As a webmaster do you do for Shanghai dragon

we know a successful Shanghai dragon Er are not only stereotypes of his success with his one or more highlights. In the face of competition and pressure increasing, if we only know they copy the experience of others, then we will fall behind others.

in the face of changing the search engine algorithm, our website ranking may not stop or even drop a lot of volatility. Then we need to master good quality in the heart and compression ability, and can continue to understand the causes of learning leads to the decline in ranking, do analysis and improvement. read more

Do website ranking should focus on Shanghai Longfeng scheme

three, my plan is my Shanghai dragon

How do

website ranking, has already been introduced to everyone. We believe in the Shanghai dragon, do most is Shanghai dragon plan. Often in Shanghai know and love group, see everywhere seeking Shanghai dragon scheme. However, Shanghai Longfeng scheme is open to the public, are scrambling to see, is very old, keep up with the times, it can only reference format. Shanghai Longfeng scheme we need to do is to their own unique insights.

The original

two, Shanghai dragon to practice more to guide read more

The new Google search results display function priority visited pages

but when I visit from the search results, the second visit, my website results appear in the first place, the search results are as follows:

At the same time in the In order to

for the record, I Kunshan flat-share site has been closed for nearly two months, today to record by the weak, can be re visited today, so debugging contents. From the Google search your site name [Kunshan] the flat-share inadvertently discovered the first visit, find your site in search results seventh:

about my web search results to join, remind you of the last time you visited the time. Maybe this is a good news for the webmaster, ranking behind "is expected to get more traffic. Do not know if a user within a certain period of time also visited a number of web results, Google will do what, to continue the test well, we also welcome feedback results: 贵族宝贝 test to study together. read more

For the novice webmaster reference increase in traffic can be done

Links is endowed with great love in Shanghai, still remember the rain through the Links deception, the Shanghai dragon the keyword ranking to the first, only more than the Shanghai Phoenix Forum, which caused a stir. The search engine that a site link to another site, this site is for trust. So the day through QQ group or Links exchange website to find associated with their regular website, so insist, every exchange 2-3, until Links to 30 or so, and then replace the high quality chain. Links not only improve the site PR effect, and enhance the anchor text ranking function, otherwise there will be so many people keen to buy link behavior. read more

Do you need to optimize the status of foreign trade in Shanghai dragon industry understanding

status three: Shanghai dragon foreign service price gap is big. At home and abroad, there are many consulting platform claiming to provide optimal service, the platform with a price advantage, great influence attracted some users. For some credible Shanghai dragon company, company of the service price is little. Some small, irregular companies can do a keyword in the publicity services such as a few hundred dollars, but the authentic Shanghai dragon company will do hundreds of thousands of projects. So I suggest that there is a demand for foreign friends in Shanghai Longfeng optimization services as much as possible to choose some optimization company Shanghai dragon’s reputation good, don’t he. read more

Long tail keywords a bridge between users and website

long tail narrow profit cycle

is the demand, so easy to get some traffic, and the conversion rate is higher. Everyone says Shanghai dragon worked more slowly, but on the contrary, the long tail effect is faster. Probably after an article you will soon be released not included, and have good ranking. In addition, because it is for users to write the words, so the conversion rate is high, may eventually realize part of the profits, this website has been a virtuous cycle of development.

The needs of users of The relies on the link. read more

Keywords Shanghai Longfeng website optimization competition analysis

2. from the search results to see the keywords competition degree is the keyword search information. When we search for a keyword, the search engine will display the relevant search results, changes in the number of search results is very large, the different search will produce different search results. Of course, the more the number of search results, the greater the degree of competition; on the other hand, the competition degree is small. The degree of competition may refer to the following data: the search results less than 500 thousand: belong to the competition of smaller; search results: 50-100 million belongs to the average small; search results: to belong to medium; 100-300 million 300-500 million: search results on the middle part of the search results; by 5 million: belong to difficult words. Of course, how different is difficult to keywords in the cost of each one has its own merits. read more

The site was suddenly down right

> theme?Solution:

2), will be included in the original dead link with the txt document sorted out, submitted to the Shanghai love.

