Bulldogs fade in loss to Redding Christian; Corning, Red Bluff, Mercy take losses

first_imgLos Molinos>> Los Molinos varsity boys took an early lead before slowly falling behind Redding Christian with a 63-50 loss Friday. The Bulldogs’ Devin Henderson played an aggressive defense in the second quarter along with a series of rebounds by Dylan Rocha but it wasn’t enough to halt the Lions from steadily maintaining a 27-19 lead into halftime.A minor injury kept Alex Russell out for most of the third quarter but he returned with a vengeance in the fourth with a string of shots and …last_img read more

Thank Evolution that Nothing Is Evil (or Good)

first_imgWhen evolutionists discuss the evolution of war, or of monogamy, or of religion, they rob mankind of any basis for judging good and evil.Cooperation evolves:  Another paper typical of the “evolution of cooperation by game theory” genre appeared in PNAS recently.  Revealing the Darwinian assumptions, the abstract states, ” In evolutionary models of indirect reciprocity, natural selection favors cooperation when observability is sufficiently high.”  Working with 2413 human participants as their lab rats, the authors implied their evolutionary model applies to all human behavior – including altruism and some of the most noble human ideals.  It’s all evolutionary selection.  It works the same way in yeast, except that humans have an inexplicable habit of helping people they don’t know, even when observability is zero.  “In sum,” they confidently assert nonetheless, “we show how indirect reciprocity can be harnessed to increase cooperation in a relevant, real-world public goods game.”  But is increased cooperation good?  Who judges what is public good?  And who harnesses the harnessers?Monogamy as an evolutionary strategy:  All the science news outlets repeated, without question, a claim in Science Magazine, based on an open-access paper in PNAS, that monogamy evolved from male infanticide (paper’s title: “Male infanticide leads to social monogamy in primates”).  The article begins with a photo of the royal couple with new baby, presumably as pawns of a large evolutionary game, thereby robbed of all dignity.  Typical quote from the article:Resolving this debate is important, researchers say, especially for understanding the evolution of human mating behavior. Although humans aren’t completely monogamous, “the emergence of pair-bonding in humans was a major evolutionary transition, which dramatically altered the evolutionary trajectory of our species,” says Sergey Gavrilets, an evolutionary biologist at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville. Many researchers think that we could not have evolved our large brains without joint parental care during the extended period of helplessness required for infant brains to grow to their full size. “Understanding the forces that drove that transition can help us better understand the causes of human uniqueness,” Gavrilets adds.Science Daily repeated this idea in two articles. Another uncritical news source was Live Science, although its staff writers allowed for other factors in the “evolution of monogamy” (and, incidentally, “the evolution of infanticide”).  Regardless of what other mammals do, none of these sources even considered whether monogamy is right or wrong for humans on any other basis than evolution.Thank evolution for… menopause:  Got hot flashes, women?  “Thank evolution,” Science Daily says.  Thanking presumes the purposeful appreciation for an intentional good act, or (in sarcasm), the despising of a purposefully bad act.  Obviously, one cannot thank evolution, a non-intelligent, purposeless process.  The fact that “menopause sets humans apart from other primates” might lead some to suppose a reason humans are set apart, but Darwinian evolution can come up with a “number of hypotheses” to explain any observation.  The article is full of questions, possibilities and suggestions.  That’s the habit of evolutionary explanations: imagining scenarios that portray humans, with all their uniquenesses, as descendents of apes through natural selection.Child sacrifice:  A more grotesque case of human evil was described in PNAS about Inca child sacrifice. Mummies of victims were seen to have been drugged before their deaths, and were probably seduced by the conviction they were helping the tribe in some way. The authors are very careful to describe, but not condemn, the treatment of these young victims:Examination of three frozen bodies, a 13-y-old girl and a girl and boy aged 4 to 5 y, separately entombed near the Andean summit of Volcán Llullaillaco, Argentina, sheds new light on human sacrifice as a central part of the Imperial Inca capacocha rite, described by chroniclers writing after the Spanish conquest. The high-resolution diachronic data presented here, obtained directly from scalp hair, implies escalating coca and alcohol ingestion in the lead-up to death. These data, combined with archaeological and radiological evidence, deepen our understanding of the circumstances and context of final placement on the mountain top. We argue that the individuals were treated differently according to their age, status, and ritual role. Finally, we relate our findings to questions of consent, coercion, and/or compliance, and the controversial issues of ideological justification and strategies of social control and political legitimation pursued by the expansionist Inca state before European contact.With language like that, can any of them argue that what the leaders did was wrong?  Maybe coercion was an evolutionary strategy for survival of the tribe.  Who could argue otherwise?  Live Science found good in this abhorrent rite: “After being selected for the deadly rite, the Maiden likely underwent a type of status change, becoming an important figure to the empire; the other two children may have served as her attendants.”  One of the paper’s co-authors found even more to praise in Inca child sacrifice:“[The Maiden] became somebody other than who she was before,” said study lead author Andrew Wilson, an archaeologist at the University of Bradford in the U.K. “Her sacrifice was seen as an honor.“Perhaps so, but was the Maiden not deceived by an evil system of lies, her life cut short unnecessarily?  How could an evolutionist argue that?  Live Science called it a method of social control that probably created a climate of fear, but that’s not the same thing as calling it evil.  In evolutionary terms, social control through fear might just be a workable strategy for survival; if not, well – lots of animal populations go extinct.Darwinian doctrine is a deadly poison on humanity.  It robs our humanness of everything that is good, true, or beautiful.  In Darwin’s imaginary universe, nothing is good, because there are no eternal, objective moral categories.  Stuff just happens.  Nothing is beautiful, because beauty is just a sensation of material neurons.  And nothing can be true, because Darwinian materialism denies the non-materiality and necessity of reason or logic.  Ay, there’s the rub: Darwinism destroys itself.  It cannot judge whether itself is good, true, or beautiful.  Indeed, it cannot be any of the above!  Such categories are ephemeral; they evolve, too, and can just as easily become their own opposites (evil is good, lies are true, ugliness is beautiful).  Such a position is hopelessly muddled and incoherent.  It destroys all reason, including reasons to argue for Darwinism.  The universal acid has eaten itself.Darwinists have lost their way.  They are wandering about, blinded by their own fogma.  Rescue them, and you will rescue humanity.  It would be a good, true, and beautiful thing to do.  Really. 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How To Find the Right Subject for Your Documentary

