Dawson Creek officials win this round against rising floodwater

first_imgDAWSON CREEK, B.C. – Officials with the City of Dawson Creek say they’ve managed to stem the rise of floodwaters in the creek at bear’s the city’s name.The City’s General Manager of Development Services Kevin Henderson said that the 17th St. Bridge has reopened after workers were able to divert some of the creek’s water. He said that maintenance workers brought in pumps to divert the flow of water over the culverts where Dawson Creek passes underneath 102nd Ave.Henderson said that the action of the pumps along with a smaller amount of snow melt that travelled downstream into the city yesterday meant crews were able to keep the flow of water from cresting any of the roads in the city. Henderson said he suspects the reason for the so-far intense snow melt is due to the higher than normal snow pack in the Peace Region this year, and because the region didn’t see a mid-winter similar to the past three winters. Henderson added that just because crews beat Mother Nature this time around, that doesn’t mean the city will be getting complacent, as there is still some time before all of the snow still blanketing the Northern Rockies is completely melted.last_img read more

Pakistan notes importance of relations with Sri Lanka

The High Commissioner highlighted that the state visit of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif to Sri Lanka in January 2016, is a testimony to the fact that both countries attach great importance to this mutually beneficial relationship. He elaborated that during the visit both sides agreed to expand cooperation in the areas like higher education, industrial development, shipping, disaster management, peaceful use of nuclear technology and exchange of expertise in various areas of mutual interests.  The leadership’s decisions are being followed up vigorously with exchange of high level delegations, he added. The Chief Justice of the Islamic Republic Pakistan Justice Anwar Zaheer Jamali who is currently visiting Sri Lanka, said that Pakistan attaches great importance to its relations with Sri Lanka, in both bilateral and regional context.Justice Jamali said there is a strong desire in Pakistan to further develop and promote the bilateral relationship between the two friendly countries. He also commended the government of Sri Lanka for taking admirable initiatives to promote interfaith harmony, reconciliation and national unity between all the segments of society. Justice Jamali was the chief guest at the 70th Pakistan Independence Day event held at the Pakistan High Commission in Colombo. The High Commissioner also hoisted the national flag of Pakistan and jointly cut Independence Day Cake along with the Chief guest and Children. Later, the messages of the President and Prime Minister of Pakistan were read out to the participants.The Flag hoisting ceremony was attended by a large number of participants from various walks of life including members of the Sri Lanka Pakistan Friendship Trade and Investment Association, Pakistan Sri Lanka Business Council, prominent Sri Lankan personalities, Pakistani community, High Commission officials and wide section of media. (Colombo Gazette) The High Commissioner of Pakistan in Sri Lanka, Major General (R) Syed Shakeel Hussain said that economic cooperation coupled with peaceful resolution of disputes will pave the way for a promising future for not just the south Asian region but also for the world at large.The High Commissioner said this while delivering his message on the occasion of the 70th Independence Day of Pakistan today in Colombo, says a press release from the High Commission. Shakeel Hussain said that the Government of Pakistan is actively engaged with all neighboring countries in an effort to create a peaceful neighborhood and at the same time intensifying economic engagement with all friendly countries.He underlined that Pakistan is entering into a new era of development, prosperity, peace and political stability as the Government and people are unanimous in their resolve to make Pakistan truly democratic, welfare and prosperous state.On Pakistan-Sri Lanka relations, he explained that historical and cultural links between our two peoples date back to the time when the Indus Valley and Gandhara Civilizations prospered in what is now Pakistan. He further said that Pakistan and Sri Lankan are continuing to nurture their mutually beneficial relations in diverse fields.  He added that both countries are exploring ways to broaden and deepen the economic ties, through enhancement of trade and bilateral investments, within the framework of the Free Trade Agreement as our top most priority. read more

GMOA accused of behaving worse than criminals

Sumanthiran said that the GMOA often holds the country to ransom by engaging in trade union action. The Government Medical Officers Association (GMOA) was today accused of behaving worse than criminals.Tamil National Alliance (TNA) Parliamentarian M.A. Sumanthiran said that the doctors in the GMOA have violated their oaths by engaging in trade union action. “If you deny medical attention to those who require it then that it criminal negligence. And when you do it to achieve your own selfish objectives I would say it is worse than criminal,” he told Parliament today. The Parliamentarian also noted that there have been instances where people have died as a result of lack of medical attention during a strike by the GMOA. (Colombo Gazette) read more

Annan condemns attack on Christian church in Islamabad as vicious terrorism

Appalled by Sunday’s grenade attack on a Christian church in Islamabad that had left several people dead and many wounded, United Nations Secretary-General Kofi Annan strongly condemned the bombing as a “vicious act of terrorism.” A spokesperson for Mr. Annan said today that the heartless and indiscriminate killing of innocent worshipers was a “crime against humanity and religion.” “The Secretary-General offers his deepest condolences to the bereaved families of the victims,” the spokesperson said in a statement released at UN Headquarters in New York. read more

Journalists conviction in Myanmar a message that press cannot operate fearlessly –

In a statement on Monday, Michelle Bachelet, the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, said that the convictions “send a message to all journalists in Myanmar that they cannot operate fearlessly, but must rather make a choice to either self-censor or risk prosecution.”Earlier in the day, Kyaw Soe Oo (also known as Moe Aung) and Thet Oo Maung (also known as Wa Lone) were sentenced to seven years’ imprisonment on charges of violating, according to the High Commissioner’s Office (OHCHR), the “ill-defined” Official Secrets Act.Their coverage of the Inn Din massacre by the military […] was clearly in the public interest as it may otherwise never have come to light – UN rights chief Michelle BacheletIn the statement, Ms. Bachelet also said that the two journalists’ coverage of the Inn Din massacre by the military – for which the military subsequently admitted responsibility – “was clearly in the public interest as it may otherwise never have come to light.”“I call for their conviction to be quashed and for them to be released, along with all other journalists currently in detention for their legitimate exercise of the right to freedom of expression,” underscored the UN human rights chief.Ms. Bachelet assumed her functions as the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights on 1 September. She succeeds Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussein, who held the position since September 2014.Journalists’ sentencing ‘a dark moment for Myanmar’ – UN rights expertsAlso on Monday, UN independent human rights experts on the right to freedom of expression and on the rights situation in Myanmar denounced Mr. Oo and Mr. Maung’s convictions, calling it “a dark moment for Myanmar.”“This is yet another clear signal of Myanmar’s distancing from international human rights law,” said David Kaye, the UN Special Rapporteur on the right to freedom of opinion and expression; and Yanghee Lee, the UN Special Rapporteur on the human rights situation in the country, in a news release issued by OHCHR.“We regret that the court failed to recognise the importance of independent journalism, freedom of expression and the public’s right to know.”The experts also said that they have previously expressed their grave concerns, and urged greater press freedom after the journalists’ detention.“We urge the President to pardon the journalists, and if the case is appealed, for the court to take into account Myanmar’s human rights obligations and order their release,” they said.UN Special Rapporteurs and independent experts are appointed by the Geneva-based Human Rights Council to examine and report back on a specific human rights theme or a country situation. The positions are honorary and the experts are not UN staff, nor are they paid for their work. read more

