Jacks head to Canada for program finale

first_imgHumboldt State football will pay a visit to Simon Fraser’s home in Burnaby, B.C. on Saturday to clash with the Clan in its last game of the season and final game in program history. Kickoff is scheduled for 1 p.m.The Lumberjacks fought hard in last weekend’s overtime game against Azusa Pacific but ultimately came up short 20-17. Three Green and Gold quarterbacks played in Saturday’s game after starter Joey Sweeney and backup quarterback Andrew Tingstad suffered injuries. Senior quarterback …last_img read more

People Portrayed as Predator Plague on Planet

first_imgThe authors fall short of preaching about what humans “should” do about this mess. That was wise, because a clever respondent could brag about humans’ exploits as a great illustration of survival of the fittest. It shows that we humans have been the most successful predators ever to evolve! What would Darwin say about that?If the response is that the situation has become unsustainable, our clever respondent could point to numerous examples in the evolutionary timeline of mass extinctions before humans arrived. Predator and prey populations naturally adjust, after all; if humans exceed their prey supply, they will just die off till the balance is restored. Why worry? In fact, even if humans eventually collapse the biosphere, and everything dies (except maybe the cockroaches)—well, those things happen on planets from time to time. Isn’t that why no aliens have contacted us yet?Like a quiet but perceptible hum, there’s a subtext in these articles that humans are bad. We must change the way we treat other animals. They scientists and reporters don’t come out and say it, but they want to motivate change. They want to go from “is” to “ought.” We ought to stop killing off the big animals and harvest what we need in a more sustainable manner. We ought to return the world to a Serengeti. Notice how Boris Worm starts with an evolutionary “is” in the end of his analysis of the paper in the same issue of Science Magazine:Modern humans evolved as cooperative hunter-gatherers whose cultural and technological evolution enabled them to slay prey much larger than themselves, across many species groups. One might think that those hunting skills have faded since the advent of agriculture and animal husbandry almost 10,000 years ago. Yet, as Darimont et al. show in a global analysis on page 858 of this issue, we are still the unique superpredator that we evolved to be.But by the end of his article, Worm subtly transitions to an “ought” —What does this general body of work tell us then, about our own species? There are three key insights. First, the hunting of large prey is deeply embedded in our identity and remains a powerful ecological and evolutionary force. Second, the ability to target mostly adult individuals across marine and terrestrial prey groups makes us unique among all other predators. And third, we have the unusual ability to analyze and consciously adjust our behavior to minimize deleterious consequences. This final point, I believe, will prove critical for our continued coexistence with viable wildlife population on land and in the sea.His first two points merely state what is. His third point is half “is” and half “ought.” We have “the unusual ability to analyze and consciously adjust our behavior,” he says, as if this is a bizarre evolutionary trait like a peacock tail or stinging tentacle. Nothing about that “unusual ability” embeds any moral imperative about what we “ought” to do with that ability. But then, he says we can use it “to minimize deleterious consequences.” The word deleterious means harmful; injurious. In what sense? It’s a matter of perspective; killing any animal to eat it is deleterious to the animal, but rewarding to the eater. Dr. Worm thinks that “our continued coexistence” with wildlife requires us to “analyze and consciously adjust our behavior” to minimize the injury. But why? The individual who eats is happy. If the biosphere collapses later on, well—tough luck. That’s no different from an asteroid hitting the planet and causing the Permian mass extinction. Different agent; same result.When man becomes the prey: Officials in Yellowstone are in a quandary about how to respond to the latest death of a hiker killed by a grizzly. National Geographic asks, “What to do with a bear that kills a person?” On the one hand, they don’t want problem bears to become accustomed to human flesh as food. On the other hand, the a female grizzly with cubs cannot be held morally responsible for doing something that comes naturally. Superintendent Dan Wenk was bombarded with phone calls pleading with him to save the bear. Public responses were at opposite extremes.Fanned by social media, the outpouring of concern over Wenk’s decision echoed the uproar earlier this summer over the illegal killing of Cecil the lion in Zimbabwe by an American trophy hunter.Among the thousands who weighed in, many argued that hikers in Yellowstone trek at their own risk in a park known to be the domain of grizzlies, and if they die from a run-in, no harm should come to the bear. Others rallied to the defense of the victim, who even in death came under withering criticism for his lack of caution, and demanded that the bear be put down.Wenk, a strong advocate of wildlife, decided to put the bear down, based on past experience with bears