Solution: Solution:


on this point, we do not panic, we must first step by step, do Shanghai dragon is not a step? Otherwise it will backfire. Then Chen Baowen to talk about the site was suddenly drop right

2), do not use the keywords released when the content of the website can use other keywords, such as web content increases, the keyword density is too large will be diluted. read more

The new snapshot update faster it must be optimized construction



screenshot The construction of snapshot In fact, we all know

for this navigation station building is soft in the optimization, the new owners must be careful not to have garbage outside the chain, to improve the quality of the chain to a certain program, like the A5 Adsense website in the chain investment quality is very high, as well as other investment in the platform is also good. This investment in the chain is equivalent to about one hundred of the ordinary chain, the key is that the chain effect is very good, otherwise your navigation station snapshot is not updated quickly, the site also ranked will slowly increase. I wrote an article "the new owners will use magic: make a contribution to lead the construction of the chain of original hand", mainly about the investment and make the chain much effect, the new owners must find time to write this material and engage in the investment. read more

The site outside the chain note

2. source chain website. The web page update faster in search of snapshot, snapshot date is very new, explain this page spider often patronage, then means that you add to the link could soon be detected, and effect. If the snapshot is a few months ago, so after a few months may also link will be detected.

article "in a few ways to do the site of the internal links of" to introduce some methods to do the site within the chain, of course, a good website in addition, also need a strong chain. Contact Shanghai dragon friends should also know "content is king, the chain for emperor", this sentence is very good to tell the two factors, the most important so we Shanghai dragon, how the chain is the high quality of the chain? Chain when we should pay attention to what matters read more

Why Google is often not open

may involve factors

why Google is often not open? People should abandon such Google? Google is not in China has come to a dead end? A few years ago, Google several times by Chinese market, the reason it’s hard to say, maybe involved in the ZZ, but no one really knows the truth behind. We can only do a show of speculation. Many people think that this is very likely to be the middle ZF harmony; as for why the harmony? Is considered to have ZZ if they steal China user information to "support Chinese" deliberately or GY; they are called no search words they do not listen to; then another, is not a gift sent to. read more

The secret of how to send the chain will not say to be deleted

three, post time selection. After their long, I found at noon and in the evening after 10 is the most.

two, the first few posts do not send any chain belt. This is a very inappropriate but very popular saying called "smoke bomb", the main purpose is to the back post with a link to do the cover, so that they can go through smoothly. A little thief ah, hope that the forum administrators form hate me, because I have no hate. Feel shy, imperceptibly and wilful back.

said the hair of the chain, as long as do not estimate the Shanghai dragon who dares to say that they did not have, because the chain construction is a very important link to external web site optimization, the quality of the chain release directly affects the progress of our work in Shanghai dragon. As with all partners, I began to contact this industry is from the chain this piece to start, there are many, the Internet can be used to send the chain platform such as forum, blog, Post Bar, favorites, B2B website catalog, quiz, library and so on, all of these can be used for we have to send the chain. Everyone wants the chain of their hard hair will always persist, but not in front of you, he was in the back cut, so the enthusiasm will fight their own work, also because the site outside the chain is not stable and affect the optimization of our work, so how to send the chain will not be deleted as we are a pressing matter of the moment. All the chain platform, the forum is undoubtedly accounted for the largest proportion, from the effect is most obvious, so today I will focus on share some tips on the forum released outside the chain, these are all I do when I first in this work summarizes the private. read more

The webmaster choose Links skill what

three, try not to the two level domain links, also do not cross link. Because everybody knows that the two level domain name weight is not high and the space is not to mention the unstable flow, also is not high. Cross trouble a little messy, not convenient to manage, probably when you don’t know your links being deleted.

do now, in the promotion of the time to first contact is Links, originally as a novice to absolutely ignorant of these fundamental can only rely on their own way, for a week, plus a lot of links but also not management, see people’s Links felt with a very good, but after a period of time to know which also has a lot of skills, not blindly, if not grasp it easily caused little effect, so to prevent this phenomenon is to learn how to exchange links, link management to make more quality promotion. read more

The site diagnosis scheme should be analyzed from what


diagnosis. Here comes the internal structure including the site within the chain and the user experience of the website, now many websites in order to establish the internal structure of the network, the entire site and add the chain, this is very easy to have the wrong idea, the article give different keywords to add the same address, in order to improve the weight of the page. The weight and keywords within the chain, but this job is wrong, it will only distract the weight of words, so in the diagnosis of the site, the construction of the chain that must check. There are owners in order to improve the optimization of the site, to the site keywords accumulation, the accumulation process did not take into account the user’s experience, many sites are very poor in terms of user experience, this website bounce rate is very high, so in the diagnosis of the site also don’t forget the diagnosis of Web site users the user experience is king, the users of the site can be a long time operation. read more