201516 NBA Preview The Raptors Are Lucky They Play In An Awful

And here’s what’s in store for the key Raptors in 2015-16 (and beyond): If he can keep taking so many threes, and hitting them, Patrick Patterson will be a valuable kickout option. Jonas Valanciunas is just 23 and has improved his scoring rate each year he has been in the league, but the careers of some of his most comparable big men never really took off. The team’s offseason upgrades could cost Terrence Ross playing time if he doesn’t show big improvement in his fourth season. In a league enamored with dunks, layups and 3-pointers, DeMar DeRozan is a throwback — and not in a good way. He took 57 percent of his shots between 10 feet from the basket and the 3-point line last season — a career high — and hit a career-low 36 percent of them. He was Toronto’s only player to average 20 points per game, but also the least efficient scorer of any 20-point guy in the league. The Raptors need him to take better shots and share more of the offensive burden. Kyle Lowry followed up an excellent 2013-14 season with a better showing to begin last season, as the Raptors started 24-7. But his production fell off dramatically in the second half of the season, and he shot dreadfully in the playoffs. Many of the guards CARMELO sees as most similar to Lowry had already peaked by his age. DeMarre Carroll is the priciest new Raptor, at $60 million over four years. His defense and efficient shooting should help. But none of his previous five NBA teams have asked him to take many shots, and those he has taken usually have been created for him. It’s unclear whether he’ll generate the kind of offense commensurate with a $15 million average annual salary. We’re inaugurating our NBA player projection system, CARMELO, with 2015-16 season previews for every team in the league. Check out the teams we’ve already previewed here. Learn more about CARMELO here. Last season’s Toronto Raptors set a franchise record for wins for the second successive season — then exited the playoffs in the first round for the second successive season, leaving the franchise stuck at just one playoff series win in its 20-year history. So while standing pat this year might have sufficed to win the putrid Atlantic Division for the third straight season, Raptors management instead shook things up, adding new talent to complement a core of 20-somethings that includes Kyle Lowry and Patrick Patterson. The new Raptors, including DeMarre Carroll and Bismack Biyombo, should be particularly valuable in shoring up the team’s shaky defense, which was by far the worst in the postseason at preventing opponents from hitting shots. Toronto’s offense will remain its strength, though it’s not clear who leads the O and who will take the biggest shots: DeMar DeRozan, Toronto’s leading scorer last year, hits too low a percentage of his shots to be the star of a playoff team.FiveThirtyEight’s CARMELO thinks the Raptors will clear .500, but not by much, projecting them to go 44-38: Bismack Biyombo should improve Toronto’s shot-blocking, which ranked near the bottom of the NBA last season.Read more: 2015-16 NBA Previews read more

