Frida Kahlos 110th birthday celebration Sunday

first_img Share this: FacebookTwitterRedditemail,0% 0% Tres leches cake  will be served at 2 p.m. to celebrate Frida’s 110th birthday. Those who arrive looking like themselves will be Fridafied on arrival. This means that Charraga will personally paint a unibrow on your face and place flowers in your hair.Earlier in 2014, Alexandra Garretón walked through the Mission with Mission Local editor, Lydia Chávez, to find local connections to Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera, two iconic artists of the 20th Century.center_img Casa Bonampak at 1051 Valencia St. and Fiestas Fridas will be hosting a Frida Kahlo look-alike contest and birthday celebration Sunday beginning at 11 a.m. It is also Sunday Streets so the whole of Valencia will be a fiesta. At Bonampak, anyone can participate in the categories of Fridog, Fridrag, Little Frida, Diego and Frida. The winner of the best Frida wins a Trump pinata filled with Airhead and Dum Dum candies. The winners of the other categories can go home with Trump toilet paper, so that you can put Trump where he belongs, says the owner Nancy Charraga, or colorful Frida papel picado.All who arrive in Frida costume will receive a free Pinche Diego postcard.   last_img read more

Distillations Facing the music at Revolution Café

first_img Subscribe to Mission Local’s daily newsletter But that is not a San Francisco ambition. Only one coffee shop in my neighborhood made a point to have music, and soon it was gone — replaced by a chain fish restaurant. Over the years, two locally owned places near me managed to stay in business while two more Starbucks opened up within blocks of each other — but none of them have live music. Everywhere I went in the city, it was basically the same. Revolution is precious. “I do not understand why the San Francisco music scene is like this,” I told Jenny. “Do you think it’s because our scene is so focused on DJs?” she asked.‘Oh, that makes sense! We are … ”“We have a huge DJ culture,” she emphasized. “… and a focus like that can take the air out of everything else. Yeah, I’d believe it. I don’t know if it’s true, but I believe it.” That’s the thing about the tech takeover and ongoing gentrification of San Francisco — it doesn’t just drive people and culture out, it drives the very idea us living here out. Much like the DJs might be taking all the air out of a live music scene, the futurists are destroying the future, leaving behind nothing but a desperate attempt to keep up with the present.We decide to get another drink, which involves one of us going up to the counter at a time while the other aggressively defends the seats. I came back with a Pranqster beer, she got a red wine. A heat lamp in the patio ceiling flickered on, sorta kind-of working. The band was jamming like crazy, and people were packing the place in — God help us if we had to go to the bathroom. Music and humanity were swirling around us as the Mission went dark. Maybe that’s why it happened. I don’t know what triggered it, except that maybe this is the kind of environment where these moments happen. A look crossed Jenny’s face, I asked about it, and suddenly a bridge was crossed, a door opened on the other side, and she was telling me a deep and personal truth that she’s needed to talk to someone about for months but didn’t know how. And after listening to it, and commiserating, and falling to pieces, just a little bit, I told her about an open wound I am hiding beneath my mask, that is festering in silence. And by the time we left we knew, without a doubt, that we had become closer friends. And I wonder if that would have happened anywhere else. Revolution, by the time we left, was obnoxiously crowded and noisy, and beautifully human. Which brings out our own, flawed, humanity. It may have no place in the future, but I want it here, now. We were a little disappointed by the sangria. It was fine, we both agreed it was fine, but it was also on the sweeter side. We were glad we hadn’t just sprung for a pitcher. An increasing number of people were standing around us now, overflow from the café into the street.“Do you work at cafes a lot?” Jenny asked me.“Oh God, yes. If I’m not at an office, then I have to work at cafes during the day. Home is for that really productive period, for me, between 10 at night and 2 in the morning. Then it’s great. But if I’m working from home all day? Just sitting there on my couch? In my living room? It drives me stir crazy.”“Me too. I can’t do that.”“No, I actually really like café-hopping all day. Like, going to a place, having a coffee, reading a book, then going to another place, working on a project, eating lunch, going to another place, drinking a beer, meeting some people … make a whole day of it, and it’s a really good day.”“I have specific places I like to go for specific kinds of work, to set the right mood.”“Totally. One place for if I’m just trying to read, one place for if I’m trying to focus on work, one place for a certain kind of conversation with a certain kind of friend … really, that’s the advantage of a place like San Francisco, you have the luxury of so many different niches.” She nods thoughtfully. “Do you ever think of leaving San Francisco?”“All the time. Not because I don’t like it, but because the way things are going, it’s impossible for me to imagine a future here.”“Where would you go?”“I have no idea. If I did …”center_img There was supposed to be a beat-boxing cellist. Instead there is a jazz quartet. You never know what you’re going to get in this city.“Jenny” and I had managed to find a seat just outside Revolution Café, which isn’t easy. Even in a town known for small venues, Revolution is one of those places where three truly is a crowd. We were lucky to get this table, which to a casual observer was being used by a group, but to our expert eyes was probably available if we asked politely. The vibe is as much “coffee house” as “bar.” The menu behind the counter says they only serve sangria by the pitcher, but when we asked they said sure, we’ll pour it in glasses, no problem. The casual atmosphere is appealing and comfortable. Maybe because there’s not enough room to stand on ceremony.Revolution is the kind of café I thought San Francisco would be full of when I first moved here. Deeply embedded in its neighborhood, the center of its own scene, and filled with acoustic or only lightly amplified music. Wherever I’ve gone in the world, cafes would at least aspire to be venues: you could easily find one where a casual performance was happening. Most of them couldn’t keep up with the seven-nights-a-week schedule that Revolution keeps, but they were aspiring to it. Email Addresslast_img read more

