Why is Kroos’s goal known as an Olympic goal?

first_imgSubsequently, they protested the action, understanding that their goalkeeper Mazali had been pushed with the ball in the air. Seeing that the collegiate did not respond to his pleas, they argued that the Italian footballer had no intention of scoring and that the goal had been produced by the wind. Onzari defended that he had it in mind from the first moment and, in addition, he boasted of it: “I could never make another goal the same. It was the best of my goals because of the impact it had and the amazement of the people“.Curiously, the Olympic goal was not included in the regulation until a few months before that appointment. It was in June 1924 when the International Board He picked it up for the first time, allowing, of course, that it could be scored from the corner from that moment. Onzari was the first to achieve it and the fact that it was a Tribute for the Olympic Gold of Uruguay is what caused that almost one hundred years later it is still present in the football slang. Kroos has already inscribed his name on the list of the elect. Toni Kroos was the protagonist in the first semifinal of the Spanish Super Cup between Real Madrid and Valencia. The German midfielder achieved something that is not usual in the world of football: corner kick mark. Thanks to their great beating, headlines from around the world collect a popularized expression, but with an origin by many unknown: Olympic goal. Why is the target noted by ‘8’ well known? When did you adopt this denomination?It was the year 1924 when Uruguay was crowned champion in the Paris Olympics. Surprising as it may seem, in that tournament he did not achieve a goal from the corner, but that would happen a month later. As a reason for celebration, the Uruguayan national team organized two friendly matches against Argentina, one in Montevideo and one in Buenos Aires. The first ended with a draw at one on the scoreboard and in the second, what would have caused today to be known both from the corner as an Olympic goal.The duel ‘back’ had to be suspended for a problem with the influx to the stadium, but shortly after it was rescheduled. Specifically, by October 2, with access control and about 30,000 fans in the stands. The electronic marked the 15th minute of the match when Cesáreo Onzari hit from the left side direct to goal. No one touched the ball and, in fact, the Uruguayan soccer players were perplexed.last_img read more

Pelé does not win for scares: Messi is already 17 goals from his record

first_imgIn fact, this Saturday he signed his sixth goal poker with FC Barcelona and second against Eibar, to which we must add the 41 ‘hat trick’ he has done in his career and the poker that he signed against Bayer Leverkusen (7-1) in the Champions League (2011/12). The teams to which Leo has scored four goals are: Arsenal (4-0) in the Champions League (2009/10), Valencia in the League (5-1) in the League (2011/12), Espanyol (4-0) in the League (2011/12), Osasuna (5-1) in the League (2012/13), Eibar (6-1) in the League (2017/18) and again Eibar (5-0) in the League (2019/20).Further, leads the scorers table in LaLiga, with 18 goals, five more than Real Madrid striker, Karim Benzema, which adds 13, after staying another day without seeing door. That means that the Argentine goes straight to his seventh ‘pichichi’, thus surpassing the legendary Athletic striker, Telmo Zarra, who reached six.Right now, Messi has at least fifteen games left to finish the season and twenty at best, if the team reaches the Champions League final in Istanbul. That means you will have to clench your teeth if you want to reach this record this season. What seems clear is that, sooner or later, in 2020, Messi will take over from the throne of Pelé. Edson Arantes do Nascimiento, better known as Pelé, will surely know since Leo Messi signed this day a goal poker against Eibar and that ‘therefore’ is only 17 of the record that the legendary Brazilian player still holds, with the 643 goals he scored in official matches with Santos.A record that has been in force for more than five decades, but that is about to fall like a ripe fruit because of an Argentine born in Rosario 32 years ago. And it is that Messi already adds a total of 626 goals in 715 matchs, with an average of 0.87 goals per game, distributed as follows: 436 in the League, 114 in the Champions League, 53 in the Copa del Rey, 14 in the Spanish Super Cup, 5 in the Club World Cup and 3 in the Spanish Super Cup.last_img read more