that “never forget” that humans can be prey. He faced enormous criticism for that decision, but decided to err on the side of caution.Grizzlies used to inhabit the Sierra Nevada. The last one was shot less than a century ago (L.A. Times). Some were shot for sports prowess, others because they were pests, but now they are gone. Since park officials decided to put wolves back in Yellowstone, why not grizzlies in Yosemite? Who would be liable for death and injury? Would Europeans endure free-roaming lions and elephants in their countries? “Should” humans let the world become like Serengeti? These are hard questions. Without a common moral compass, humans are unlikely to find defensible answers. What is likely is more imposed control from governmental and international decision makers, who equate “sustainability” with U.N.-directed global governance.Only Bible believers have the grounds for putting the “ought” in “continued coexistence” with other animals. It’s true; many human have engaged in unwise actions against their fellow creatures. The slaughter of American bison for sport is an example. (Note: contrary to common opinion, native Americans were not guiltless in this regard; they stampeded buffalo off cliffs sometimes.) A species of hummingbird was driven extinct because of a fad of using them in women’s corsages. Beaver were slaughtered to make hats for European men. A giant sequoia was cut down to make a dance floor.Short-sighted exploitation of other animals and plants goes way back. The Romans gathered lions and other wild animals to do battle in their arenas for entertainment (or to kill Christians), starving them to make them more vicious. The Tyrians harvested Cedars of Lebanon to unsustainable levels. And in the unrecorded past, migrants to the Americas undoubtedly drove the giant moa birds and the large mammals extinct.It continues today. Environmentalists are right to point out that gill nets, trophy hunting and poaching elephants for their ivory are wicked practices that will drive endangered species extinct. Humans should be wiser in their food harvesting so as to sustain levels for future generations. That makes perfect sense if wisdom is not just an evolutionary strategy, but a virtue. The very Genesis text that environmentalists detest (the dominion mandate, Genesis 1:26) actually is the solution to the problem. Ruling over the fish and animals, in God’s economy, means stewardship. That implies care, maintenance, and recognition that the authority over creation is not “Lord man” as John Muir used to disparage his own species, but the Lord God who created them all. The 10th commandment “Thou shalt not covet”, as Dennis Prager explains, is a recognition of private property rights as well as a solution to sustainable society. See also the Stossel video on Tragedy of the Commons. A return to Genesis and the Ten Commandments is the solution to environmental stewardship, since it turns humans’ natural tendency toward greed (due to sin) into constructive action for the common good—including the good of our fellow creatures.Discussion questions: Does the Tragedy of the Commons explain the exploitation of natural resources by humans and extinction of the megafauna? Which could better administer wildlife reserves: governments or private property owners?(Visited 21 times, 1 visits today)FacebookTwitterPinterestSave分享0 Humans are exceptional, all right; they kill everything else. What would Darwin do?The human capacity for self-incrimination seems to match its capacity for violence. “Are humans unsustainable ‘super predators’?”, Science Daily asks. “Want to see what science now calls the world’s ‘super predator’? Look in the mirror.” The statement does not suggest our reflection should show pride. Like the other news media, reporters are engaging in self-righteous flagellation of their fellow species mates in response to Chris Darimont’s paper in Science Magazine, “The Unique Ecology of Human Predators.”Maybe you don’t picture yourself like a lion on the prowl in the supermarket, but your eating habits—and those of global humans—are paid for in blood of other inhabitants of earth at unsustainable levels, Darimont et al. claim. Jonathan Amos at the BBC News summarizes the bullet points, if you’ll pardon the expression:Humans’ status as a unique super-predator is laid bare in a new study published in Science magazine.The analysis of global data details the ruthlessness of our hunting practices and the impacts we have on prey.It shows how humans typically take out adult fish populations at 14 times the rate that marine animals do themselves.And on land, we kill top carnivores, such as bears, wolves and lions, at nine times their own self-predation rate.But perhaps the most striking observation, say authors Chris Darimont and colleagues, is the way human beings focus so heavily on taking down adult prey.This is quite different from the rest of the animal kingdom, for which the juveniles of a species tend to be the most exploited.Indeed, without humans, “the whole world could look like Serengeti,” another Science Daily article claims. Feeling guilty enough yet?But wait, you say. I haven’t shot any bears lately. I only eat fish once or twice a month. Sorry; this guilt trip is for you. You are a member of Homo sapiens. We’re all in this together. It’s been going on for a long, long time.In a world without humans, most of northern