Liverpool stars dominate PML Daily Premier league team of the week

first_imgAlex Oxlade Chamberlain was brilliant as Liverpool defeated Man City. Courtesy photo.FOOTBALL–Liverpool deserve to be named the team of the week after ending City’s unbeaten start to the 2017/18 season but some other players stood out on a weekend that Arsenal and Chelsea fails to win again.Here are the eleven players that stood out as picked by PML Daily correspondent Shaban Lubega.The team.1. Lukas Fabianski – Swansea City.On a weekend when the few goalkeepers who made clean sheets didn’t impress me at all, i had to go with the tall Polish man.Despite the fact that Fabianski didn’t keep a clean sheet and his side took home only a point away to Newcastle, his two saves to deny Ayoze Perez and Dwight Gyle where impressive enough to get him a spot in goal.2. Serge Aurier.The troubled Ivorian had a sheaky started to life at Wembley but has started showing that he was worth the loads of money that Spurs splashed out on him in the summer.Against Everton on the weekend, Aurier produced a strong performance on the right and cupped it up with an assist as his side ran out 4-0 winners.3. Andrew Robertson.Yes he was part of a defence that conceded three goals but looking back at the times he was required to either defend or take the team foward, the ex-Hull City left back did not disappoint against arguably the best players in the Premier league.I don’t know who will start at left back when Alberto Moreno comes back but Jurgen Kloop will surely have a decision to make that’s if the Robertson continues to play like he is playing at the moment.Serge Aurier is starting to justify his price tag at Spurs. Courtesy photo.4. Harry Maguire.The ‘big Harry Maguire’ like he has come to be known at the King Power has taken the league by storm since his move to Leicester City.Leicester can at least now defend and the fans are sure, in the big Englishman, they have a player who can shut out opposing strikers.Against Chelsea, his positioning and awareness suggested that he didn’t have a lot to do in terms of stopping Chelsea on route to keeping another cleansheet.5. Jonny Evans.Prior to the weekend, West Brom captain Jonny Evans had gone more than 300 days minus testing victory but his early header was a catalyst to changing that statistic.His goal suggested that Allan Pardew’s men settled into the game early and controlled proceedings although Brighton never troubled them a great deal.6. Wilfred Ndidi.The best players in the league for me this past weekend.The Nigerian is proving to be an able replacement for Ngolo Kante almost two years after the French man left King Power.Against Chelsea, the versatile player bearly put a foot wrong and in the process did pocket his predecessor and was the key catalyst to Leicester’s magnificent point earned at the Bridge.7. Manuel Lanzini.If West Ham is to survive this season and march up the table, Manuel Lanzini has to step up and perform like he did against Huddersfield Town.When Dimitri Payet left the Hammers, everyone singled out the little Argentine as the man to take up the responsibility left by the Frechman but he has so far failed.His two goals over the weekend and the mouth watering performance suggests that may be he can still live up to the expectations and erase the memory of Payet from Hammers’ fans.8. James Ward-Prowse.The one player who i belive deserved to have played for a team that won over the weekend.His biggest disappointment may be the fact that his beloved Saints team failed to get maximum points at the hands of a handball goal scored on the 90 minute mark but all that can not be used to down play his performance against Watford.Ward-Prowse got his first brace in the league since 2015 and clearly deserved to get into the finest eleven of the league over the weekend.9. Harry Kane.Surely i have run out of words to describe the English striker as he continues to impress me by the day.Against Everton, he scored two goals in a weekend where he was the only striker to manage a brace.The sky may be the limit for Harry but to win the trophies that his goals suggest he should, he may have to depart Spurs as soon as possible.10. Marko Arnoutovic.Had an inconsistent start to life at West Ham but no one has ever doubted the Austrian’s abilities.Against Huddersfield, he showed a glimpse of the Arnoutovic that so many Premier league fans fell in love when still at Stock City by assisting two and scoring one goal in the process.11. Alex Oxlade Chamberlain.If only Alex Oxlade Chamberlain could put out performances like the one he show cased against City on Sunday, his place in the starting team of England come June would be a certain and may be Liverpool fans would love him a little bit more.He set the tone for Liverpool’s 4-3 win against City by scoring the first goal and kept on pressing City high up the pitch.It sounds absurd to say that non of Liverpool fans missed Coutinho on Sunday and the feeling was all down to the Englishman.Coach of the Week. Jurgen Klopp.The Man who has defeated Pep Guardiola more than any other manager in world football did it again on Sunday.Yes Allan Pardew may have deserved the manager of the week award but with Klopp giving the league a win that it has craved for all season, it is only fitting for the German to get the nod.Commentslast_img read more