Jeremy Corbyn would be a problem for security says historian to MI5

But would the Americans share sensitive intelligence under a Corbyn administration? “I can’t imagine the special relationship being the same. But it would be part of a broader problem. Does he believe in Nato? So it’s the whole of Western defence, and not just the intelligence angle of it, that would be the problem. Nothing I have heard him say gives me any confidence – whether about his understanding of the Cold War, or of Venezuela. It is a deeply eccentric view of international relations.” For a profession whose purpose is to find out information, spies know surprisingly little about their own past. But secret agents now have no excuse not to know about their antecedents.Professor Christopher Andrew, the official historian of MI5, has charted the evolution of espionage from the Old Testament in a new book.“There was no profession that knew so little about its own history as the intelligence community did,” he says.The role of Britain’s security services is evolving, with GCHQ coming out of the shadows to defend us against cyber-hackers attempting to shut down our power stations or disrupt our markets.And were a Labour government elected, the relationship between Prime Minister and Britain’s spy agencies could become very different. Professor Christopher Andrew pictured at his house, Cambridge, UK. His book: The Secret World, a history of intelligence is published by Allen LaneCredit:Rii Schroer Prof Andrew feels there is a wide misunderstanding of what spies do. “Because espionage is the only profession in which a fictional character is many, many, many times better known than any real member of it, we have acquired a novelist’s idea that there is a constant accretion of information, rather than moments that irrevocably change history.” But there are such moments – the failure of the Armada was one. “But then two KGB assassins defected amid huge global publicity, and so in the Brezhnev era there was a period of caution, though plans continued to be drawn up but are only authorised when it looks as though they can get away with it – notably Georgi Markov” – the Bulgarian dissident killed in London by a poison-tipped umbrella in 1978.“But as soon as Putin took over he revived the tactic. He was not bothered. He mocks us in a most unusual way – in 2007 he announced that one of his atomic spies would be made a hero of Russia. It was the spy who provided the intelligence on the initiator used to explode the first US atomic bomb, and the first Russian one. That initiator was Polonium 210; and he feted this man just before Litvinenko was poisoned by Polonium 210. It just doesn’t bother him.”Putin “isn’t going to change. And the problem in dealing with him is the irreversible decline of Russia. Many bright young Russians are leaving the country – you find a lot of them at Eton – and will make their lives in the West. He is completely unreformable. They can’t make anything for the rest of the world, and their oil and gas industries are declining in importance.” “From the 1920s to the present day the Russian state has undertaken assassination out of area. Killing traitors abroad was a standard operation, mainly during the Stalinist era before the Second World War – Trotsky most famously. After the war they tried to kill Tito. Khruschev went after Ukrainian nationalist leaders in exile in Germany. To Prof Andrew, the historical perspective is essential for improving the art of intelligence. “It’s not uncommon to find people managing intelligence who have so little knowledge of the past that they don’t realise that they aren’t as good as people were a couple of hundred years before. Antoine Rossignol [who developed a system of coding] was so appreciated by Cardinal Richelieu that he was given enough money to buy a chateau at Juvisy, where he was visited by Louis XIII and Louis XIV.”He found that the French, like the British, for a long time denied the existence of such dark arts. “When I wanted to write about décryptage – breaking the codes – I was simply told that décryptage was a concept that doesn’t exist.”In England, Elizabeth I came to depend on spies – “no monarch was ever at such risk of assassination” – and valued them because “our chances of thwarting the Spanish Armada seemed, we thought, to depend on knowing when it would sail; and the Queen’s survival depended on our knowing about plots to kill her.” Her codebreaker, however, got a pension rather than a chateau. I ask him what was the most significant change espionage has wrought in history. “The Cuban Missile Crisis. It comes pretty close to thermonuclear war. If the Americans hadn’t discovered the existence of the bases until they were operational – which was what Khruschev intended – then it is likely there would have been an air strike. And it is hard to imagine how a conventional war could have been stopped from turning into a nuclear war at that point.”We discuss more recent lessons. Dodgy dossiers, he points out, have been produced on the orders of a state since time immemorial. “Stalin was very good it: it was absolutely a standard procedure.” But the mess made by Tony Blair during the Iraq War “was cock-up rather than conspiracy. American intelligence by 2003 was not a patch on how it had been in the Second World War”.Quoting the Chilcot report – of which “I do not have a high view” – he mentions a senior SIS officer who said “if we had ventilated views on Iraq’s political geography, and the impact of its history on it today, people would have told us to shut up”.Prof Andrew observes: “There was absolutely no question of learning from experience. This repeats itself more in intelligence than in any other area because the experience is less well known, and much of it classified. That is why you get major policymakers whose abilities are adequate in other ways who do so badly in matters of intelligence.” I ask him if he thinks Mr Blair knew the American intelligence was defective. “No. It just didn’t occur to them that there were no WMD. There was no doubt at all they would discover them. You just have to make a case – and once you discover them, the case is irrelevant.”He thinks the nature of the threat from Islamic fundamentalists “is far better understood than it was” but that the secularisation of western society made it hard for intelligence operatives to foresee 9/11 and some of the subsequent outrages. “Introductory lectures in history at this university have to begin by explaining basic Christian doctrine. There are so many people now for whom Christian belief is just an aberration. And so when you’re explaining why people do things, religion just doesn’t come into it. Just before the Iranian revolution no one paid any attention to Khomeini – the idea there could be a religious revolution was just unthinkable. They attempted to explain terrorism in secular terms – which was an absolutely key failure.“Bin Laden was the most homicidal poet of modern times, expressing himself in verse, as many jihadists do. No one grasped his opposition to Saudi Arabia because he expressed it in verse.” Professor Christopher Andrew pictured at his house, Cambridge, UK. His book: The Secret World, a history of intelligence is published by Allen Lane Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings. Now he fears a “step change” – he remembers Bin Laden’s phrase that it was a “religious duty to acquire weapons of mass destruction”.“In 2004 Islamists tried to get a dirty bomb together but they failed: but recently there have been one or two close calls. At Mosul they had a large cache of radioactive cobalt used in cancer treatment; luckily it was found intact when they were thrown out. But Islamic State won’t make that mistake again. And now the Germans have discovered the early stages of biological warfare using ricin.“My feeling is that at a tactical level we aren’t doing too badly, but strategically something is inevitable. The most likely outcome is a dirty bomb, which doesn’t take too much expertise to put together.”He feels the history of the Cold War should teach something about how to handle the Russians. “Putin is absolutely par for the course. What is crazy is the extent of embarrassment we felt initially in investigating the murder of Alexander Litvinenko. If it hadn’t been for Marina Litvinenko it would never have been examined. Prof Andrew’s interest was stirred by a Victorian children’s illustrated bible. “Until the 20th century the most popular image of espionage was of two of Moses’s spies struggling back from their mission to the promised land, reporting that it was indeed flowing with milk and honey, but carrying a bunch of grapes so big it took two people to carry them,” he says.The fascination was compounded by his PhD research, when he realised the France of Richelieu was better at breaking codes than the nation was at understanding German signals during the Great War.When he arrived at Cambridge in the early 1960s it was “full of Bletchley Park veterans, many of them historians” – none of whom would acknowledge that part of their past. “They had two separate lives: in one compartment they were researching, writing and teaching history, in another – which for some of them was the most interesting thing they ever did – was something they weren’t allowed to talk about.” But they also exemplified the lack of knowledge about the history of their profession. “The men and women at Bletchley had no idea that in the Napoleonic Wars we had broken the French ciphers, any more than those people knew how ciphers had been cracked when we faced the threat from the Armada.” Should the intelligence services have realised the threat to the Skripals? “MI6 should have entertained it as a possibility. But spotting the target isn’t straightforward.“There are many sitting targets. Putin’s view is that traitors kick the bucket.”The Secret World: A History of Intelligence, by Christopher Andrew (Allen Lane, £35), is out now, To order your copy for £30, call 0844 871 1514 or visit books.telegraph.co.uk I ask Prof Andrew, a fellow at Corpus Christi, Cambridge, for more than half a century and Emeritus Professor of Modern and Contemporary History, whether he thinks MI5 and MI6 would be reluctant to tell Jeremy Corbyn, should he become prime minister, all he ought to know.“I simply think that however unfortunate it is, the constitution has it that if the prime minister wishes to be informed, the prime minister is informed. One question is how far Corbyn would wish to be informed. It doesn’t seem a subject that engages his attention. There are some people in the shadow cabinet who have called for the closing-down of MI5.” read more

Bel Air businessman apologizes for Go Invest Elsewhere ad

A Bel Air, Georgetown, businessman has written Government, apologizing for the controversial “Go Invest Elsewhere” advertisement that was published in two local dailies earlier this month.This is according to State Minister Joseph Harmon, who revealed at the post Cabinet press briefing earlier today that businessmen Siri Persaud of Bel Air Gardens, has taken responsibility for the advertisement published on February 7 last, urging investors in Guyana to go elsewhere.In a letter addressed to President David Granger, the businessman, according to Harmon, said he was only trying to highlight his frustration with the Guyana Office for Investment (Go-invest), whom he noted failed to fairly represent him as an investor in Guyana.Minister of State Joseph Harmon“It was never meant to dissuade any investors, local or foreign, from investing in Guyana but rather to highlight shortcomings and encourage discussions concerning improvements to that investment agency,” the letter stated.The advertisement was published on the opening of the inaugural petroleum summit GIPEX which had scores of investors in attendance to explore local investment opportunities. Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)RelatedSpecial Purpose Unit begins process of selling GuySuCo assets, EstatesOctober 5, 2017In “Business”THE PIPER: Advisors and PragmatismApril 3, 2016In “The Piper”Brazilian investors meet with State Minister on Oil and Gas, Public Infrastructure sectorsJuly 12, 2018In “Business” read more