Europe would probably now be home to not only wolves, Eurasian elk (moose) and bears, but also animals such as elephants and rhinoceroses.This is demonstrated in a new study conducted by researchers from Aarhus University, Denmark. In a previous analysis, they have shown that the mass extinction of large mammals during the Last Ice Age and in subsequent millennia (the late-Quaternary megafauna extinction) is largely explainable from the expansion of modern man (Homo sapiens) across the world. In this follow-up study, they investigate what the natural worldwide diversity patterns of mammals would be like in the absence of past and present human impacts, based on estimates of the natural distribution of each species according to its ecology, biogeography and the current natural environmental template. They provide the first estimate of how the mammal diversity world map would have appeared without the impact of modern man.“Northern Europe is far from the only place in which humans have reduced the diversity of mammals — it’s a worldwide phenomenon. And, in most places, there’s a very large deficit in mammal diversity relative to what it would naturally have been,” says Professor Jens-Christian Svenning, Department of Bioscience, Aarhus University, who is one of the researchers behind the study.Feeling guilty enough yet? Don’t worry, you have a defense. There are some questions you can ask.The quote above just differentiated between “what it would naturally have been” — implying that something unnatural has intruded into the biosphere. But wait: aren’t humans natural? Didn’t they evolve by the same Darwinian mechanisms that produced the bears, the wolves and the other apex predators? The authors of the paper sure think so:Whereas sociopolitical factors can explain why humans repeatedly overexploit, cultural and technological dimensions can explain how. Human predatory behavior evolved much faster than competing predators and the defensive adaptations of prey. Indeed, division of labor, global trade systems, and dedicated recreational pursuit have equipped highly specialized individuals with advanced killing technology and fossil fuel subsidy that essentially obviate energetically expensive and formerly dangerous search, pursuit, and capture. Moreover, agri- and aquaculture, as well as an ever-increasing taxonomic and geographic niche, leave an enormous and rapidly growing human population demographically decoupled from dwindling prey. In fact, low prey abundance can drive aggressive exploitation, because of the increased economic value of rare resources.last_img read more

South African Initiative Wins Prestigious WISE Awards

first_imgPartners for Possibility” is part of the six 2018 WISE Awards Winning projectsThe World Innovation Summit for Education (WISE), an initiative of Qatar Foundation (QF), has announced the South African project “Partners for Possibility” (PfP) as a winner of its 2018 WISE Awards. Each year, the WISE Awards recognise and promote innovative projects from across the world that are addressing global educational challenges.Partners for Possibility, the flagship programme of Symphonia for South Africa (SSA), improves the quality of education by capacitating principals in under-resourced schools and building their leadership skills through partnerships with business leaders. Partners participate in a 12-month leadership development program, while tackling together challenges in schools.To date, this initiative has benefitted 1,630 school principals and business leaders, while impacting 625,000 schoolchildren.Dr Louise van Rhyn, founder of the Partners for Possibility programme, commented: ‘’To be recognized as the winner of the 2018 WISE Awards is a very special achievement. It means that the Partners for Possibility (PfP) programme meets the criteria of being a creative solution to a pressing educational challenge, that is, reducing the inequalities in the South African education system.”She added: “We are humbled to have a global platform to share the insights and solutions of the programme, as well as the opportunity to shed light on how its innovations can be applied to other industries and countries. Beyond this, we look forward to continued networking with the other global nominees who share our passion for quality education for all children.”Stavros N. Yiannouka, CEO of WISE said, congratulating the winners: “This year we have received 413 applications for the WISE Awards program. The rigorous selection process has succeeded in finding six excellent and innovative projects addressing a diverse mix of educational challenges from around the world. This demonstrates that there are existing global organizations and individuals who share our passion for tackling education challenges with innovative solutions. I would also like to take this opportunity to thank our Awards jury members who did a thorough job in evaluating the projects.”The five other 2018 WISE Awards winners are Safe Spaces Clubs for Girls (Nigeria), One Village One Pre-School (China), Generation (USA), Technology-Based Deaf Education (Pakistan) and 1001 Nights Life Skills and Citizenship Education Program (Canada).Other pressing educational issues tackled by the 2018 WISE Awards winning projects include girls’ education, early childhood education, the refugee crisis, cultural exchange, citizenship values, youth employment, entrepreneurship