The Journal of Poor Homebuilding

first_imgThis photo shows the fiberglass batts surrounding an unsealed and uninsulated attic hatch. Years of excessive air movement has left gobs of crud suspended in the fiberglass fibers. Fireplace flue without a damperThis is a New England classic. So many homes in the northern U.S. predate the development of oil and gas heating; they originally had wood heating. In these homes, chimneys were basically a giant, centrally located thermal mass that helped warm the building. Moldy bathroom ceilingMoldy bathroom ceilings are all too common bathroom in cold climates. Unsealed chimney chaseThe photo of the chimney chase is taken from above, looking down. This is a gable-end chimney on a Colonial house with a garage addition. There’s a finished room over the garage, so that chimney shaft is surrounded by conditioned interior air.The chimney was framed in and drywalled. That light you see at the bottom is where the chimney shaft is open into the garage. On the right is uninsulated interior drywall. The cap is entirely unsealed, and the attic is insulated at the floor.This chimney chase alone probably accounts for 5% (if not more) of the homeowner’s heating bill.What’s the solution? Treat the top and bottom of the chimney chase as what they are: part of the building envelope. The top and bottom of the chase need to be sealed and insulated. We’ve seen some of the problems with framing around the chimney. Here’s a photo inside a fireplace flue. This flue was unused and did not have a working damper. It was a wide-open 2-square-foot hole, open year-round. The leak was obvious as hell once the blower door was running, but wasn’t very obvious to the naked eye. An uninsulated roomThis photo comes from our friends at Horizon Maine (a home-performance contractor in South Portland) who are doing the weatherization and insulation work at a home where I performed an audit. This is the space above a porch; the photo was taken after the porch ceiling was removed. There is a sitting room over the porch that the homeowner had set up as a home office. In spite of the efforts of a space heater and furnace going full blast, the temperature in this space wouldn’t get over 50°F in the winter.Now that the ceiling has been removed, what do we see?Sides of sitting room: UninsulatedUnder the room: UninsulatedSecond-floor wall (the plaster and lathe on the right): UninsulatedOver the room: 4 inches of cellulose with some knob-and-tube wiring for fun.center_img The infrared picture shows where the poorly laid fiberglass batts are causing extreme dips in the ceiling surface temperature. The temperature is dipping below the dew point, causing bathroom moisture to condense. leading to surface mold growth. Yummy!Mold: check. Infrared camera showing why there’s mold: check. Asbestos-insulated boilerThis isn’t poor home building so much as a former best practice that didn’t turn out. At one time, asbestos was a miracle substance: a great insulator, nearly indestructible in residential applications, and impervious to fire. I mean, stone fibers don’t exactly light with a matchstick.From an energy history standpoint, this is a neat boiler. Shrouded in asbestos, it is a former coal boiler that was converted first to oil and later to natural gas. Surprisingly, the asbestos is in near-perfect shape, 60 years on.Unfortunately, many times miracle substances are too good to be true. Dirty fiberglass battOh, attic hatches … One of the most common symptoms of a problematic attic hatch is dirt and dust getting caught in the fiberglass insulation surrounding it. As some auditors say: as an insulation, fiberglass is an excellent air filter. I’m calling this collection of photos The Journal of Poor Homebuilding — kind of like Holmes on Homes, except that I won’t act like the previous contractors ought to be hunted down, predator-style.I had some other ideas for naming it before settling on JoPH (though they are all the same basic joke): Energy Rearguard, Home Energy Amateurs, Journal of Light Destruction, or the Building Magic Corporation. (As a side note, I love the sites on which these parodies are based and highly recommend reading them). Erik North, the owner of Free Energy Maine, is an energy auditor and home performance specialist in Westbrook, Maine. He is also the author of the Energy Auditing Blog.last_img read more

