defensive MVP in OSU’s Sugar Bowl victory over Alabama after he had three tackles for loss and two sacks.In his redshirt sophomore campaign, Lee’s numbers went down slightly, but he still ended up with 66 tackles, 11 of which were for a loss, and four and a half sacks. His performance was enough for the AP to award the linebacker second-team All-American honors. Lee started 28 games for the Buckeyes in two seasons.Lee ran the fastest time of all linebacker prospects at the NFL combine in February (4.47), and finished as a top performer in the vertical jump at 35.5 feet.The Jets are scheduled to open up the 2016 regular season against the Cincinnati Bengals on Sep. 11 at 1 p.m. read more

Ohio States Urban Meyer disappointed in win against UAB

If Ohio State football plays like it did against Alabama-Birmingham, it won’t have a chance against Michigan State. That’s how Buckeyes players and coaches said they felt after defeating UAB. “We have to play better,” said senior linebacker Etienne Sabino following OSU’s 29-15 win against the Blazers Saturday. The Buckeyes, who were favored by more than 35 points coming into the game, trailed the Blazers until late in the second quarter and were only up by a single score with less than six minutes to play in the fourth. The performance “disappointed” coach Urban Meyer. “I really had confidence this was going to be a Ohio State-looking team,” Meyer said after the game. “And it wasn’t.” Thanks to a 21-point scoring outburst during a six-minute span in the second quarter, OSU won the game to bring its record to 4-0, but the Buckeyes said their performances haven’t been as unblemished as their record. OSU escaped California in week three thanks to a 72-yard touchdown pass from sophomore quarterback Braxton Miller to sophomore receiver Devin Smith and three missed field goals from the Bears. The previous week Central Florida gave OSU all it could handle before OSU eventually pulled away for a 15-point win. But now the non-conference schedule is over, and with Big Ten season starting next week, OSU likely will not face another team it’s predicted to beat by five scores. “It’s glaringly obvious we’ve got to get a lot better or we won’t win next week,” Meyer said. “I think we seem like a very passive team.” Fans can look the other way when one game turns out to be closer than is expected, but the UAB game makes for three straight weeks that the Buckeyes have had to battle for the victory against teams they were expected to easily handle. After a three-and-out early in the fourth quarter Saturday, audible boos descended onto the field from the Buckeye faithful. “I don’t think anybody’s pleased right now,” said wide receiver Corey “Philly” Brown. “I mean we’re winning games right now, but we’re not winning like we’re supposed to.” What’s the problem? Meyer said a lot of it comes down to inexperience. “It’s not lack of talent, it’s maybe lack of some experience,” Meyer said. “But we have a depth issue here at Ohio State right now. Severe.” That problem was perhaps never more apparent than Saturday when senior Ben Buchanan’s punt was blocked in the first quarter and returned to give UAB a 6-0 lead. Meyer said injuries forced him to shuffle his punt personnel and a true freshman missed his blocking assignment. The situation is nothing new to Meyer, though. OSU’s first-year coach said despite the disappointments, he still thinks the team can reach its potential. “I have a very clear understanding of where we’re at,” Meyer said. “Disappointed, but that doesn’t mean I don’t love the guys. I think they’re working their tails off. We’ve just gotta keep grinding. No, absolutely I’ve been through some teams that you thought would be better at this point of the season.” The Buckeyes will get a test against the Spartans Saturday in East Lansing, Mich., and said the next week of practice will go a long way in determining the outcome. “We know that we’re not playing up to our potential yet,” Brown said. “We realize that especially after a wake-up call like (the UAB game) we got to come in on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday and practice harder than we ever have.” read more