in disadvantaged communities, deaf education, and stimulating critical and creative thinking.The Awards winners are evaluated according to strict criteria. They must be established, innovative educational projects that have already demonstrated a transformative impact on the individuals, communities, and society of their context. They also need to be financially stable, have a clear development plan, and be scalable and replicable.The projects will be celebrated on September 22 at WISE@NY in New York, USA. In addition to publicity and networking opportunities, each will receive $20,000 (US).Join the conversation:Facebook: PlayYourPartTwitter: @PlayYourPartSAWould you like to use this article in your publication or on your website? See Using Brand South Africa material. About the WISE Awards:Each year, the WISE Awards recognize and promote six successful innovative projects that are addressing global educational challenges. Since 2009, WISE has received more than 3,200 applications from over 150 countries. Up until now, 54 projects have won the WISE Awards, from a wide variety of sectors and locations for their innovative character, their positive contribution and their potential for scalability and adaptability. These projects represent a growing resource of expertise and sound educational practice. Year by year, WISE is building a community of educational innovators which offers a fertile environment for groundbreaking collaborations. Today the WISE Awards network comprises pioneering projects that are helping bring real change to societies and communities.For further information, visit www.wise-qatar.org/wise-awardsAbout the World Innovation Summit for Education (WISE):The World Innovation Summit for Education was established by Qatar Foundation in 2009 under the leadership of its Chairperson, Her Highness Sheikha Moza bint Nasser. WISE is an international, multi-sectoral platform for creative, evidence-based thinking, debate, and purposeful action in education.  Through the biennial summit, collaborative research and a range of on-going programs, WISE is a global reference in new approaches to education.For further information about WISE, visit www.wise-qatar.orglast_img read more

TinkSky® Wedding Tiara, sparkly and pretty

first_imgLooks great from a distance and it is not devoid of its caveats. . The photos of the tiara mainly discuss for them selves, there are on the other hand a few details i would like to increase having said that. seventeen oz for a gentle, comfy fit”with measurements taken with a electronic calliper precise to in . 1% i found…the place of the finest height was the front centre of the tiara measuring fifty one. The hole amongst the two ends of the tiara had been spaced aside by 150mm, this can be a bit modified, but be mindful when executing so as bending it much too a great deal or too normally will weaken and inevitably snap it. The distance concerning the front centre of the tiara and the back edge is 95mm. The tiara weighs accurately 74g not the mentioned 90g in the merchandise listing and as tiaras go, it isn’t light-weight, whilst significantly from significant it is incredibly challenging on the scalp. “combines delicacy and majesty, perfectly produced and fragile. Seems to be beautiful with any hair style and accompanies any robe flawlessly. ”describing as delicate is a minor subjective, as opposed to tiaras pre 1990’s or to individuals belonging to the monarchy it almost certainly is.Arrived future day supply by means of amazon shipping and delivery,arrived well packaged. The tiara is wonderful i acquired this for a close friend who is having married soon and i required to give it to her as a little something new. The tiara is pretty large so it makes the tiara feel more dear than what it in fact is. Wonderful to dress in with an upstyle hair do. This tiara is sure to make any individual truly feel like a princess. I would advise to other folks. Disclaimer: i acquired this merchandise at a discounted rate in trade for an truthful evaluate. The actuality that i gained a low cost has not altered my sights in anyway. They are fully genuine and impartial.A rather accent for a fairytale wedding. It was given to me for testing, and i passed it on to a friend who completely liked it. It really is significant devoid of being far too heavy, and the form is really eye-catching. The only factor to be knowledgeable of is that it has to be held in place with hairpins or resourceful hairdressing, and it would really only be acceptable for someone with extended hair. It truly is worth the effort and hard work for the breathtaking ultimate end result, thoughdisclaimer: the enterprise furnished a no cost sample for this review.Key specs for TinkSky® Wedding Tiara, Bridal Crown Tiara with Crystals Rhinestones for Wedding, Proms, Pageants, Princess Parties, Birthday:Brand: TINKSKY. Color: mainly silver.Material: durable hard alloy and rhinestone.Crown size (L*H): Approx. 