Decision on establishing local law school yet to reach cabinet – AG

first_imgAs another year reaches with the debacle of the University of Guyana (UG) law students completing their legalBasil Williamsstudies at Hugh Wooding Law School (HWLS) in Trinidad still unresolved, the proposed alternative of a local law school is yet to reach Cabinet.Attorney General and Minister of Legal Affairs Basil Williams in a recent press conference noted that he had previously mentioned it was in the pipeline to initiate plans to establish a private/public local law school here in Guyana but pointed out, “the matter has not yet reached cabinet.”However, Minister Williams noted: “It doesn’t make sense to wait until it reaches cabinet to start exploring the pros and cons of establishing the local law school.”According to the AG: “There is no doubt that Guyanese students excel at the law programme available at UG and even the HWLS.” He noted that the entirety of the issue was due to the historical background surrounding the nature of law studies in the region.He highlighted that the government (whether past or present) does not have any privity of contract, as the matter was a triangular affair between UG, HWLS and Council of Legal Education (CLE).His noted that his administration had merely intervened to come to an amicable solution to the problem.According to the AG, one of the solutions of his intervention was the ability “to get Caricom to allow those students to be accepted in year one” and “In the second year I had to intervene again to get them to pay half the fees that were increased tremendously. Pay half upfront and then half before they graduate…so we need to have these things settled.”Minister Williams blamed the previous administration for cancelling the subsidising of contributions to HWLS and CLE but said when the matter involving contributions to the programme was first discussed in Cabinet, there was no funding for that exercise.In fact, former Attorney General Anil Nandlall had said that contributions each territory makes is used to subsidise the tuition fees that students are required to pay. “This practice was stopped by Guyana 15 years ago and never affected the admission of Guyanese students into the Law School. All that it meant was that the Guyanese student no longer benefitted from a subsidised tuition fee and therefore, have been paying the full tuition fee since.”Nandlall had said further that his administration was able to facilitate a 10-year agreement towards the automatic entry of local law students to the HWLS following negotiations with his Government and that body, but noted that they exited office in 2015, before the agreement could be signed.“In the end, not only did we succeed in retaining the quota of 25 for Guyanese national graduates but were able to secure an additional 10 places for non-Guyanese national graduates of the said Law programme…I explained to him (Williams) that the hard work is finished and that all he needs to do is to ensure that the agreement which was being drafted by UG and UWI be signed and taken to the CLE for their signature because it is a tripartite agreement.That’s the issue; why after one year, the negotiated agreement has not been signed?” Nandlall had questioned.At the last council meeting, the Head of UG Law Department Ronald Singh indicated that they were ready to sign and make some concessions but the matter was sent to subcommittee by chairman of CLE Jacqueline Samuels-Brown but the status of this is still unknown.Williams had come in for some criticism after stating last year that establishing a law school locally was not a priority.Last year the 25 students were denied automatic entry to HWLS by CLE, which cited overcrowding of the facility. Following this, the calls for a local law school took on new urgency.President David Granger speaking on the matter, had highlighted that Jamaica, Trinidad and Bahamas all have their own law schools with Barbados setting up their own and it was up to Guyana to fully integrate itself into the tertiary system of the West Indies.last_img read more

Ministers Dukuly, Weeks Face Senate Thursday

first_imgFor the third time in many months this year, Internal Affairs Minister Morris Dukuly Tuesday, June 24, had his way when his excuse not to face the Senate plenary was granted, but again with an order that he appears Thursday, June 26, 2014.The decision to invite Minister Dukuyly to appear before the Senate plenary started early March, when some Senators accused him of taking unilateral decisions within local government administration.In what many of the Senators vowed will be his last communication for excuse, Minister Dukuly in a letter dated June 23, 2014, acknowledged receipt of a letter from the Secretary of the Senate inviting him to appear before the Senate plenary on June 12, 2014 and June 24, 2014. Minister Dukuly’s letter reads: “Dear Mr. Singbeh, I present my compliment and acknowledge receipt of your letter dated June 12 and June 23, 2014 respectively, inviting me to appear before the Honorable plenary on Tuesday, June 24, 2014 to provide clarification on issues surrounding the deleting of names from the payroll of the Ministry of internal Affairs.I sincerely regret to inform you that I am scheduled to attend a cabinet meeting on Tuesday, June 24, 2014 to be chaired by the President of Liberia. The cabinet meeting commences at 11a.m.; further, my Deputy Minister for Administration, Honorable Varney Sirleaf has travelled out of the country, and is unavailable to proxy for me at the cabinet meeting. Consequently, I wish to request that you please inform the distinguished members of the Honorable Senate and to convey that my profound appeal be considered to appear on Tuesday after the cabinet meeting, or on Thursday, June 26, 2014 at 11a.m.”Immediately reacting to the communication, Margibi County Senator Oscar Cooper recalled the length of time given the Minister and argued that it was about time he respects them by appearing before the Senate this time.“This Senate should not continue to tolerate the behavior of this Minister, we have given due process to for months to appear before this honorable body,” Senator Cooper bellowed.“If we have to suspend all other activities to make sure that Minister Dukuly appears today, let us do that,” other Senators demanded.River Cess Senator Dallas Gueh asked his colleagues to give the Minister time so he can appear on Thursday. “Because whatever we do, he will still have his way, so let us agree with him.”At the end of the debate, a consensus was reached and the Minister was given a reprieve to appear Thursday.It may be recalled that in March, some Senators accused Minister Dukuly of unilaterally dismissing chiefs and other local government officials on ground of old age, and for placing moratorium on the use of the County and Social Development Funds.The plenary was informed in one of the complaints that four nominees for the posts of District Commissioners in Gbarpolu County whose confirmations were rejected by the 2nd session of the Senate, were still working on the order of Minister Dukuly, while River Cess County Senators J. Jonathan Banney and Dallas Advertus Gueh alleged that the Minister was placing the names of certain local officials on the Government of Liberia pay roll.They further accused him of mismanaging Social Development Fund and County Development Funds and re-documentation of local officials.The Internal Affairs Committee, headed by Gbarpolu Senator Armah Zulu Jallah, among several decisions, recommended that Minister Dukuly be fined LD$4,999.99 for his unilateral decision to place a moratorium on SDF and CDF without legislative approval.  Senator Jallah ordered that the amount be placed in Government of Liberia’s account in 24 hours.It was further ordered that the Minister pays all arrears owed by County Education Committee within 15 days in line with the Internal Affairs Committee’s decision, and that the re-documentations of local county officials be halted until chieftaincy elections are held.The committee also recommended that those affected by the unilateral dismissal be immediately reinstated.In a related development, the Senate Pro Tempore, Gbehzohngar M. Findley, yesterday requested the Senate secretariat to cite the Minister of Public Works Antoinette Weeks to appear before the plenary on Thursday. Minister Week’s appearance is the third since the Legislature started taking interest in her Ministry’s activities concerning road construction and/or rehabilitation.Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img read more