first_imgIt’s not easy to find the right subject for your documentary. Nonetheless, there are a few qualities you can look for in subjects to ensure they’ll be great.Top image: Chef’s Table via NetflixTo find a story worth telling (and a story worth spending copious amounts of time, money, and energy on in every stage of production), ask yourself these questions about your potential documentary subject.Are they challenging what is the norm?Image: O.J.: Made in America via ESPNIf your subject is challenging the norm, it’s typically a great sign that they will encounter trials, conflicts, and unexpected turns throughout the filming process. Also, if they’re challenging societal norms, this will give them something to work towards and a goal to accomplish. If they have a goal to accomplish, this will make crafting a natural three-act structure in the edit much more feasible.Can they progress?Image: Jim Jarmusch and Iggy Pop promoting Gimme Danger via Associated PressIt took me a year to find the subject for my last documentary. The reason I had such a tough time finding the right subject was that when I started, I was only researching and talking to multiple world champions in their field. I just couldn’t see where their story may go because they had already achieved the pinnacle of their craft. I just kept asking myself where could they go from here?After months of not being able to answer that question, I finally decided to start looking at more people who were just starting in their field. Granted, the more experienced subjects will be great supporting characters, but I just couldn’t envision where the film could go with them as the main characters.Once I stopped talking to world champions, and started talking to people who were starting out and challenging the status quo, that’s when I finally realized that we had a story.What will they overcome and what have they overcome?One of my favorite documentary series right now is Chef’s Table. It’s such a fascinating exploration of character for documentary filmmaking. Most of the chefs they feature on the show had overcome something drastic — something that helped them achieve the success that they’re currently enjoying. The narrative arc for each episode is typically structured around a trial they overcame in the past.When researching or interviewing subjects for a documentary film, don’t be afraid to ask them what big trials they overcame to reach the point they are now.Are they likable and relatable?Image: Ron Howard promoting The Beatles: Eight Days a Week via Press AssociationEveryone wants to root for the underdog. There’s just something about the “can do, against all odds” attitude of an underdog that makes people cheer them on. Ask yourself if your subjects have personality traits that appeal to a broad audience. If so, this will keep your audience entertained and rooting for your character throughout the entire piece.These are just a few of the qualifiers I use to find subjects for my documentary films. Tell us in the comments below how you select subjects for your films.last_img read more