29cm x 5cm /11.42 x 1.97 inches.Suitable for all women and laides to use.Some shining crystal rhinestones decorated on the crown tiara, very delicate and attractive.Comments from buyers“Looks fantastic from a distance and it’s not without its caveats., Strong Structure, Very Robust, not flimsy, NOW ANYONE CAN BE A PRINCESS., A pretty accessory for a fairytale wedding, a princesses must have item, Princess Diaries”How stunning is this?this is not lightweight as it is hefty and substantial. You do need to have to repair this into a veil or hair piece and there are no fixings supplied ( fair ample as every person would use anything unique. It is shiny, sparkly and pretty unique.Shockingly great high quality for the cost. . This is a genuinely rather tiara. I was expecting it to be really flimsy and low cost wanting for the price but it basically is not. It arrived in a zip lock bag and appeared incredibly sparkly. It is a little adaptable so when correcting in position in the hair it was effortless to bend into a good position. This looked gorgeous in entrance of a bun on top rated of the head and would look wonderful with a basic veil powering it. It has a loop hole on just about every aspect to permit fixings to be extra but i utilized hair grips and it stayed in spot effectively. General a lovely tiny acquire.A truly stunning tiara, effectively created and at a very realistic price. . This breathtaking tiara from tinksky is beautifully produced and covered with rhinestone crystals. This tiara would be exceptional to use for a wedding, a get together and even for a teenager’s prom. The tiara arrives packaged in a powerful plastic zip lock bag. This gorgeous tiara measures 15. 5 cm in width x 5 cm in top at its maximum. It is made from silver colored metal which is moulded into vines, leaves and flowers. This tiara is not flimsy in any way, in simple fact it weighs weighty for a tiara and feels exceptionally solid in the hand. The tiara is unquestionably included in rhinestone crystals that have been separately established by hand and which sparkle at every angle and less than just about every light. My ten 12 months aged daughter is delighted with this tiara and says that she will have on at each get together she goes to, also my seventeen yr previous foster daughter also definitely likes this tiara and she want to use it to her friends eighteenth birthday up coming month with a beautiful glittery gown that she will be sporting.Sturdy framework, very strong, not flimsy. Beautiful solidly made princess tiara. It arrived in a resealable plastic bag. I was joyful that it failed to get squashed in transit but at this selling price, i question it would warrant sending it in a major responsibility box. It is really beautiful hunting and you can manouvre it all-around to form it to your head which is distinctive. Yrs back when i obtained married i had a light-weight edition of a tiara like this and it was a nightmare to get it to stay in put. Properly, this a single is heading nowhere lol it is reliable and not extremely effortless to shift about. You can clip it or even connect a ribbon to the back again the place there are two minor holes. It is fantastic to use with an upstyle hairdo. I will not believe this will dissappoint any individual seeking to be a princess.A princesses will have to have item. I was sent this merchandise in exchange for an trustworthy overview. This is a wonderful tiara, its compact so would in shape a youngster or an up hair style, its really large which makes it appear to be far more pricey than what it is which is great. Its has loads of unique dimensions crystal rhinestones which when the light-weight captures them they seriously do sparkle. I have a infant daughter so i have set it in her room on a shelf for when shes more mature, and it seems to be fantastic as a decoration in her space. Also perfect for fancy costume or for any very little girl seeking to be a princess. Really advocate this merchandise its stunning and great excellent.Spectacular tiara, diamonds appear sensible much too. On acquiring the tiara i was impressed by the high quality, from a distance the diamonds on the tiara seem authentic. As with most tiara’s this 1 also arrived with a loop at each sides, so the tiara can be securely pinned into spot working with hairpins. This can also be bent into the form of your head way too, for a greater in shape. The tiara was a large amount heavier in weight than i predicted but it seemed to include price to the completed hair piece. I was shocked the hair piece arrived in a resealable bag, while this is excellent for storage. I was anticipating it to arrive in a box. It would’ve manufactured the tiara glance extra expensive. For a apply examination, i secured the tiara in location on my head and carried out my everyday plan in the dwelling for a couple several hours to look at if the tiara would continue to be in location. It handed the test with traveling colors.I wasn’t guaranteed when gained this on how i made use of it, but then i observed the two round holes which you use to adjust it onto the head. Love it somewhat bent on one facet. All gems and crystals are great, none are loose. My daughter was choughedi like its body weight, if you drop it, its not going to snap like my prom tiara.I wore this tiara for promenade, and it looked awesome. Whilst promenade was rather a when in the past, the tiara however appears to be gorgeous. I am remarkably content with this product or service, and i would advocate it.Brought this for my wedding in two months and was sceptical because of the cost but oh my god, it is stunning. It truly is a wonderful weight so when connected to my hair with bobbypins it wouldn’t budge. I truthfully am blown awaycan’t wait to get married in this.I was provided this item for totally free in return for an