7 Bold Predictions Of What The Mobile Industry Will Do In 2013

first_imgRole of Mobile App Analytics In-App Engagement dan rowinski Why IoT Apps are Eating Device Interfaces Tags:#2012 Trends#mobile My prediction is that the next version of Android will not be Android 4.3, but rather Android 5.0. Yet, by the end of the year, the most up to date devices will be running something along the lines of Android 5.1 or 5.2.5 or something similar to that naming scheme. Google will release it around or before Google I/O and update it at least once to fix some issues. It will then come out with another major release, like it did in 2012, towards the end of the year to reveal more Nexus devices. 3. Motorola Makes A Nexus DeviceMotorola has never technically made an official Android flagship device for Google. The original Droid on Verizon was kind of the Android flagship when it was released in 2009, but that was before the popular wave of Nexus devices. Google has to be careful with how it manages its manufacturing partner ecosystem, and letting Motorola create a Nexus device may upset some of its current partners like LG, Samsung, HTC and Asus. The Droid Razr MYet, it might be time that Google really doubles down on Android manufacturing. Hell, it owns Motorola for a reason. And that reason has as much to do with the patents Motorola owns as it does with making money. If Google can put together its Nexus design engineers with the Motorola hardware people, we might see the best Android device ever to be released. It is time for Google to do it and 2013, in my prediction, will be the year. 4. Research In Motion Succeeds With BlackBerry 10Yes, this might be absolutely ridiculous and we might be looking back on it in December 2013, after RIM has been sold piecemeal to patent vultures, that this was a foolish prediction. But, I am starting to get a hunch that RIM might actually find a modicum of success with its BlackBerry 10 smartphones. Not the type of success that puts fear into the hearts of Apple executives or Android manufacturers, but enough that RIM is not in danger of going out of business immediately. People will like what RIM has done with BB 10 and many of the loyalists that left for the iPhone or Android will come back into the fold. That will be enough to get RIM back near the 8% to 10% market share of the smartphone industry by the end of the year, though nowhere near the 23%+ it had in 2010 and earlier. 5. Microsoft Keeps Plugging Away At Windows PhoneMobile is too important to Microsoft to pull the plug on its Windows Phone 8 platform. Microsoft is often extremely stubborn. See: Xbox. That does not mean that Microsoft will eventually see the same type of success with Windows Phone as it did by pouring years and year and millions of dollars into marketing for Xbox. Consumers have thus far been very lukewarm to Windows Phone, especially from Nokia, and I do not see that changing dramatically in 2013. Not until Nokia can take a Samsung-like approach and release four different models of the same type of phone to all four major U.S. carriers in one blow, the way that Samsung does with the Galaxy S series. For instance, the fact that the top Windows Phone device from Nokia is the Lumia 920 available only through iPhone-centric AT&T is a very big problem for both Nokia and Microsoft.Nokia Lumia 920It is not just distribution that holds Windows Phone back. It is also the user interface. Some people (especially tech media pundits) love how different Hubs and Tiles are. Consumers, on the other hand, have not shown an appreciable affection for it. Microsoft will continue to build and market Windows Phones for the next several years, but it would ultimately be surprising if it eclipses 10% of total smartphone market share by 2015. 6. Consumer Location Apps Remain StagnantIn 2011, Foursquare made a lot of noise about reaching 15 million registered users. We have not heard a lot from Foursquare this year in terms of users, but it has mentioned on its blog that it has near 25 million users. This is not the Twitter-like exponential growth that people expected from Foursquare several years ago.Other consumer-based location apps like Highlight have seen hypes cycles come and then diminish. The “ambient location app” for finding people in your area along with game-based location apps like Foursquare is just not a very big market in the United States. That is not likely to change in 2013.Note, this prediction does not include maps apps, which nearly everyone uses in one form or another. 