The reason of love Shanghai plucking and solving method

website cheatingThere are many methods of

cheating, such as keyword accumulation, hidden text, door leaf etc.. We must remember that cheating is not desirable. Here is not introduced one by one. A lot of Shanghai dragon see others cheating using the technique website to get good rankings, but there is no standard Shanghai dragon strategy, David’s deer, reaches a certain limit, will inevitably lead to the site was K.

5, the chain or chain by K website

recently love Shanghai this update, and a lot of K station, many stations included less, or even pull hair, website ranking is certainly a relief for the thousands of miles, some owners worry, often these days in the forum to see why will be in love with altitude in the novice webmaster webmaster have questions, instead included increase, the ranking also elevated. Do stand, are so hard, why the result is the opposite of read more

The website of Shanghai Dragon the chain of diversification is how the layout

, a variety of

Title: where would find Rene Liu MV, so we content listed in the Rene Liu MV complete name is what the user can find the complete and tell Rene Liu Mv in the cool dog, at the same time, we provide 2013 cool dog download link anchor text, then the user will click to download.

chain positioningThe chain

we first put the common needs of users of our industry are listed, then we see what content exists blank area in our industry may be blank, but also is the user demand.

before we say is based on the analysis of the demand from the industry chain, we are also starting from the industry, if we start from the industry point of view to consider the chain than if we start from the perspective of the site itself is relatively easy to. read more

The website how to do the optimization of the long tail keywords


is the first choice of keywords, we all know that Shanghai dragon which is a means of network promotion, I will spend time on how to choose keywords, choose keywords for future Shanghai Longfeng optimization is very necessary, how we do not know how to choose keywords, simple to say here is the most simple login love Shanghai index page, of course you want for your products have a general understanding, the products you want to search keywords, and then select some low index, the best is within 1000, two or three on it, is the long tail keywords related products. If you want to let me spend a lot of time to do a hot target keywords, then I would rather spend the same time to do long tail keywords. First: the long tail word more easy to row up. Second: the long tail keywords bring customers into the probability of customer website products much higher than target keywords. read more

A grassroots rookie webmaster 2 failed to do the station experienceLet the forum hot four profitable


a website salesman gave Lao Yi "brainwashing" and introduced him four effective methods.

do is for the domain name with their own name, personal blog, do the webmaster friends first website mostly personal independence blog personal experience, because I was only used to do sales, and in the same company by sales for promotion, the company did not who knows the website of things, so these things can only rely on an individual way. Do not know what you want to do, domain name and space. At that time, the figure is cheap on Taobao, got a year more than 30 yuan of 100M Hongkong space, domain name is also made on Taobao, seems to be more than 30. These are ready to go after the website template and other drops, these are downloaded on the website drops, so that the first of their own independent blog was born. And then update the article every day, nothing to do, but also write some of their work, summed up the experience. In this way, the site ranking is OK, a month later that PR update also went to 2 I did a few months of enterprise station PR or 1 just made, the company attaches great importance to the PR. Good times don’t last long, after a month, the space problem, ask them to call that space chant attack, a few days, waiting for a few days did not sound, the space was closed, was very angry, so do the first abortion. Then the summary of this station is not to covet petty gains, 1 years, more than 30 yuan of space can be stabilized to go there. read more

Fox static page guest do earn 200 yuanEntrepreneurs must read investors must see Yu Minhong Xiong

in addition, I found many friends do the site, put it there no longer management, wait for sh419 included, but later flow. In fact, this is not what way for action. I think that the guest can be divided into two aspects: first, the operation is SEO in this direction, if SEO super cow words that can flow through sh419 and every month there will be a steady income. Second, is proactive to promote publicity, this is faster money, but relatively tired, but if mastered the skills, but also to make money quickly, and even better than the SEO operation is still higher. I know a guest friend, he is completely rely on the promotion to the operation of the day can bring tens of thousands of directional flow, and the conversion rate is high. read more