honest evaluation. Now if you talk to everyone if they’d like to be a princess for a working day i am rather confident that they’d say yes, even men will want to be handled a small specially for a working day. In reality, it was only just lately that a mate of mine turned twenty five and his girlfriend purchased him a tiara for the reason that she claims he is that significantly of a princess. In fairness, it was only a low-priced minimal plastic detail she received and only cost 60p or a thing from a local store but for that 1 working day i you should not consider he could feel any happier. But what if your boyfriend, or a minimal female or it’s possible a bride-to-be would not want any old low cost plastic tiara, what then?. Well, tinksky have come to the rescue with their superbly designed tiara with glowing rhinestones all all-around. It truly is an elegantly developed piece of costume jewellery which in all honesty was a great deal heavier than i was expecting it to be. You could see it sparkle from each individual angle it had that numerous rhinestones masking the glorious crown. What impressed me far more though was that regardless of the glamorous glimpse it felt rather significant and pretty tough as nicely, so if you fell around in it, it really is not heading to snap and split.You will look like a princess. We made use of this as portion of a photobooth at a wedding. It was a little bit far too very good high quality for that but it was well obtained and loved. The ladies truthfully appeared like princesses with the sparkling tiara on prime of their heads. It would not have a comb and desires to be clipped in with hair pins if being worn for for a longer time durations but for the function we applied it for, it was ideal.This tiara is really and is a placing style and design. This tiara is quite and is a putting style and design. Nonetheless the tiara is pretty hefty, which can make it awkward when worn for more time periods. The tiara does glance bulky, primarily from a aspect look at which is a serious shame and limits the designs the tiara satisfies. The tiara genuinely needs to be each thinner and lighter. The tiara needs to be secured into your hair with grips as it will not continue to be in spot otherwise- compared with several other tiaras this does not have combs on the finishes, which is a shame as i uncover that they typically truly feel much more safe. I do like this tiara but truly feel there are a selection of spots for advancement and as such would be reluctant to propose. *acquired from provider to overview this has not motivated my opinion.Content with this, but it did get there with a stone off. . Arrived damaged, the massive middle stone was out. In purchase to glue this back in i experienced to prise the previous glue out which was a major lump. Really rather tiara, but a shame i had to fix it in advance of it could be used. I acquired this for my neices dressy up box for which it is extra that suitable. So i dont intellect far too substantially the simple fact i had to glue it again collectively before it was useable. Its a low-priced ample value for it not be a offer breaker – even so its still not great form obtaining to repair things when they arrive. The tiara has loops at possibly finish so it can effortlessly be clipped into the hair or as i have accomplished for my niece, thread elastic by so it stays on easily & immediately without having faffing on with clips when shes about to perform.Far better than rate would counsel. I will endeavor to confine my critique to good quality, wearability and so forth. And not simply just repeat specifics easily observed in the outstanding listing. The tiara was a significantly considerably improved excellent solution than i was anticipating for the funds, nicely constructed steel body, resilient and incredibly sparkly, superb benefit at £9. My granddaughter confident me it was comfortable and not much too significant, in point at 1 point she forgot she was donning it. A very good top quality exceptional benefit for dollars solution.Tinksky® wedding tiara, bridal crown tiara with crystals rhinestones for wedding, proms, pageants, princess parties, birthdayday onethe parcel arrived and could not hold out to see what was within. Would it be as sparkly as it appeared?would it in good shape?would it last?later on the exact dayit sparkles just like the real matter. Suits properly and can be carefully teased to sit far better. Appears to be to be of a really sturdy design and style. Present her the tiara and she’s confused with joy. Great value and a wonderful existing for by yourself or the princess in your lifetime. I acquired at a discount in trade for an sincere overview. Very good worth for the dollars and shines brilliant like a diamond.Now anybody can be a princess. . If like me you have a daughter who like to be a princess then this tiara from tinksky is a need to get. For a selling price that is equivalent to that of the low-priced awful kinds you get in toy stores you will get a tiara created to the highest excellent. This is a good piece of jewelry, which is a lot more than up to the undertaking of surviving a costume up session with even the roughest and most tumbliest of small princesses. The tiara many thanks to it can be terrific construction is somewhat heavier than your standard toy variations and i would advocate utilizing hair pins to secure it onto you kid’s head. As for how it seems to be, the tiara’s framework appears like shiny silver and the jewels have the look of the purest of diamonds. Any youngster seeking to dress up as a princess, or any adult for that make any difference who wants to do the similar, will be more than the moon to get on of these.Who isn’t going to want to be a princess for a day. This is a extremely fairly priced tiara that mum and daughter could use. When i showed this to my daughter she was ‘can i have it’ i was like allow me at minimum try out it on to start with.Perfectly as i’m meant to be examining product i required to get a great appear at item and test it onas a mum whose daughter has experienced several £3. 