7. Mobile Payments Begin To Gain TractionWe keep on expecting a sudden boom in mobile payments, led by NFC-based smartphones and apps. So far, we have been bitterly disappointed that the market has not materialized. A good reason for this is infrastructure. For NFC payments to take off, brick-and-mortar stores need the proper payment equipment and consumers need smartphones that actually, you know, have NFC. With near 60% of users from the top three U.S. carriers (AT&T, Sprint, Verizon) carrying iPhones (which does not have NFC), the critical mass of NFC capable consumers has not yet been reached. The explosion will not happen in 2013. But, progress will be made as major players in the ecosystem start pushing mobile payments to retailers and startups gain more traction. The early adopter types will be using their smartphones for a variety of purchases by the end of 2013 that will set up success for mobile payments players that will evolve for the rest of the decade.  It seems like every year, that darned rodent in Punxsutawney, Pa., predicts six more weeks of winter. Never mind the fact that Groundhog Day is technically six weeks before the official start of spring. We hail Punxsutawney Phil as the seer of seers, prognosticator of prognosticators. How can you not trust a psychic rodent?We like to think that Punxsutawney Phil is just giving his best educated guess. Well, when it comes to predicting what will happen in the tech industry over the course of the next year, we too are making our best educated guesses. But, in the end, our predictions are just about as meaningful as those of the famous groundhog. But, just like Punxsutawney Phil, sometimes we get things right. For instance, some of my predictions for the mobile industry in 2012 were spot on. I said that Google would only unveil one major version of Android, which it did with its Jelly Bean rollout (even if Google did split Jelly Bean between version 4.1 and 4.2). I also said there would be two different iPad tablets, which was almost true. Technically, there were three, though there was not an appreciable difference between the third and fourth generation iPad. I said RIM would fall on extremely hard times, which did not take a genius to figure out. I said Apple would remain No. 1 with developers, despite the fact that Google chairman Eric Schmidt predicted Android would take over as the primary interest of app publishers. I called the fact that many niche app stores would fold (so long, Verizon App Store). Yet, I also said we would not see a new iPhone in 2012. In retrospect, that was very dumb. I said that Windows Phone would take off, which also has not happened. I thought this would be the year for HTML5 and it would start crowding out other mobile operating systems and native development languages. Facebook did me no favors there. All in all, my predictions from last year were not horribly inaccurate. Looking back, they were all pretty safe too. Google taking a greater interest in its app store was easy to identify, for instance. With all that said, let us take a look into the crystal ball to see what the mobile industry might hold in 2013. 1. Apple Flips Script On iPhone/iPad Release ScheduleI learned my lesson. No more predicting that Apple will not release a new iPhone in any one given calendar year. I have already predicted that we will see a genuine Apple TV product coming in Q1 2013, so I will not rehash that prediction here. What I do think will happen is that Apple will flip the script on when it announces new versions of its existing product lines. Apple made an interesting choice to offer a refresh of the iPad next to the announcement of the iPad Mini in late October this year. The announcement came about a month and a half after the iPhone 5 announcement. It is then natural to assume that Apple will not make two tablet launches in a row. That means that the next mobile product we will see from Cupertino will be an iPhone. I am predicting it to be announced earlier in the year than Apple has done in recent years, somewhere around July. Apple has been going after the year-end sales for iPhones in recent cycles, but must see that Samsung has done well with the Galaxy S III that was released in July this year and figure that it can replicate that same type of success.In turn, that means that Apple will save its next iterations of the iPad and iPad Mini until the end of Q3 or in Q4 next year, somewhere between around late September or October. 2. One Major Android Flavor, Android 5.0 With Three IterationsGoogle (sort of) slowed down on new flavors of Android in 2012. It only announced one actual flavor in Jelly Bean that came at Google I/O in June, but it was broken into two parts with 4.1 and 4.2. In 2013, I expect Google to do something similar but have a couple different updates.  What it Takes to Build a Highly Secure FinTech … Related Posts The Rise and Rise of Mobile Payment Technologylast_img read more