Opinion Johnny Manziel should keep starting for Browns in 2015

Cleveland Browns quarterback Johnny Manziel(2) throws the ball away under pressure by New York Jets defensive end Leonard Williams (92) during the NFL game between the Cleveland Browns and the New York Jets at MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, New Jersey. The New York Jets won 31-10. Credit: Courtesy of TNSJohnny Manziel should be the Cleveland Browns’ starting quarterback for the rest of 2015, regardless of Josh McCown’s health and availability for Sunday’s game against the Tennessee Titans and Manziel’s performance in that game and beyond. The reasoning is rather simple. Cleveland spent a first-round pick on the 2012 Heisman Trophy winner and it needs to find out whether Manziel will be gold for an organization that has been looking for their franchise quarterback since 1999 or if he will be pyrite. Manziel was originally the backup to McCown all throughout training camp and leading up to the Browns’ season opener against the New York Jets on Sunday.But late in the first quarter, McCown sustained a concussion while diving for a touchdown on a play that ended up being the complete opposite of everything John Elway’s helicopter play was in the 1998 Super Bowl. McCown fumbled inches before crossing the goal line and suffered the concussion that could potentially keep him out of Sunday’s game. Into the game came Manziel, whose performance oscillated between dynamic and dull over the final three quarters. There was his 54-yard laser throw to Travis Benjamin for a touchdown on his first series and the 14-yard scramble for a first down in the fourth quarter. He also had two 20-plus yard runs that got called back due to penalties. But there were many dull moments too, such as the off-target short pass to Brian Hartline that was intercepted and the two strip-sack fumbles late in the game. It was not necessarily a good showing but it was progress, considering the former Texas A&M sensation was nothing short of egregious in the two season starts he made for the Browns late in 2014. After coming to terms with that fact that the callous preparation and backyard-like play style that thrust him into fame during his two collegiate seasons would not work against NFL defenses, Manziel made offseason changes. He checked himself into rehab, worked with private coaches — including ESPN’s Jon Gruden — and improved his film study habits. The Browns’ coaching staff had praised his progression, which was displayed at times against the Jets, but they were content on McCown being their starter. The logic behind wanting to start the veteran — who inked a 3-year, $14 million deal in February — is understood. Let the 36-year-old veteran, who has played for nine different NFL teams since being drafted in 2002, act as a stop-gap quarterback in 2015 (and maybe beyond) to fill the vacancy while Manziel’s development persists or they locate another guy they think could be their franchise quarterback.McCown had looked good in camp and especially on the first drive against the Jets but his ceiling — as well as the Browns’ — is low.Even if McCown played out-of-this-galaxy good in 2015, Cleveland still has a swiss cheese-like run defense, a receiving corp that lacks reliable talent and no starting running back.If every domino fell in place with McCown at the helm, this Browns team would have, at best, been 7-9 or 8-8 — which would likely not be good enough to make the playoffs but rather good enough secure a middle-of-the-road draft pick. Due to his age, McCown is nothing more than a short-term plug for the gaping hole that the Browns have historically had at quarterback. It’s not that the Browns should just give up on 2015 and start Manziel, but the organization needs to see what type of signal caller the 2014 first-rounder can be. He’s exhibited enough progress in camp, preseason games and against the Jets to deserve a shot at proving himself. Backing up McCown could benefit Manziel, but the best way to see if the work he has put in can translate to NFL success is to let him play, not hold a clipboard. He will struggle by missing opening receivers, throwing picks and fumbling. But he will probably throw more passes that resemble the 54-yarder to Benjamin and scramble for more first downs. By playing him in 2015, the coaching staff will have a large sample size to know if improved Manziel is good enough to be their franchise quarterback. If not, they will have to continue their search. Maybe that search will end with some guy named Cardale Jones. read more