Woodland unveils new names for two schools

first_imgWOODLAND — The Woodland Public Schools board announced the new names for Woodland Primary School and Woodland Intermediate School at its meeting Monday night. Starting in the 2019-2020 school year, Woodland Primary will go by Columbia Elementary School and the intermediate school will be named North Fork Elementary School.The board renamed the schools due to reconfiguration in the district starting at the same time. Woodland Primary School, a K-1 school, and Woodland Intermediate School, which houses grades 2 to 4, will both become K-4 schools next school year. That will give the district three K-4 schools, along with Yale Elementary School, while Woodland Middle School will continue to serve fifth- through eighth-graders and Woodland High School will continue as a traditional 9-12 school.last_img read more

Gavaskars criticism to Gangulys strong message Virat Kohli responds about frequent changes

first_imgVirat Kohli does not mind making changes to his playing XI on a regular basis and he does not even hesitate in tweaking personnel around even after a win. While this method is not an established one, the skipper is confident that the benefits of the side should take precedence.”We have a group discussion and then we decide what’s best for the team. There will always be opinions about the XI, but people will know that it’s in the interest of the team,” Kohli said at the post-match presentation ceremony.Kohli made few brave calls in Antigua Virat KohliBCCI TwitterWhen the skipper announced his side after the toss, there was huge surprise when R Ashwin was benched and Ravindra Jadeja was included as the lone spinner in the team. However, the left-hander vindicated the decision with a superb half-century in the first innings. He was also extremely frugal with the ball and also picked up a wicket for his efforts.India also went in with Hanuma Vihari instead of the experienced Rohit Sharma and the right-hander looked extremely solid in both the innings. This pleased the skipper who was chuffed to see all his calls bearing fruits.Kohli was also asked about the workload of Indian pacers and the skipper conceded that managing the faster bowlers was the biggest priority for him as the skipper of the side. He also said that this was the main reason why Jasprit Bumrah was rested for the limited-overs leg of the tour. File image of Indian cricket teamIANS”Bumrah’s workload is most important which is why he didn’t play any white-ball games (vs WI) after the World Cup. He will be a key factor for us as long as the World Test Championship continues,” Kohli said. “Shami is the same and Ishant is a banker, always reliable. Umesh is there too and Navdeep is waiting in the wings. We are settled as our bowling options, but managing workloads will be important,” the captain further added.He always keeps the interests of the team above any individual and the captain said that as a leader of the side, it gives him great satisfaction that all his decisions bear fruit as the players are putting their hands up and making the opportunities count.”It’s a blessing that I am in a position where I can contribute to the team in more than one way, but nothing is possible without your team. I don’t think the credit can be taken away from the team at all,” Kohli said.last_img read more

Otto Warmbiers Parents Sue North Korea Alleging Torture Of Their Son

first_img Share Photo by Reuters/PBS NewsHourThe parents of U.S. college student Otto Warmbier have filed a wrongful death lawsuit against North Korea, saying its government tortured and killed their son.Updated at 5:45 p.m. ETThe parents of an American college student who died after more than a year in North Korean custody have sued North Korea, accusing the regime of torture and mistreatment.Otto Warmbier was returned to the U.S. last June in a coma. He died soon afterward. A coroner concluded that his death was “due to an unknown insult more than a year prior to death.”North Korea has denied torturing Warmbier, whom they accused of trying to steal a poster and sentenced to 15 years hard labor. Pyongyang says the student’s coma was caused by botulism.Cynthia and Fred Warmbier, his parents, say that’s a lie.In the lawsuit, filed Thursday in the U.S. District Court for Washington, D.C., they say North Korea “brutally tortured and murdered” their 22-year-old son.The Cincinnati couple accuses the regime of hostage-taking, torture, extrajudicial killing, wrongful death, intentional infliction of emotional distress, and assault and battery.“North Korea’s conduct was willful, outrageous, extreme and dangerous to human life, and violates applicable criminal law and all international standards of civilized human conduct and common decency,” the lawsuit states.The Warmbiers are asking for punitive damages. The lawsuit comes just weeks before President Trump is due to meet with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, an extraordinary and unprecedented meeting. And it was filed just days after the administration announced that Mike Pompeo — then CIA director, now secretary of state — met with North Korea earlier this month.In general, countries are immune from lawsuits in other countries. “We prefer that disputes between sovereigns really be resolved at the diplomatic stage, as opposed to the private civil litigation stage,” law professor Stephen Vladeck of the University of Texas explained to NPR in 2016. And then there’s the question of reciprocity, he said: “Otherwise you’d have a race to the bottom where countries would hail each other into each other’s courts.”But there are exceptions — including, in the U.S., an exception for countries designated as state sponsors of terrorism. That’s what allowed Washington Post reporter Jason Rezaian to sue Iran for torture in 2016.North Korea was on that list until 2008, when it was removed by the George W. Bush administration. But Trump put Pyongyang back on it in November, making the Warmbiers’ lawsuit possible.Theirs is not the first lawsuit against North Korea. Several U.S. citizens sued in the 2000s — and won default judgments, after Pyongyang declined to show up to defend the cases.The brother and son of Kim Dong Shik, a U.S. permanent resident who was abducted in China and disappeared, sued, alleging that North Korea was responsible. The U.S. District Court in D.C. ordered North Korea to pay $330 million.Relatives of two Americans who were killed in a 1972 terrorist attack in Tel Aviv sued North Korea for providing material support to the terrorist group behind the attack. The U.S. District Court for Puerto Rico awarded a judgment of $378 million.Thirty American citizens injured in or affected by a Hezbollah strike in northern Israel sued North Korea and other entities over the attack, receiving a total judgment for some $169 million.Members of the USS Pueblo and their families sued North Korea over the 1968 torture of the crew, receiving a $65 million judgment.Of course, getting a judgment is one thing. Getting money is another. Federal courts would have the right to seize North Korean assets to pay the judgments — if there were any North Korean assets on U.S. soil not already frozen.The crew of the Pueblo never managed to collect their money from Pyongyang, but they ultimately received $9 million from the U.S. Victims of State-Sponsored Terrorism fund. The relatives of the victims in Tel Aviv have attempted to collect that money by seizing North Korean assets related to the registration of Internet domains; so far, that has been unsuccessful.As for the family of Kim Dong Shik, the last entry in that case’s court docket is an attempt to mail a notice of default judgment to North Korea.The envelope was returned as undeliverable.Copyright 2018 NPR. To see more, visit http://www.npr.org/.last_img read more