SAINTS need to be more ruthless according to Head

first_imgSAINTS need to be more ruthless according to Head Coach Keiron Cunningham following their 24-12 loss to Wigan on Good Friday.“We had a couple of opportunities which we didn’t post and in those big games you have very limited chances,” he said. “We created quite a few opportunities but didn’t finish them off. I thought we started really well – in fact it was probably our best this year, but when the second wave of players came on the field one thing led to another and we ended up chasing our tail.“Possession in rugby league does ebb and flow, but we put ourselves in a bad spot in the last 15 minutes of the first half. You can’t win a game on the back foot. It felt like we were surviving for long periods.“Our left edge didn’t help us either. We have to make sides earn tries and we aren’t doing that at the moment. Jack Owens made a poor read on the first play but he is a young kid who is learning and I thought overall he had a decent game.“But apart from that, some of the tries they didn’t have to earn. We had to fight and scrap for what we did. It was disappointing but we have another big one on Monday to get over it.”He continued: “You can’t question the effort of the players in the second half. They fought well and showed guts and determination to get back into it but we have to be more ruthless. We can’t be this side that is famous for conceding tries and chasing it back.“We have to be ruthless, grind it out and kick the ball long – like Matty Smith did this afternoon. But that is my headache to have and no one else’s.“It does hurt. It is two points like last week and this coming Monday but emotionally there is a lot more around it.“We want to win these games but we have to perform better for longer periods.“We have to get some combinations we can work with. We need them on both sides of the field. We can’t build unless we have a stable defensive line and we haven’t got that.”last_img read more

NHSO investigating vandalism at Smith Creek Park

first_img They say the free library was destroyed and thrown into the lake. The vandals also ripped the bulletin board sign out of the ground. The fact is, this is the third time the county has had to replace the library there.They anticipate the damage to cost more than $1500.“What’s so frustrating is that it’s not that someone needed money or needed something,” said New Hanover Co. Parks and Gardens director Tara Duckworth. “They just did it to be spiteful I guess.”Related Article: Weekend checkpoint nets 4 arrests, more than 100 citationsParks and gardens says the sheriff’s office is following leads on who the vandals may be.“It’s just very frustrating and we are just looking to folks in the community to try and keep their eyes peeled. Help us to stop this kind of nonsense really,” Duckworth said.The Parks and Gardens says Smith Creek Park unfortunately is notorious for garnering vandalism. They say at least six times this year the parks and gardens has had to fix some form of vandalism to the park. It’s so often that vandals strike New Hanover county parks that they have a budget of fifty thousand dollars to handle the anticipated costs of damage.“This is not new it’s just very frustrating,” Duckworth said.Parks and gardens is asking neighbors to alert the sheriff’s office if they see anyone at the park after hours.If they have any information, contact NHSO. WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — The New Hanover County Sheriff’s Office is looking into a vandalism that destroyed several park items at the Smith Creek Park.The county parks and gardens tells us it happened sometime Friday.- Advertisement – last_img read more

Trial to begin for teen charged with killing Wilmington musician

first_imgCory Sullivan (Photo: StarNews) WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — The trial of the teen accused of killing a Wilmington realtor and musician is expected to begin on Monday.16-year-old Cory Sullivan is accused of stabbing Ben Privott to death and then stealing a computer and cash from the victim.Ben Privott (Photo: Facebook)- Advertisement – Sullivan, who was 15 at the time, is charged as an adult.He is charged with first-degree murder and other crimes in the April 2016 stabbing.The district attorney’s office says pre-trial motions will begin on Monday with jury selection expected on Tuesday.last_img read more