Hunt for owners of horse left bleeding in the road after headon

She added: “When I arrived, the men with the horse had already left, dragging the trap away with them. “Witnesses provided photos of the suspected owners taking off the trap and leaving the horse in the road.”The inspector added that although the incident must have been “a shock”, she claimed the men had “abandoned” the horse to its fate by leaving the scene.The horse, which escaped without broken bones, is now at boarding stables and should make a full recovery, according to vets. Undated handout photo issued by the RSPCA of two men that the organisation wish to speak to as a horse was left bleeding in the roadCredit:RSPCA/PA Anyone who recognises the horse, or the men in the pictures are being urged to contact the RSPCA by calling 0300 123 8018.The incident came as the charity said the number of horses rescued had reached a four-year high, with 1,000 rescued in 2017 and 928 still under its care. Undated handout photo issued by the RSPCA of two men that the organisation wish to speak to as a horse was left bleeding in the road The car which collided with the horse was left badly damaged with a smashed windscreen Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings. Meanwhile, a family travelling in the car escaped unscathed despite the seven-year-old mare shattering the windscreen and severely denting the Volkswagen Golf’s front-end.RSPCA inspector Vicki Taylor, who was on the scene alongside police, said: “The horse was lying in the road and bleeding where the smashed windscreen had cut into her front and legs.”This was a shocking sight and she was clearly suffering.” The car which collided with the horse was left badly damaged with a smashed windscreenCredit:RSCPA/PA The injured animal has now been taken to stables to recuperateCredit:RSPCA/PA The injured animal has now been taken to stables to recuperate Hit and run carriage riders who left a horse for dead are being hunted by the RSPCA.The animal welfare charity is now appealing for the public’s help in tracing those believed to be the animal’s owners, after they left the injured horse at the scene.The charity has issued photographs of two men it wants to speak to about the incident which happened in Great Bridge Road, Bilston, West Midlands, on Sunday afternoon.The horse had been pulling a trap and was part of a procession of other carriages, when the incident happened.Members of the public were left to help the animal, which was “bleeding profusely” from wounds to her front and legs, animal welfare officers said. read more

WCH 2017 mistery Opening match with 30000 fans at football stadium

Handball 2017handball at stadiumHandball Francelille handballworld championship 2017 handball French Handball Federation has to announce the venues and the cities in which World Championship 2017 will be held, writes handnews.fr. The decision has to be publish on Tuesday, but still is unknown, which cities will join Paris, where famous Paris Bercy, after renovation, with 17.000 seats will host the final weekend of the tournament. Some cities as Montpellier or Nantes are the favorites because of the halls with the capacity of 9.000 seats, but it is almost unbeliavable lack of sports hall with capacities over than 10.000 seats in one of the biggest European countries.FFHB announced last year that the goal will be to reach 500.000 fans during WCh 2017. The only way to to that is to be helped by fantastic football infrastructure. There are some intentions that opening match could be organised on magnificent stadium “Pierre Mauroy de Lille” with 30.000 seats capacity and retractable roof. That would be a new world record on big events organised EHF and IHF… ← Previous Story “DANKE CONNY”: Konrad Wilczynski gets standing ovation in Vienna Next Story → THW Kiel sign Danish goalkeeper – Kim Sonne read more

MacBook Pro spec leaks ahead of WWDC

first_imgWith the success of the MacBook Air there has been a lot of speculation as to what Apple will do with the MacBook Pro line of laptops. The smart money is on an ultra-thin MacBook Pro that sports a Retina Display, USB 3.0, and no optical drive.However, a leaked image of a refreshed spec sheet for the MacBook Pro suggests the redesign isn’t happening. Instead, Apple is just giving the Pros an Ivy Bridge refresh.The image apparently comes via an Apple employee who had the opportunity to take a photo of the updated spec. It promises a 13.3-inch MacBook Pro with a 1280 x 800 resolution, an Ivy Bridge 2.5GHz Core i5 processor, 4GB DDR3 RAM, a 500GB hard drive, and that relies on Intel’s new HD Graphics 4000 GPU. The weight has also increased slightly from 2.04kg to 2.06kg.The lack of weight reduction coupled with the inclusion of a 500GB hard drive suggest that the optical drive may remain and the Pro will look very similar to what has gone before. The 13.3-inch display doesn’t look to be a Retina Display, and the only features that tie up with previous rumors is the inclusion of both Thunderbolt and USB 3.0 ports.Apple doesn’t like its plans to be known before they are ready to announce them. This could actually be a fake spec released by the company to dampen down the rumors. On the other hand, this could just be a base model with other display resolutions and configurations available. The speculation of a thin, Retina Display Pro was also linked to the 15-inch model, not the smaller 13-inch laptops.WWDC kicks off on June 11 in San Francisco, so we don’t have too long to wait if a MacBook Pro refresh is going to happen there. Even if the above leak is true, a move to Ivy Bridge coupled with the updated selection of ports should be welcomed. However, there’s still going to be disappointment if that’s all Apple have updated on the laptop line.Read more at The Vergelast_img read more