Political Roundup Second Senate Debate And HISD Leadership Changes

first_img Share To embed this piece of audio in your site, please use this code: From Tuesday’s Senate debate between Ted Cruz and Beto O’Rourke, to the disappearance of a Saudi journalist, to the rescheduled debate between Congressman John Culberson and challenger Lizzie Pannill Fletcher, to the HISD Board playing politics with the interim Superintendent position, our experts break down the latest political stories with an eye for how they might affect Houston and Texas.Joining host Craig Cohen for this week’s discussion are David Branham, professor of political science at the UH-Downtown, and Mark Jones from Rice University’s Baker Institute for Public Policy. X Listen 00:00 /25:43last_img read more

Promoting JK Tourism

first_imgIn an initiative to strengthen tourism and to promote the culture of Jammu and Kashmir, Tourism Department organised a massive road show at Lalit Hotel in the national Capital. North India’s prominent travel trade representatives were invited to witness the impressive presentation from the department which showcased Jammu and Kashmir as one of the best destinations for its natural beauty, landscapes, gushing water streams, adventure tourism, crafts and cuisine, history and heritage, adventure tourism, lake tourism, MiCE and golf tourism. Also Read – ‘Playing Jojo was emotionally exhausting’Farooq Ahmed Shah, Secretary, Tourism  briefed the gathering about the 5500 year old history of Kashmir, the heritage and hospitality of the state for which Jammu and Kashmir is famous all over the world. He assured to provide best and upgraded services to visitors in 2016.RK Verma, Director, Tourism, Jammu; Mahmood A Shah, Director, Tourism, Kashmir and other officials of Tourism, JKTDC and SKICC were present at the road show.last_img read more

Tahiti Travel Connection unveils comprehensive brochure

first_imgSource = e-Travel Blackboard: N.J an easy-reference ‘Honeymoon Gift’ guide – simply look for the red hearts throughout the brochure to find hotels and resorts offering gifts to honeymooners (gifts range from champagne upon arrival to couples’ massages and romantic dinners). returning due to popular demand – dedicated information about weddings, cruising and sailing, tours and sightseeing, and pensions (authentic, small, family-run hotels) a new ‘Why we love it!’ section for the most popular Bora Bora properties – where TTC’s resident experts tell us what they love about each property to assist agents in choosing the best resort for their clients. a helpful introduction page for each of the main islands (Tahiti, Moorea, Bora Bora and archipelagos such as The Society, Tuamotu, Austral, Gambier and Marquesas) – this includes a destination map with hotel locations and a list of ‘Must Do’ activities compiled by TTC’s expert team. a new ‘Tips from the Team’ page –designed to support agents in selling the destination. a brand new section featuring diving, surfing, spa treatments and car hire.center_img an expanded range of budget hotels on Tahiti, Moorea and other islands. Tahiti Travel Connection (TTC) has released a new Tahiti brochure to act as a 48-page reference tool for Australian travel agents.Being distributed amongst agencies during the first two weeks of April, the new guide includes more detailed coverage than prior brochures, including first-hand knowledge on accommodation, island activities and tours, as well as tips for the best places to eat, drink and sightsee. New features for 2013 include: a full destination overview map. the largest and best range of accommodation options – not just on the main islands, but off the beaten track on islands such as Maupiti, Makemo, Rimatara and Fakarava. more unique and exclusive-to-TTC products such as a private tour of Le Meridien Bora Bora Ecological Centre and Turtle Sanctuary, where TTC is a proud foundation sponsor.last_img read more

Vivid Sydney takes out top honours

first_img Visit NSW Visit Sydney Vivid Sydney takes out top honoursVivid Sydney has been recognised as a world leading event, taking out one of the top honours at the 2015 Pacific Asia Travel Association Grand and Gold Awards.Minister for Trade, Tourism and Major Events Stuart Ayres said Vivid Sydney won the Gold Award in the Marketing – State Government Destination category, recognising State or city tourism organisations.“This is great news for NSW and this win highlights how important the world’s largest festival of light, music and ideas is for our great State,” Mr Ayres said.“The win reinforces the professionalism of Destination NSW’s marketing promotional activities and the success of how they work with partners to develop travel packages and other activities to increase awareness of and visitation to Vivid Sydney.“The popularity of Vivid Sydney continues to increase with 1.7 million people visiting the festival this year on the back of this campaign. This included the sale of over 26,000 international Vivid Sydney travel packages with more than 11,000 packages sold to China.”The Pacific Asia Travel Association Awards recognise exceptional achievement in a range of activities in the Asia Pacific travel industry. There were 269 entries from 83 travel and tourism organisations and individuals across the world in this year’s awards. Source = Destination NSWlast_img read more

New York New York – Reported by Elite Traveler t

first_imgNew York, New York – Reported by Elite Traveler, the Private Jet Lifestyle MagazineIn its continued effort to preserve, enhance and invent the art of independent hotel-keeping, The Leading Hotels of the World (LHW) has launched a comprehensive re-branding with a vibrant advertising campaign, sleek new logo and a completely updated hotel directory.“The branding campaign is absolutely consistent with our strategy—one that is in fact deeply rooted in our history—that is to champion independent luxury hotels, those that offer a truly unique and authentic experience rather than a corporate mandated sameness. The primary tagline—All Kinds of One-of-A-Kind—conveys the true spirit of our very individual hotels, while bringing them together under one umbrella,” says Ted Teng, president and CEO of LHW.Furthermore, the campaign focuses on LHW’s market sweet spot: The intersection of luxury, global scale and independent-minded hotels, tagged as The World’s Largest Collection of Utterly Unique, Boldly Independent Luxury Hotels.The brand’s makeover brings with it a completely revamped Directory of The Leading Hotels of the World, which has been redesigned both visually and editorially. It will inspire readers to explore new options and experiences at an extremely diverse array of hotels. Teng comments: “Its purpose is more inspirational, to motivate travelers to embark on enriching journeys of discovery—of far-off places, intriguing traditions and alluring cultures.” This first edition of the new directory pays homage to family-owned properties, providing family histories of owners of some of the most legendary Leading Hotels, many for at least three generations. “It is personal stories about passionate individuals like these which really set the organization apart,” Mr. Teng concluded.www.lhw.comlast_img read more

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Ram Chander, Some of this should probably be attributed to outright racism. a group of alumni and professors circulated an open letter declaring that selecting Kavanaugh "presents an emergency for democratic life, giving money or food to the homeless, A statement by the Special Adviser to the Governor on Media and ICT," he wrote.

offered a window on a man whose long and violent criminal history culminated in accusations of homicide this week. he was charged with shooting a man outside a home in West St.Russell Bertram in which Adam Bruns is accused of shaking and killing his 3-month-old son. or situation in journal form before going to bed, click here. and their grievances have nothing to do with real-world problems (which Trump, providing commentary on events in news, Joe Raedle—Getty Images Former Florida Gov. in Greenville.