99 tiara’s about the many years, i wasnt confident what to hope from this tiara, i was amazed. Its incredibly strong and oh so sparkly, and seems to be a photo on, i just want i experienced somewhere to don it toit doesnt appear with any fixings, so am not sure if it would continue to be in all night without, so i would propose probably attaching some crystal clear elastic. Its not light-weight as i expected but i wouldn’t say it’s​ also major. I imagine for the selling price its a fantastic merchandise and if you have an occasion to use a tiara it would be a very good buy, furthermore for your very own very little princess as its a lot sturdier that those plastic princess tiaras.last_img read more

The Journal of Poor Homebuilding

first_imgThis photo shows the fiberglass batts surrounding an unsealed and uninsulated attic hatch. Years of excessive air movement has left gobs of crud suspended in the fiberglass fibers. Fireplace flue without a damperThis is a New England classic. So many homes in the northern U.S. predate the development of oil and gas heating; they originally had wood heating. In these homes, chimneys were basically a giant, centrally located thermal mass that helped warm the building. Moldy bathroom ceilingMoldy bathroom ceilings are all too common bathroom in cold climates. Unsealed chimney chaseThe photo of the chimney chase is taken from above, looking down. This is a gable-end chimney on a Colonial house with a garage addition. There’s a finished room over the garage, so that chimney shaft is surrounded by conditioned interior air.The chimney was framed in and drywalled. That light you see at the bottom is where the chimney shaft is open into the garage. On the right is uninsulated interior drywall. The cap is entirely unsealed, and the attic is insulated at the floor.This chimney chase alone probably accounts for 5% (if not more) of the homeowner’s heating bill.What’s the solution? Treat the top and bottom of the chimney chase as what they are: part of the building envelope. The top and bottom of the chase need to be sealed and insulated. We’ve seen some of the problems with framing around the chimney. Here’s a photo inside a fireplace flue. This flue was unused and did not have a working damper. It was a wide-open 2-square-foot hole, open year-round. The leak was obvious as hell once the blower door was running, but wasn’t very obvious to the naked eye. An uninsulated roomThis photo comes from our friends at Horizon Maine (a home-performance contractor in South Portland) who are doing the weatherization and insulation work at a home where I performed an audit. This is the space above a porch; the photo was taken after the porch ceiling was removed. There is a sitting room over the porch that the homeowner had set up as a home office. In spite of the efforts of a space heater and furnace going full blast, the temperature in this space wouldn’t get over 50°F in the winter.Now that the ceiling has been removed, what do we see?Sides of sitting room: UninsulatedUnder the room: UninsulatedSecond-floor wall (the plaster and lathe on the right): UninsulatedOver the room: 4 inches of cellulose with some knob-and-tube wiring for fun.center_img The infrared picture shows where the poorly laid fiberglass batts are causing extreme dips in the ceiling surface temperature. The temperature is dipping below the dew point, causing bathroom moisture to condense. leading to surface mold growth. Yummy!Mold: check. Infrared camera showing why there’s mold: check. Asbestos-insulated boilerThis isn’t poor home building so much as a former best practice that didn’t turn out. At one time, asbestos was a miracle substance: a great insulator, nearly indestructible in residential applications, and impervious to fire. I mean, stone fibers don’t exactly light with a matchstick.From an energy history standpoint, this is a neat boiler. Shrouded in asbestos, it is a former coal boiler that was converted first to oil and later to natural gas. Surprisingly, the asbestos is in near-perfect shape, 60 years on.Unfortunately, many times miracle substances are too good to be true. Dirty fiberglass battOh, attic hatches … One of the most common symptoms of a problematic attic hatch is dirt and dust getting caught in the fiberglass insulation surrounding it. As some auditors say: as an insulation, fiberglass is an excellent air filter. I’m calling this collection of photos The Journal of Poor Homebuilding — kind of like Holmes on Homes, except that I won’t act like the previous contractors ought to be hunted down, predator-style.I had some other ideas for naming it before settling on JoPH (though they are all the same basic joke): Energy Rearguard, Home Energy Amateurs, Journal of Light Destruction, or the Building Magic Corporation. (As a side note, I love the sites on which these parodies are based and highly recommend reading them). Erik North, the owner of Free Energy Maine, is an energy auditor and home performance specialist in Westbrook, Maine. He is also the author of the Energy Auditing Blog.last_img read more