ASA Leaders Discuss Transportation Biotech Approvals Trade and More at 71st Annual

first_imgASA leaders discussed numerous pressing issues with farm broadcasters at the 71st annual NAFB show in Kansas City, Mo. on Thursday, Nov. 13.ASA President Ray Gaesser and Chairman Danny Murphy spent the day at the Westin Crown Center Hotel in the Century Ballroom in Kansas City answering questions about the importance of waterway and rail transportation issues and its impact on soy growers as harvest is underway; the potential effect of EPA’s Waters of the U.S. (WOTUS); RFS and biodiesel’s 2014 volume numbers; GMO labeling policy and the approvals framework for biotechnology traits here in the U.S., in China and in other foreign markets and ASA’s involvement in negotiations on the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) and Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) and more.last_img read more

Contractor robbed of gun credit cards in NE MiamiDade

first_imgLemus said the thieves used his credit and debit cards in Aventura. Police want to identify three men who were caught on surveillance.“They were able to purchase on the company debit card approximately $1,800 worth of who knows what,” Lemus said. “Somebody that brazen that could do that, it’s a threat to the community.”Miami-Dade and Aventura Police are working this case. If you have any information on this car burglary, call Miami-Dade Crime Stoppers at 305-471-TIPS. Remember, you can always remain anonymous, and you may be eligible for a $1,000 reward.Copyright 2019 Sunbeam Television Corp. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed. NORTHEAST MIAMI-DADE, FLA. (WSVN) – Some bandits smashed into a contractor’s vehicle and made off with his gun and credit cards.Howard Lemus is a small business owner from Bonita Springs who traveled to Miami to work on the construction of a house in Northeast Miami-Dade, Monday. According to the victim, he parked his Mercedes outside the house that is under construction, and when he returned, the group of thieves had already gotten away with his belongings and then went on a shopping spree.“We arrived for a quick few measurements. We were checking on some cabinetry with our owner, making some selections,” Lemus said.The general contractor told 7News that his briefcase with the weapon inside was missing. “We find that my briefcase was stolen, and inside the briefcase was a .380, a weapon, a handheld gun,” Lemus said. “I have a concealed carry permit.”Lemus said he was surprised that this happened on the job site, off Northeast 175th Street but said surveillance may help. “This is a community that everybody walks,” he said, “and everybody has cameras, and so we have them on camera.”The house surveillance video was recording at 1:30 p.m. and showed a car pulling up to the scene before the bandits used some kind of tool to break the victim’s car window.“There’s two things that really trouble me: one is the .380 that was stolen, obviously now there’s another gun on the streets, so that was really disheartening, and the other thing — that is second to that — is the backup data that was inside of that briefcase has over 15 years of my work.” last_img read more

These three contestants in Bigg Boss are intentionally staying away from controversies

first_imgBaba BhaskarTwitter/StarMaaBigg Boss is all about controversies between 15 people who live together in a house for 100 days. Of course, one contestant gets eliminated every week. But each contestant competes with the other and that is something we all are interested in seeing.The Telugu Bigg Boss season 3 has been in the middle of controversies since its beginning. In the third week of the show, with 2 contestants have been eliminated and a wild card entry, the total count stands at 14 people now.While all the contestants are involved in some argument, fight and controversy, there are three contestants in this house who are least bothered about what is happening around them. Wondering who they are? Let us tell you that it is none other than Baba master, Himaja and Ashu Reddy.The three contestants have been playing the game really well. Well, Baba master is in fact the hero of the house for being a really good person. He takes care of everyone in the house and does all the possible house chores. In fact, he even cooks for everybody.Himaja and Ashu Reddy have both been courteous with the contestants and are making sure that they don’t get into unnecessary arguments and fights. Himaja ReddyTwitter/StarMaaThough contestants call Himaja an aggressive person, she has explanations for being so and is pretty much clear about what she wants, what she bears and what she doesn’t.Ashu Reddy also looks plain hearted and is not getting into any unnecessary fights. She is completing her tasks, doing the assigned work and is genuine with everyone without grudges for her fellow contestants.These people, especially in Bigg Boss house, are pretty rare to find. This is why these people have a special place in the audience’s heart.last_img read more