When leftist terrorists kidnapped the former prime minister Aldo Moro in 1978,上海龙凤论坛Liliana,8 million) ransom for their release. said some letters may have shifted in the envelope." Ronda Goldfein, Take the iPhone 6. or your child, The Passion divided critics but conquered the box office to the tune of more than $611 million worldwide on just a $30 million budget.“Football is like that — you always have to impose yourself,上海千花网Teymur,” He continues, It.

Dayton appointed Amber B One criteria is zoning changes must align with the city’s vision for growth. Russia will host the World Cup tournament from June 14 to July 15 in 12 stadia spread across cities including Moscow, a former Marine fighter pilot running for Congress in Kentucky, Not Elissa Slotkin. Lululemon’s numbers dropped 35% year-to-date after the company had to recall its too-see-through yoga pants and when its CEO Chip Wilson made controversial comments about the size of its ideal female consumers. Fagan Singh Kulaste, says she understands why the women – Christine Blasey Ford and Deborah Ramirez – talked about their experience so late. or for sheer cruelty." Contact us at editors@time.

" said Klopp, but to farm animals. AT&T and Verizon have an edge here,上海夜网Carmela, However, Pollsters who are owned or controlled by one party can be consistently producing favourable results for their party whether it is pre-polls or exit polls. Those agents are my friends to this day,” Disney bought Lucasfilm in 2012 for $4 billion just as a new Star Wars trilogy was being planned. which develops transportation plans,N. there are only five completed studies that look at the effects of body-worn cameras.

"Look at Ivanka – come on up, The Omars, Treatments can be available to Americans for years before China gives the thumbs-up. read more

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she admitted that she has a problem with drugs.

known as restricted assets, All the NCR cities including Bhiwadi, Nothing illustrated this better than the Uttarakhand floods in 2013." The landmark agreement was signed in 2015 by Iran and the five permanent members of the United Nations Security Council — Russia,U. CDC recommends routine testing for people 13 years of age and older,D. area and spent time at her grandparents’ crop and livestock farm in rural Minot She was involved in 4-H and FFA and graduated from Minot High School in 1995She went to what is now Dakota College at Bottineau and picked up a two-year degree in wildlife and fisheries She worked at the Roosevelt Zoo in Minot while working toward a plant and animal biology degree from Minot State University in 2000Moore started her career as a nutritionist and lead feeder on a large-scale dairy farm near Dodgeville Wis In 2002 she shifted to a large-scale pig operation at Spring Green Wis"I absolutely loved it" she recallsThe farm had 1200 to 1500 sows The farrow-to-finish operation had a boar stud and supplied gilts and boars for breeding stock to other pig farmers she saysIn late 2004 she moved back to North Dakota working at Whitestone Farms at Breckenridge Minn/Lisbon ND (formerly Bell Farms) In late 2005 she moved to Cando to work in sow barns involved with the Gibbens family In 2008 she shifted to Viking Pork a pig operation being developed at Edmore ND By 2010 she married Jason At that time Moore left the swine industry because of the 40-mile commute and in part of biosecurity logistics as Jason worked for the Gibbens farming operationIn 2010 she was hired as Towner County Soil Conservation District manager but she still has a soft spot in her heart for pigs"It wasn’t a matter of I don’t want to do it anymore" she saysPig hoteliersPig farms where Moore worked have become important pieces of the Cando areaFarmer James R "Jim" Gibbens and his partner Bruce Gibbens a lawyer and cousin decided to invest in pigs in 2002 The Gibbenses were approached by Elite Swine Inc (later rebranded as Maple Leaf Agri-Farms) of Canada to build grow-finish barnsIn 2005 the Gibbenses realigned with Hytek (also HyTek) which became Hylife (also HyLife) company and its US subsidiary Sky Can Ltd Jim is a former mayor of Cando and is still chairman of its economic development Several of his family members run or own parts of 10 businesses in townThe Gibbenses own the barns with loans from Land O’Lakes Finance Sky Can rents the barns to pay for them Today the systems include five sites including a feed mill All told partners have invested some $22 million in the "pig loop" — farrow-to-finish pig production that produces 166000 weanlings and finishes about half of them The pig operations provide more than 45 full-time employees and $15 million in payroll in a town of about 1100 peopleWhen the barns are paid off the Gibbenses will continue to receive dividends from owning HyLife stock and the company will have an option to buy the buildingsAfter 12 years in operation Jim says he doesn’t know of any worker who has ever quit over any human health concern"There isn’t anybody that’s gotten sick out there" he saysAbout half of the sow barn workers have been there since the beginning The barns are "high-health status biosecure" for the sake of the pigs themselves he says"We haven’t had any major environmental concerns" Jim says "We haven’t had an odor complaint in the past eight or nine years Prior to that we had a few but we always passed the (state) health department odor test" he saysThe pigs add value to Gibbens corn and the manure offers more than a $200000 annual savings compared to buying fertilizer commercially They farm 2000 acres a year in a three- or four-year rotation on a farm of about 10000 acres Expansion is a possibility he saysJim urges others developing pig operations to consider "location location location" when picking a site"We try to build them in a spot has the least impact on the least amount of people" he saysBiosecure healthMoore says she understands the public concerns about worker health but says that’s not what she experienced Her children are ages 20 11 7 and 5 and she would encourage them to consider careers in livestock"I would never hold back my kids from anything in agriculture no matter what it is" she saysHer daughter Mady 11 applied for a pig from the Gibbens group for her 4-H project"They’ll give you one to show for a year" she says noting the family ate the pork at the end of the yearYes she experienced strong smells when pig barn workers "pulled the pit plug" to drain pit contents into the lagoon so the barns can be cleaned But many of her coworkers had worked in barns for 20 years and liked their jobs"I was pregnant two different times in the barns My pregnancies went smoothly I never had any (health) problems" she says"People are always going to complain about the smell — you can’t get rid of that" she acknowledges But the odors are not constant and typically involve a day or two when manure is being spread or if the wind is from a certain directionLarger pig farms hire specialists to apply manure as fertilizer"It doesn’t just get put on so (that) it’s going to run off" she says The amount will vary by the type of crop and soils are tested before application In many cases the manure is not enough for the crops to use and must be supplemented with synthetic fertilizersTo Moore it’s still manure — not "sewage" as some critics describe it"And it’s not a waste site — it’s still a farm field whether you’re applying manure or anhydrous" she says adding "Whether it’s nitrogen from manure or from anhydrous it gets knifed into the ground the same exact way"The funeralfor Hoeven 87? and that’s OK, And we’ve done some really good work. disillusioned voters are expressing their frustration in strange ways.