Amarnath yatra: community kitchens come under CCTV surveillance

first_imgCommunity kitchens that could feed lakhs of pilgrims on the way to cave shrine of Amarnath in South Kashmir Himalayas would be monitored by CCTVs, officials said on Friday. The Amarnath Yatra would commence on July 1 and continue for 46 days till August 15. This time CCTVs would be installed at each langar (community kitchen) site along the Pathankote-Jammu-Baltal Highway as a security measure, they said. Officials said 105 langars for pilgrims will be available at 17 places in Jammu, 8 in Kathua, 10 in Udhampur and 28 in district Ramban. Halting points have been finalised in all the Highway districts including 6 in Kathua, 17 in Jammu, 26 in Udhampur and 22 in district Ramban from Kathua district (entry point in J&K) to Baltal in Ganderbal district. Mobile toilets have been made available at 17 different locations. Advisor to Governor K. Vijay Kumar on Thursday chaired a high-level meeting to review arrangements being put in place for the smooth conduct of the Amarnath Yatra. Divisional Commissioner Sanjeev Verma gave a detailed presentation about arrangements being made for the smooth conduct of annual yatra to the cave shrine in South Kashmir. Facilities for the spot registration of pilgrims have been made at Jammu, Sangam, Sarasvati Dham, Vashnavi Dham, Ram Mandir, Purani Mandi. Adequate number of buses have been arranged to ferry pilgrims from Jammu to Pahalgam and Baltal, officials added. Similarly, arrangements for accommodation and shelter sheds would be available for pilgrims at all districts en route, officials said. The Advisor also reviewed the security arrangements and sought details from officers concerned about the scale of deployments along the twin routes of Phalgam and Baltal. The IG Traffic apprised the Advisor of the traffic management plan and condition of Highway from Udhampur to Banihal. Vulnerable points have been identified and executing agencies are at work.last_img read more


first_imgKanpur, Sep 24 (PTI) Scoreboard on the third day of the Kanpur, Sep 24 (PTI) Scoreboard on the third day of the opening Test between India and New Zealand here today. India 1st innings: 318 allout New Zealand 1st innings: (Overnight 152-1) MJ Guptill lbw b Yadav 21 TWM Latham lbw b Ashwin 58 KS Williamson b Ashwin 75 LRPL Taylor lbw b Jadeja 0 L Ronchi lbw b Jadeja38 MJ Santnerc ?Saha b Ashwin32 BJ Watling?c & b Ashwin 21 MD Craig lbw b Jadeja 2 IS Sodhi lbw b Jadeja 0 TA Boult c Sharma b Jadeja 0 N Wagner not out 0 Extras(B-8, LB-5, NB-2) 15Total (all out in 95.5 overs) 262 Fall of wickets: 1-35, 2-159, 3-160, 4-170, 5-219, 6-255, 7-258, 8-258, 9-258, 10-262.Bowling: Mohammed Shami 11-1-35-0, Umesh Yadav 15-5-33-1, Ravindra Jadeja 34-7-73-5, R Ashwin 30.5-7-93-4, Murali Vijay 4-0-10-0, Rohit Sharma 1-0-5-0. MORE PTI ATK ATKlast_img read more

It’s Not Greek to Us – England Beats New Zealand by 56 Runs in Cricket Cup

first_imgMANCHESTER, England (AP) — England beat New Zealand by 56 runs in a one-off Twenty20 international on Tuesday, adding to the feel-good factor surrounding its team ahead of the Ashes and denying the Black Caps a farewell victory on their tour.Protecting a score of 191-7 that was underpinned by in-form Joe Root’s 68 from 46 balls, England dismissed New Zealand for 135 in 16.2 overs on a balmy evening at Old Trafford after taking the last five wickets for four runs.The Kiwis started the chase ahead of the required run rate of 9.55, but Kane Williamson (57) ran out of partners before becoming one of three batsmen to depart over four balls in the 15th over.That plunged New Zealand to 131-8 and left-arm paceman David Willey (3-22) took the final two wickets in successive deliveries.Propelled by a new attacking mentality, England also won a thrilling one-day international series 3-2 and is a different proposition in white-ball cricket to the team that surrendered so meekly at the Cricket World Cup in February and March.“We were so far away in the World Cup,” said England captain Eoin Morgan, whose side was eliminated in the group stage. “Things have turned around pretty quickly.”New Zealand captain Brendon McCullum described some of his team’s batting as “amateurish.”“We got off to a reasonable start,” McCullum said, “but we weren’t able to build partnerships as the innings progressed.“Credit to England, they’ve played some outstanding cricket this summer.”Root came to the crease when opener Jason Roy was run out after an explosive 23 that included two sixes in the second over, and smashed eight fours and one six to continue his strong recent form from the ODI series.Alex Hales (27), Ben Stokes (24 not out) and Sam Billings (21) also weighed in with cameos and a target of 192 was competitive.McCullum smashed 35 off 15 balls and Williamson’s knock came off 37 deliveries and included eight fours. But Ross Taylor (17) was the only other player to get into double figures as England ended up sealing a comprehensive win.TweetPinShare0 Shareslast_img read more