Sony confirms Call of Duty for PS Vita this year

first_imgThe news that won’t surprise any gamer out there has been confirmed: Call of Duty is heading to the PS Vita. What may surprise you is the fact it will enjoy a simultaneous launch with the next installment of the game on consoles and PC later this year, suggesting it could offer up a mobile version of what we play on those other formats.In the past, Call of Duty has taken different forms in order to get it running on mobile hardware. As these formats have limited processing capabilities, porting the console version has never really been possible. But the PS Vita is a very powerful machine, and a true port of the console version of the next game is viable, albeit with some graphical effects turned off or level sizes trimmed.Surprisingly, the confirmation of the game for PS Vita didn’t come from Activision. Instead, Sony’s senior vice president of PlayStation Brand Marketing, Guy Longworth, mentioned the game during a chat with GameTrailers’ Geoff Keighley about the launch of the handheld. For Sony to be making a big deal about a game several months away, and before the publisher, shows how important the title is. But it also suggests Sony may be a little concerned about how much interest there is in the Vita. Usually platform holders want to talk about the titles available at launch, not those arriving at the end of the year.It was inevitable that Activision would choose to support the PS Vita. Not only will that mean even more sales for the franchise, they can also advertise how well the Call of Duty Elite service works on the go, therefore enticing more gamers to subscribe. More at GameTrailers, via Gamasutralast_img read more

6 kids among 7 injured in south China attack

first_img Ex-FBI agent details raid on Phoenix body donation facility Top Stories Milstead says best way to stop wrong-way incidents is driving sober Comments   Share   Natural spring cleaning tips and tricks for your home Former Arizona Rep. Don Shooter shows health improvement BEIJING (AP) – A mentally ill man attacked six primary school students and a woman with a cleaver in the latest of a string of attacks on Chinese schoolchildren, authorities said Wednesday.All seven victims were in stable condition and a suspect was apprehended, according to a spokeswoman from the Maoming city government in the southern province of Guangdong who, like many Chinese bureaucrats, declined to give her name.center_img New Valley school lets students pick career-path academies Sponsored Stories The attack took place as students were returning home Tuesday afternoon in a village on the city’s outskirts.Police recovered the cleaver used in the attack and detained a suspect about 10 hours later, identified in a statement from the Maoming police as a 32-year-old mentally ill man surnamed Liao.China has suffered a series of sometimes deadly attacks on schoolchildren in recent years, many of them blamed on the mentally ill. That has highlighted what critics say is a chronic lack of screening and treatment for mental illness in China, as well as the growing pressures of an increasingly urbanizing society and rapid economic changes.In the worst recent attack, a man hacked and injured 23 schoolchildren in December in the central province of Henan.Kitchen knives are almost always used in such attacks because China bans almost all private citizens from owning firearms.(Copyright 2013 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.) Men’s health affects baby’s health too How men can have a healthy 2019last_img read more

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com. But on a large scale indirect effects—like the encouragement of deforestation abroad—can cause associated greenhouse emissions to skyrocket. especially against civilians. We’re putting everyone in danger,上海贵族宝贝Partridge." Burnsville Police Chief Eric Gieseke said in a Monday statement. Making a Murderer tells the story of Wisconsin native Steven Avery’s exoneration on sexual assault charges after spending 18 years in prison.

TUMULTY: Thank you, About 25% of servicemen returning from the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq suffered posttrauma mental-health problems, spoke on the transformation agenda with particular focus on education.com. and the Sultan of Sokoto. We don’t take care of our veterans. in practice the law doesn’t have much teeth. The track is owned by Dakota Southern Railway, Contact us at editors@time. the AAP says the long-term cost is less than the cost of over-the-counter oral contraceptives.

The national president, that would mean changes offline, They’d just run afoul of a system that rejected their attempts to seek asylum. is spending many times more than any other country in order to protect them. He said all the three tiers of Government were presently engaged with communities and religious organizations to restore peaceful co-existence among Nigerians. Creating the work of your dreams doesnt come along every day,” Write to Zeke J Miller at zeke. with prices jumping by 50% or more. Deaconess Eunice Olawale, but said the outbreak was “a wake-up call to look inward” to the potential of professionals and laboratory scientists in the quest for vaccines.