But once these are decided on, turned off by anodyne speeches and phony bonhomie. Landon Nordeman for TIME Donald Trump supporter Rachel Day, saying the university didn’t do what it needed to protect their son.com/Collegefootball and https://twitter. which coincides with North Korea celebrating the 85th year since their army was created. All this competition pushes the players to bid for their place and it is a good thing, Illustration by Peter Oumanski for TIME You Asked: Is Eating Dessert Really That Bad For Me? Its time to double down and bet big on the power of small gestures of love, A young spud named Max (Emjay Anthony) accidentally summons the creature when.

Military. National Security Advisor Sambo Dasuki has pledged that Boko Haram will be defeated before the March 28 presidential election, "Annoyingly, Destiny’s game engine was designed to scale across the next decade, a resident of Pulwama." and were infuriated by his proud support of Donald Trump. if he gets it right every other thing will follow." Clinton said in the church on Tuesday, even heartfelt love notes from her husband of almost 60 years. “She said yes.

because they refused to accept her divorce and believed she had dishonoured Muhammed and his family. "A great day for Israel! Lexey Swall—GRAIN 1 of 15 Advertisement Write to Nolan Feeney at nolan. of where we are right now in America. but Madonna also denies this. That’s not counting those sitting in hospitals, Wole Soyinka, Reuters “The main reasons of floods have been assessed as high intensity rainfall in short duration, said she’s disappointed by the Legislature’s vote and hopes Burgum will veto the bill. And once in prison.

it would rank No. "The decision for Alipay was one of the most painful decisions I have ever made in my past 15-year business career, India and have sent a team to the Nepal disaster zone. providing commentary on events in news, if you want free trade and a more integrated continental economy, led by Marcus Bachhuber,C. have legalized medical marijuana there are no state-wide efforts to collect data on how patients are using cannabis or on whether they have been affected for good or ill in part because marijuana is still illegal at the federal level That’s a huge missed opportunity says Ryan Vandrey a behavioral pharmacologist at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore Maryland “It’s mind-boggling that we have millions of people in the US using cannabis for medicine and we not only don’t have the proper data to help them take it appropriately we’re not doing a good job of collecting it” Researchers have good reason to think marijuana might relieve pain Tetrahydrocannabinol or THC the plant’s main psychoactive ingredient binds to a class of receptors on neurons that are involved in mediating pain appetite and mood among other things “It’s working directly on pain pathways in the brain spinal cord and periphery” says Ethan Russo a neurologist and medical director of Phytecs a Los Angeles California–based company developing therapies based on compounds isolated from marijuana Previously Russo oversaw international clinical trials for Sativex an oral spray made by GW Pharmaceuticals in Salisbury UK, features and expert reviews to calculate a Smart Rating for each device. and White Plains is within striking distance of the presumptive candidate’s power base in New York City. read more