Draw list for the round of 32 in the Europa League

first_imgNYON, Switzerland (AP) — Draw Monday for the round of 32 in the Europa League:First LegFeb. 16Athletic Bilbao (Spain) vs. APOEL (Cyprus)Legia Warsaw (Poland) vs. Ajax (Netherlands)Anderlecht (Belgium) vs. Zenit St. Petersburg (Russia)Astra Giurgiu (Romania) vs. Genk (Belgium)Manchester United (England) vs. Saint-Etienne (France)Villarreal (Spain) vs. Roma (Italy)Ludogorets Razgrad (Bulgaria) vs. FC Copenhagen (Denmark)Celta Vigo (Spain) vs. Shakhtar Donetsk (Ukraine)Olympiakos (Greece) vs. Osmanlispor (Turkey)Gent (Belgium) vs. Tottenham (England)Rostov (Russia) vs. Sparta Prague (Czech Republic)Krasnodar (Russia) vs. Fenerbahce (Turkey)Borussia Moenchengladbach (Germany) vs. Fiorentina (Italy)AZ Alkmaar (Netherlands) vs. Lyon (France)Hapoel Beer-Sheva (Israel) vs. Besiktas (Turkey)PAOK Thessaloniki (Greece) vs. Schalke (Germany)Second LegFeb. 23APOEL (Cyprus) vs. Athletic Bilbao (Spain)Ajax (Netherlands) vs. Legia Warsaw (Poland)Zenit St. Petersburg (Russia) vs. Anderlecht (Belgium)Genk (Belgium) vs. Astra Giurgiu (Romania)Saint-Etienne (France) vs. Manchester United (England)Roma (Italy) vs. Villarreal (Spain)Copenhagen (Denmark) vs. Ludogorets Razgrad (Bulgaria)Shakhtar Donetsk (Ukraine) vs. Celta Vigo (Spain)Osmanlispor (Turkey) vs. Olympiakos (Greece)Tottenham (England) vs. Gent (Belgium)Sparta Prague (Czech Republic) vs. Rostov (Russia)Fenerbahce (Turkey) vs. Krasnodar (Russia)Fiorentina (Italy) vs. Borussia Moenchengladbach (Germany)AZ Alkmaar (Netherlands) vs. Lyon (France)Besiktas (Turkey) vs. Hapoel Beer-Sheva (Israel)Schalke (Germany) vs. PAOK Thessaloniki (Greece)TweetPinShare0 Shareslast_img read more

Here’s A Cool Video Of Deshaun Watson Leading Clemson In A Round Of “Tigerjacks”

first_imgDeshaun Watson leading the team in "Tigerjacks" at practice.Deshaun Watson Clemson TigerjacksClemson quarterback Deshaun Watson is only entering his sophomore year with the Tigers, but it’s clear that he’s going to have to be a leader during the 2015 campaign. It looks like he’s having no problem playing that role so far.Saturday, Clemson posted an Instagram video of Watson leading the team in a round of “Tigerjacks.” It’s a short clip, but it’s enough to get Tigers fan pumped up for the upcoming season.  Deshaun Watson leading the Tigerjack breakdown. #ClemsonA video posted by Clemson Football (@clemsonfb) on Aug 15, 2015 at 8:21am PDT Clemson opens with Wofford on Saturday, September 5.last_img read more

Photo/Video: LSU Football Visited Flooding Evacuees This Afternoon

first_imgLSU football's Les Miles visits flooding evacuees.Twitter/@LSUfootballFor LSU football, today was a day to give back to a community still reeling from devastating flooding.The LSU football team took a break from training camp today to give back to those in need. Head coach Les Miles and his players visited the Celtic Media Centre in Baton Rouge to spend time with evacuees from the serious flooding that has plagued the area.Other LSU teams, such as men’s basketball, women’s volleyball and baseball, visited Celtic earlier in the week.The LSU Football team arriving at Celtic Media.— LSU Footbal (@LSUfootball) August 18, 2016Some of the media in attendance, including The Advocate’s Ross Dellenger and CBSNews’ Alyssa Estrada, also shared photos and footage. “Y’all got the best team this year, coach.” #LSU— Ross Dellenger (@RossDellenger) August 18, 2016Awesome job by Miles and his team, and really the entire LSU athletic department, for giving back to their community.It looks like they were able to put a smile on the face of people who could really use one.last_img read more

North Dakota police use armoured trucks sound canons rubber bullets in chaotic

first_img(Cars and tires were set ablaze as police moved in on a barricade across a North Dakota highway. (Photo: Dennis Ward/APTN)Dennis WardAPTN National NewsMore than 100 people were arrested in a chaotic day in North Dakota as local and state police moved in on a camp along highway 1806 near where the Dakota Access pipeline is being built.Smoke filled the air as tires were set ablaze and police fired pepper spray, rubber bullets while sound canons blared ear-splitting blasts in an effort to push people south of the camp.The Standing Rock Sioux Tribe of South Dakota say the land where the pipeline is being built is on sacred land.dward@aptn.calast_img read more