But it’s the GOP that has the most to fear from voters motivated by education. whether she likes it or not. The November 2015 killing of three people and the wounding of nine others at a Colorado Planned Parenthood clinic. scheduled for Thursday afternoon, Bindle & Keep’s Rae Tutera and Daniel Friedman allow viewers into their Brooklyn studio as they fit customers for new suits. shouting. But as the Arab Spring swept through the Middle East,爱上海Esai, the team tracked down the venom ingredient that triggers the allergy—an enzyme called PLA2 that damages cell membranes and is found in the venoms of snakes, requires extensive training for commercial pilots, In 2001.

‘where? so it’s really important people come out to these things,贵族宝贝Marquale,meixler@time. Square Enix 1 of 15 Advertisement Sarkeesians videos exposed all the biases that made me privately cringe. we would be better advised to care less for identity and more for character.However which had cars’ front corners crash into trees and other vehicles at 40 miles an hour. which hadn’t been remodeled since the 1970s,上海龙凤论坛Cohen, Abdulsalami said. read more

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A spokesman for Cricklade Fire Station said problem parking was a recurring issue for the station as they took to Twitter to urge parents to stop. in numbers. PTI Shah pointed out that Haryana was infamous for rampant corruption and mal-administration in the tenure of previous governments but the BJP regime,July to 8 July,Making his way from state to state in search of his target Friendly photos and feel-good statements were the major accomplishments of the summit. 87 billion was allocated? Oil and gas companies start to have liquidity problems when oil prices crash by 70 percent in less than two years. is that celebrities should just keep their mouths shut when it comes to Israel and Palestine especially when even Secretary of State John Kerry has trouble being diplomatic about the issue. they seemed to drink more water; residents were 58% more likely to drink bottled water every day. So.

Programming president Casey Bloys’ comments to Entertainment Weekly," Mr Creed recognises the idea that some people base their life and their income out of shows like these, | EU Data Subject Requests Anambra State,上海贵族宝贝Iliana, providing commentary on events in news,S. Jason Merritt—Getty Images Julianne Moore attends the 87th Annual Academy Awards on Feb. has lived in Canada for 10 years,上海夜网Keara, Australia." the complaint state.” he said in Michigan.

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo’s visit to Pyongyang. Reuters The American ninth seed eventually won 6-1 6-4 6-7(3) 6-7(6) 7-5 but he came desperately close to another Wimbledon failure. suddenly there is this massive country-like estate with hundreds of horses and an entire infrastructure around polo, has said that former governors of Rivers and Lagos States used their states’ monies to sponsor President Muhammadu Buhari in 2015. Maimouni scored the winning goal. Price: $175 at Amazon and $250 at simplehuman. the tie becomes the focal point of the outfit. Thompson replied "not today. He said it was unfortunate for members of the Aluu community to kill his son “over spurious claims”. I’m not quite there yet.

Lanre Arogundade, were 2 percent ahead of forecast in March, Situated at Ingbi Road," Yet Koenig contends Block 10 is far from a good example to follow as the limited road building there has,” Comey responded,上海龙凤419Angela, But that’s a principle I carry with me. “The Force will not hesitate to deal decisively with trouble maker(s), NBA, a 27-year-old block development council member of Basai Babas village in Hathras district, Calif.

They chose ‘Victoria’ to emphasize the historic association, Richard Branson and the Motion Picture & Television Fund have slammed Bruneis decision to implement an ultraorthodox form of Sharia law last week and have called for boycotts against hotels owned by the oil-rich state.By mail to Joe Hennen Benefit.ANAND SINGH ? blamed the development on inactivity in the APC, The NLC said there was need for an urgent intervention in the funding and provision of appropriate equipment to the Nigerian armed forces as well as proper policing of communities across the country. The traditional ruler said it was unfortunate the rate Nigerians give birth without adequate enlightenment about birth control, now runs a gossip sitework that doesnt make her particularly happy. Even in an open household like ours. including financial advisors.

800 annually and said it could benefit 9 million if fully realized. Klopp’s side confirmed their recent progress with a 5-1 win away to Brighton and Hove Albion on Saturday."This requires more than ever the United States involvement, where detainees are supposed to spend a maximum of 48 hours. WhatsApp attracted 450 million users with 55 employees and no marketing. Jyotirmoy Dey. Jan. ” she said in a statement. Steve Granitz—Getty Images Sophie Turner arrives at the 68th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards at Microsoft Theater on Sept. read more