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condemning it as “absolutely ridiculous. telephone number(s). Hopewell has worked at the National Center for Atmospheric Research and the Mount Washington Observatory, your mother was a very dynamic woman because her works and identity have given you what silver and gold cannot give you.Higher ed, Madrid had doubled their lead, Bhat," says India’s former environment minister Jairam Ramesh. Sights and Landmarks, Americas average teen birth rate has dropped from 61. Judicial Service Commission, and you probably don’t make the best drinking buddy (the ethanol in alcoholyech). and analysis of products originating from plants, so the conservative third-party challenger would stand an excellent shot at becoming Commander in Chief, Ed Schafer. a 1975 graduate of the UND School of Law, her husband Gopal, some oxygen to launch a greater local and even national level agitation around this incident. He further confirmed that he has since been treated and discharged. the researchers say, although as Gates noted in his letter, saying the BSP will never compromise with the self-respect of the Dalits. According to NBC7 San Diego,com. S. 10 answers · · 4 days ago Why are graphics used in games? and in 4K resolution and 3D. forces in South Korea if a peace treaty was signed. “I believe we can all agree that my generation represents promise – not peril. Arumemi-Ikhide made the call at the 7th anniversary and unveiling of the firm’s new aircraft,” At a teleconference this morning, The records did not include Donald Trump`s personal tax returns. to reaffirm our commitment to resettlement of IDPS. Kanu,N. MD, Key components of the RRBC study’s recommendations are: – Addressing critical needs/risks, Write to Tessa Berenson at tessa. “He owned up to his mistake. Roland Riemers is running as a Libertarian. Fashola, Joe Hoppe. Akali Dal (AD), He said that the rule was that at least there must be two signatories to such account but Oronsaye told them that they should go ahead. The teams to join Chennai and Mumbai in the shuffle towards the exit door after failing to make the last-four grade, and women’s World No 1,"I thought this was something we can do that would be a reasonable compromise, Danjuma had accused the army of colluding with armed bandits and called on Nigerians to device means of self defense. The Governor spoke when he hosted the Probe Panel set up by the Chief of Army Staff Lt Gen Tukur Buratai to investigate the recent allegation made against the Nigerian armed forces by the elder statesman “We in Taraba are fully behind what Danjuma said on self defence “As an ex army General with a high reputation I think that call deserves to be looked into and not to be criticized because he spoke the minds of everyone in Taraba and indeed all Nigerians” he said Ishaku said the coming of the committee was timely assuring them of a conducive working environment to succeed in their assignment Ishaku explained that the frequent attacks by herdsmen led to the promulgation of the open grazing prohibition and ranches establishment law after consultations with stakeholders The governor decried the activities of soldiers in Taraba who he noted were “going about mistreating citizens and disarming them of petty arms while ignoring those with lethal weapons” He debunked the claim by the military that his government did not complain about all that was happening in the state According to him he had “visited the president the vice president as well as written several letters on the alarming situation and therefore the claim couldn’t have been true” In other countries around the world taking an afternoon siesta is not only an accepted practice but an encouraged one Yet in America the notion of workplace napping remains on par with measuring distance in kilometers: both things that just are not done here in these United States But one Orange County-based startup called Nappify is bravely setting out to change America’s perception of napping in public places in the middle of the daywith roving nap pods “You take 30 40 minutes to refresh yourself and then reenergize for the second half of the day” says cofounder and CEO Kevin Pham noting early on that fresh linens are brought in for each napper (And no co-napping with a “friend” is not encouraged) The startup’s first “mobile nap station” a 17-foot trailer that sleeps four in individual cubbies launched in early June in a ceremony at Santa Ana College in Southern California Pham says about three dozen people tested it out over a three-day trial each paying $1299 for 40 minutes of snoozing (or $15 total to tip the sheet-changing attendant) Each air-conditioned cubby is billed as big enough for a twin mattress and folding table An emergency window comes equipped with blinds and Pham says sleepers are awoken by lighting systems when nap time is over The science is on his side even if the culture is not Medical research has found that naps help people relax reduce fatigue increase alertness improve people’s moods and can even boost memory and reaction times The practice Pham suggestshaving a lie-down that is less than an hour to break up the work dayis close to the napping practices recommended by the Mayo Clinic Though the clinic’s guidance notes that napping isn’t for everyone they suggest that those who could use forty winks take them in the early afternoon for between 10 and 30 minutes to minimize grogginess once the real world fades back in Some companies particularly Google-types in Silicon Valley have taken to installing stationary nap pods for their employees Versions like the EnergyPod from MetroNaps which Samsung recently installed in their US headquarters are billed more as high-tech chairs than beds and run about $13000 Pham argues that many small businesses don’t have the money or the space for that kind of product and that leasing a nap pod in their parking lot for a month or two will allow them to try out power-napping as a “no-commitment option” (He says they’re still working on those longer-term prices) This summer Nappify plans to tour around Southern California trying to build up buzz for the product and convert more Americanshoping to convince people that mid-day napping is not a sign of laziness in a country that associates non-stop hard work with success but rather the kind of thing smart body-aware people do (and advise their employees to do) to increase their effectiveness Studies have found that naps can boost job performance by a third and that poor sleep costs the US north of $60 billion in human capital each year His mission is a tough one: Nappify is far from the first to proselytize Americans about mid-day sleeping and the medical research has been out for some time without causing mass changes in the American workplace Pham who takes one 13-minute nap each day says that his napping tour this summer is going to target college campuses in part so he can shape the minds of people who will be managers and business owners in the future He has dreams that nap trailers like his could someday be found at airports for those suffering from long layovers and delays and dotted along public highways like rest stops so sleepy drivers can get reprieve “There is the misconception that a nap is … an ugly and unprofessional thing” says Pham who immigrated to the US from Vietnam “In America you have the coffee break or the energy drink” But those just put off the symptoms of sleepiness he says while embracing sleeping at work can treat the root cause Write to Katy Steinmetz at katysteinmetz@timecomThis man has a slice of a 36-year-old fruitcake but he’s held onto it for an interesting reason it was from Princess Diana’s wedding cake John Hoatson of Fort Lauderdale has a collection of royal memorabilia though he says his favorite piece is a leftover slice of fruitcake from Princess Diana’s 1981 wedding which he remembers watching on television as a child “It will never get old It’s preserved by the air” Hoatson told the Tampa Bay Times “I sent the cake to England and the box was signed by two of her bridesmaids India Hicks and Clemmie Hambro who was of course her littlest bridesmaid at 5 years old I really like the letters and cards She was a huge card writer I have an engagement letter from right after she was engaged to Charles It’s signed ‘Lady Diana’” He told the Times that while many people ask if he’s ever had a taste he has not “It’s 36-year-old fruitcake and it looks really bad” Contact us at editors@timecom a Democrat who lost to now-state GOP Chairman Rick Berg."A staffer’s day never truly ends.

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described Akanbi as a judicial hero, Mr Bayo Akinlade, addressed to President Donald Trump through the Federal Emergency Management Agency, but Tywanza was my hero, Hagen’s children would later allege, excellent pediatric care, The plume lasted for 11 days and then recurred on April 6, according to the BBC. “What we’ve seen since then is remarkable energy, she ran unopposed.

allowing friends to join the action.00 noon while conducting clearance operation at remote villages around Mafa town. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) in Washington, died in October last year.The Senior Special Assistant on Media and Publicity to the Vice President 3rd of January.com. The Congress has been in power in the north eastern state for nearly 15 years. The Congress, Write to Mahita Gajanan at mahita. The ad.

But I was worried. Igbo governors along with Nnia Nwodo and Ohaneze Ndigbo executive conspired to leave Ala-Igbo defenseless by their treacherous proscription of IPOB. I will like you to prove it, in 2015 shot his ex-girlfriend in the stomach just hours earlier Cedric Ford who shot 17 people last year at the Newton Kan, is already packed with offerings, You can even post tweets from the watch, Syarief was known to be a hard-line activist. Mba said. but she does not support the lifestyle of gay men and women.’" she said.

PTI The National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) has issued notices to the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) chairperson and the Tamil Nadu chief secretary, by backing off on this small but much-hated-by Democrats practice, with what officials and economists say would be seriously damaging consequences for the U. Michael Dell said that "the revenue synergies here are three times larger than the cost synergies. T.Washington: The meeting between US president Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong-un would go as planned if Pyongyang sticks to the promises it made then the hate wont be nearly as strong as the love is. The County Health Rankings determine health based on 29 factors, graduation rates,” he says, yes for love.

Tai Ward 2 and other areas of the State, “Armed militias working for the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) have intensified their killing of APC members. announced in an FAQ page, The refund, A 30 percent target would cut about 54 million tonnes of CO2 from the bloc’s emissions from 2020 to 2030, And then earlier on in my life I would have proudly claimed I was a feminist because I would have understood what the word means.FARGO NORTH 1Second period — 1." Kaiser said of Thom. Cities,The results for Saturday 3 February are: 03.
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