How To Be a Trusted Advisor

first_imgYou don’t determine whether or not you are a trusted advisor. That is only something your clients decide for themselves. All you can do is behave in such a way that you influence how your clients view their relationship with you.A trusted advisor brings their client new ideas. A salesperson calls on their client when they have the need to sell something. A trusted advisor calls on their client to bring them new ideas, regardless of whether or not they have something to sell.A trusted advisor has subject matter expertise. They know their business, they know their client’s business, and they have a enough general knowledge about how things work to offer advice worth taking.A trusted advisor values the relationship more than the transaction. A trusted advisor never puts a deal before the relationship. They would prefer not to make a sale if the relationship would be damaged by having made it.A trusted advisor is accountable for outcomes outside of what they sell. A trusted advisor finds a way to own outcomes that have nothing to do with their product or service. It might be general business advice. It might be advice on strategy, marketing, or how to sell. They help their clients wherever and however they can. They don’t limit the value they create to what they sell.A trusted advisor has a personal relationship with their client. This doesn’t mean they have a friendship, even though that is possible, and maybe even likely. There relationships is built on value.Your client will never call you their trusted advisor. Normal people don’t talk that way. You will know you are their trusted advisor when your client calls you before they make decisions. You will know you are playing this role when your client calls you for help in areas where you have no offering, where you have nothing to sell. These things are what makes you a trusted advisor. Essential Reading! Get my 2nd book: The Lost Art of Closing “In The Lost Art of Closing, Anthony proves that the final commitment can actually be one of the easiest parts of the sales process—if you’ve set it up properly with other commitments that have to happen long before the close. The key is to lead customers through a series of necessary steps designed to prevent a purchase stall.” Buy Nowlast_img read more

No let up in J&K militant attacks

first_imgMilitant attacks saw no let up in Kashmir despite the Centre’s ceasefire in place for the past 17 days, with four grenade attacks leaving six persons injured on Friday. However, there is an 80% dip in security forces-civilian confrontation in the first two weeks, according to the police data.Compared to the incidents of law and order in the last two weeks of March and April, May witnessed significant dip of 80%. “South Kashmir would witness at least two confrontations per day prior to the halting of operations for the month of Ramzan. It has come down to one to two confrontations a week,” suggest the police data.Militants, who attacked the security forces with grenades more than eight times since May 16, injured four CRPF personnel, a policeman and a civilian in a grenade attack on Friday afternoon.“A joint party of the CRPF’s 140 Battalion and the police in Khanabal was attacked with a grenade, in which five sustained splinter injuries,” said the police.A CRPF vehicle and a Peoples Democratic Party MLA, Mushtaq Shah, were attacked with grenades in two separate incidents in Pulwama. A CRPF official said militants lobbed a grenade at a bunker at Hari Singh High Street. “The grenade exploded away from the target and no injuries were reported,” said the officials.2 protesters injuredTwo protesters were hit by a CRPF vehicle near the historic Jamia Masjid after Friday prayers.A police official said the two protesters were hit by a security forces vehicle when it came “under heavy stone pelting near the mosque.” “The condition of one of the injured is critical,” said hospital officials. Youth hurled stones at the security forces after Friday prayers.last_img read more

Congress bypoll pact with Left Front in Bengal gets Sonia nod

first_imgCongress interim president Sonia Gandhi has given her nod to a Congress-Left Front alliance in West Bengal for the upcoming Assembly bypolls in the State, following the party’s dismal performance in the Lok Sabha election, top party sources said on Saturday.Ms. Gandhi held a meeting with West Bengal Congress president Somen Mitra in Delhi on Friday night and discussed various organisational issues, including the upcoming Assembly bypolls in the State, the sources said.“We informed Ms. Gandhi about the seat adjustment we are having with the Left Front for the upcoming bypolls. She told us if the Left Front agrees, then both the parties should go for an alliance,” Mr. Mitra said.Seat adjustmentThe seat adjustment decision was taken by the Congress State leadership when the party had no president after the resignation of Rahul Gandhi from the post. The nod was given by Ms. Gandhi, who was chosen as the party’s interim president earlier this month. Congress sources said Ms. Gandhi’s nod to the alliance is politically significant given the Trinamool Congress’ recent call for uniting of all opposition forces in Bengal in a bid to stop the march of the BJP in the State. “It is quite clear that Ms. Gandhi, despite sharing good relations with TMC chief Mamata Banerjee, has chosen the Left for forging an alliance. One of the reasons is that in the 2021 Assembly polls, the fight will be against the TMC government. So just in the name of opposing the BJP, we can’t align with it [TMC],” a senior Congress leader. The West Bengal Congress and the CPI(M) leaderships had recently sealed a seat adjustment for the upcoming bypolls in three Assembly seats in West Bengal.The State leaderships of the two parties have decided that Congress will contest the Kaliaganj seat in North Dinajpur district and Kharagpur in West Midnapore district, while the CPI(M)-led Left Front will contest the Karimpur seat in Nadia district.The Kaliaganj seat fell vacant after the death of sitting Congress MLA Parmathanath Roy, while the election to the Kharagpur seat is being held as its MLA Dilip Ghosh, the State BJP chief, contested and won the Medinipur Lok Sabha constituency. Karimpur MLA Mahua Moitra of TMC had won the Krishnnanagar Lok Sabha seat.last_img read more