Some citizens happy with recognition of 1898 coup

first_img “Just admitting that something very ugly happened and that to heal it, we need to be aware of it and try to move forward,” Elliot Smith said.The plaque will be placed on Market Street between 4th and 5th streets. However, Deborah Dicks Maxwell and Kojo Nantambu with the New Hanover County NAACP are upset because the plaque will say only 60 blacks died during the coup.“It’s underplayed. An undetermined amount of people died in 1898. My church which was built prior to 1898 could hold almost a thousand people,” Maxwell said.Related Article: VIDEO: Tree crew inside home when armed men attempt to break in“You go from 12,000 African Americans to 2000. What happened to 10,000 people in that short period of time? Everybody didn’t run. A lot of people got killed,” Nantambu said.They still believe this is a step in the right direction.“It’s very important that our youth understand exactly what occurred in this city, what occurred across this country because of what happened in Wilmington in 1898,” Maxwell said.Maxwell says the NAACP is aware of this and is working to make sure the number is corrected before the plaque is put up in March. WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — The state’s historical marker program approved a sign, officially recognizing that the 1898 coup in Wilmington did happen. That’s when white supremacists overthrew the African American government and drove out many from the city. Many people in Wilmington are happy the state is taking this step.“It’s really great that we’re recognizing this horrible thing that happened in our city’s history. So, maybe we can actually start moving forward from it,” Sophia Miller said.- Advertisement – last_img read more

Humpday Health Couples yoga or pilates can be a great Valentines Day

first_imgWILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — We’re just one week away from Valentine’s Day, so you may be scrambling to find a gift for your loved one. We’ve got an idea for you, couples yoga or pilates!Shelley Jackson of Axis Yoga Studio in Wilmington said, “Outside of the traditional Valentine gift, like the cards and the candy, why not take the time to do something that you haven’t done and actually dive into something with one another?”- Advertisement – Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and you may be thinking of what you’d like to get for your special someone.Instead of the classic gifts, like chocolate or roses, why not bring your significant other to a yoga or pilates class?Not only is it a great workout, but it can help the mind as well.Related Article: Flower farm damaged by Hurricane Florence busy prepping for Valentine’s Day“That can be an extra special journey if you come with your loved one, to go through the practice with one another. And what better way to bond and to do something that’s actually very good for you mentally and physically. It’s a spiritual awakening, together,” said Jackson.Jackson says you can burn plenty of calories in her class.“In my hot pilates class, the average is between four and five hundred in a 55 minute class. So it’s a little different than probably what you would anticipate in a mind-body practice,” said Jackson.On February 16th, you can check out an Acro Yoga Workshop at Axis with a partner. It’ll only cost you $20 a person.last_img read more

CFCC Boat Show supports boat building programs

first_imgWILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Boat lovers converged on the downtown Wilmington riverfront for the annual Cape Fear Community College Boat Show Saturday.The event showcases the two boat building programs at the college: Wooden Boat Building and Boat Manufacturing and Service.- Advertisement – Members of the community were also invited to bring their handmade boats for display.Money raised at the show goes towards a boat building scholarship.CFCC’s Marine Technology Department Chair Jason Rogers says he’s prouds of the boats the students have created.Related Article: College creates degree program aimed to fight substance abuse“It’s really gratifying work to basically start the school year with nothing and then at the end of the year, wind up with several finished boats that they can take right out here on the Cape Fear River that last week of school,” Rogers said.At a dinner after the show, plaques were awarded in categories like Best Power Boat and Best Classic Boat, as well as a People’s Choice award.last_img read more

Burgaw community recognized for providing refuge for Holocaust survivors

first_imgWATHA, NC (WWAY) — You may notice something new along Highway 117 near Watha.A new North Carolina highway historical marker commemorates nine German-Jewish families rescued from the Holocaust and given homes and small farms in the Van Eeden area.- Advertisement – A ceremony was held Wednesday afternoon at the Pender County Library in Burgaw.The Jewish refugees lived here from 1939 till 1946At the time, Wilmington businessman Hugh MacRae owned more than a thousand acres of farmland in Pender County.Related Article: Church destroyed by Florence provides location for much needed suppliesHe sold some of it to Alvin Johnson who wanted to help Jewish refugees.Ann Wolf Loeb remembers coming here when she was 13 and she came to take part in Wednesday’s highway marker dedication.“If anybody has ever come over here by ship, to the United States, it’s the most amazing, amazing thing that you can imagine when you see the Statue of Liberty,” Wolf Loeb said.Most of the Jewish families who came here knew nothing about farming and eventually moved away.last_img read more

Cyclist recovering after crash in Carolina Beach

first_imgCAROLINA BEACH, NC (WWAY) — A woman is recovering at the hospital after she was struck by a car in Carolina Beach Wednesday night.The accident happened at the intersection of Canal Drive and Carl Winner Drive around 9:30 p.m.- Advertisement – According to Carolina Beach Police, Angie Kilburn, 40, was on her bike when she was hit. Police say she was briefly pinned under the vehicle.Kilburn was taken to New Hanover Regional Medical Center and listed in fair condition as of Thursday.Kilburn was charged with running a red light.last_img read more