Pelé does not win for scares: Messi is already 17 goals from his record

first_imgIn fact, this Saturday he signed his sixth goal poker with FC Barcelona and second against Eibar, to which we must add the 41 ‘hat trick’ he has done in his career and the poker that he signed against Bayer Leverkusen (7-1) in the Champions League (2011/12). The teams to which Leo has scored four goals are: Arsenal (4-0) in the Champions League (2009/10), Valencia in the League (5-1) in the League (2011/12), Espanyol (4-0) in the League (2011/12), Osasuna (5-1) in the League (2012/13), Eibar (6-1) in the League (2017/18) and again Eibar (5-0) in the League (2019/20).Further, leads the scorers table in LaLiga, with 18 goals, five more than Real Madrid striker, Karim Benzema, which adds 13, after staying another day without seeing door. That means that the Argentine goes straight to his seventh ‘pichichi’, thus surpassing the legendary Athletic striker, Telmo Zarra, who reached six.Right now, Messi has at least fifteen games left to finish the season and twenty at best, if the team reaches the Champions League final in Istanbul. That means you will have to clench your teeth if you want to reach this record this season. What seems clear is that, sooner or later, in 2020, Messi will take over from the throne of Pelé. Edson Arantes do Nascimiento, better known as Pelé, will surely know since Leo Messi signed this day a goal poker against Eibar and that ‘therefore’ is only 17 of the record that the legendary Brazilian player still holds, with the 643 goals he scored in official matches with Santos.A record that has been in force for more than five decades, but that is about to fall like a ripe fruit because of an Argentine born in Rosario 32 years ago. And it is that Messi already adds a total of 626 goals in 715 matchs, with an average of 0.87 goals per game, distributed as follows: 436 in the League, 114 in the Champions League, 53 in the Copa del Rey, 14 in the Spanish Super Cup, 5 in the Club World Cup and 3 in the Spanish Super Cup.last_img read more

Marvels The Offenders Brings A New Superhero Team to Hulu

first_img How many Marvel superhero teams is too many? Well between half of the Avengers being temporarily dead, and nearly all of the Defenders being actually dead as Disney drops Netflix, there’s really a void to be filled for solo superheroes stories leading to a big team up.And some surprising characters are going to be filling that void with The Offenders, a new adult animation initiative from Jeph Loeb and Marvel Television coming soon to Hulu.As with the Avengers and Defenders, The Offenders will be four separate series that lead into one big team up event. But instead of heavy-hitters like Captain America and Daredevil, these Offenders cartoons will highlight more unexpected characters, and feature more unexpected creators.The M.O.D.O.K. cartoon will follow everyone’s favorite giant evil floating head struggling to lead his henchmen and comes from writers Jordan Blum and Patton Oswalt (who we pray is also playing the lead role).Erica Rivinoja and Chelsea Handler are teaming up for Tigra & Dazzler which sees the two “woke super heroes” teaming up in L.A. for what may be the first time in any medium.Howard The Duck hopefully brings us more of the funny animal’s comic book absurdity, instead of the live-action nightmare, and features creators Kevin Smith and Dave Wills.Finally Hit Monkey is a “brutally funny revenge saga” about an assassin money with a stylish outfit, thanks Josh Gordon and Will Speck.So yeah, pretty random characters that will all eventually come together in The Offenders. The weirdness should help the comedy, which sounds like it’s going to be a bit raunchier perhaps competing with DC’s streaming Harley Quinn cartoon or that cancelled Donald Glover Deadpool project. Maybe that’s also why the shows are coming to Hulu and not the more family friendly Disney+. We just hope we’re not talking Marvel Netflix levels of sex, especially with M.O.D.O.K. involved.We also figure these characters (a giant head, tiger lady, talking monkey and duck) are easier to depict in animation rather than live-action. Howard the Duck has only had like 30 seconds of screen time across two Guardians of the Galaxy movies. And while she looks pretty normal, Dazzler is canonically a mutant. So is her appearance here secretly Marvel’s first fast fruit of the Disney+Fox merger? Hit Monkey also originated from Deadpool comics. Whatever they do, they should cast a real pop star as Dazzler’s voice. It’s not like Disney is lacking any of those.Watch out for Marvel’s The Offenders coming soon to Hulu. For more on Marvel check out Cate Blanchett’s Infinity Stone dress and the 1990s-themed Captain Marvel website. Stay on target ‘Avengers: Endgame’ Director Explains Thanos’ Faceoff With Captain America‘Marvels’ Expands Marvel’s Podcast Universe last_img read more