JFK, Redemption Get U$50,000 Medical Assistance

first_imgGIP ESTHER, a French humanitarian organization involved in assisting health institutions has provided Personal Protective Equipment (PPEs) that cost about US$50,000 to the John F. Kennedy Medical Center and the Redemption Hospital.During a brief turnover ceremony yesterday at the John F. Kennedy Medical Center, French Ambassador to Liberia, Joël GODEAU said that the gesture is in response to President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf’s call for assistance from partners to combat the Ebola epidemic.“The French government through the GIP ESTHER (Network for Therapeutic Solidarity in Hospitals) as a result decided to provide an emergency assistance to the Liberian people,” Ambassador GODEAU said.He added that by extending its support to those working to restart essential health care services in the major hospitals of Monrovia, the GIP ESTHER brings its contribution to the rehabilitation of the Liberian Health system.“As you know the GIP ESTHER is a public French agency under the authority of the Ministry of Health and dedicated to projects of cooperation between French and Liberian hospitals, within the framework of a Memorandum of Understanding between the Ministries of Health of both countries,” he said.He noted further that since 2010, GIP ESTHER has been involved in partnership projects targeting the improvement of the quality of services for HIV patient care and treatment.With this record in assisting medical facilities, Ambassador GODEAU said GIP ESTHER in connection with the medical French institutions would like to bring its contribution to the reinforcement of the capacities for assuring the continuity of medical care, in the context of Ebola.He commended the French agency for staying alongside the Liberian hospitals and also for the personal involvements of Professor Pierre TATTEVIN and project manager Nathalie CARTIER, who was recently in Monrovia, and Masietta TAYLOR, ESTHER coordinator in Liberia.He paid tribute to all Liberian and International Health workers involved in the fight against the deadly Ebola disease and to the admirable work done by some French NGO’s.“This laudable contribution reflects the solidarity shown by the French people and the French Government to the countries affected by Ebola,” he said.He added, “Indeed France has strongly committed itself in the International mobilization against the epidemic, in particular, by providing a strong assistance to Guinea. It is what President HOLLANDE recalled when he paid a visit to Guinea, the 28th of November, the first visit of a non-African head of state in one of the three Ebola most hit countries.”He said by intervening in the crisis in Guinea and Sierra Leone, France helps the Liberian people as well, since President Sirleaf said a few weeks ago, “Liberia will not be declared Ebola free until its neighbors are also Ebola free.”He assured Liberians that the French people, in through humanitarian associations and official agencies like GIP ESTHER will remain alongside the Liberian people, against the Ebola virus which is not yet eradicated.“Be confident, you will succeed if no effort is spared as long as the threat is always here,” he concluded.Responding, the Chief Medical Officer of the John F. Kennedy Medical Center, Billy Johnson (MD) thanked Ambassador GODEAU for the generous donation in support of the anti-Ebola fight.Dr. Johnson said they were grateful for the support which the French through the ESTHER program has been giving them since 2008, which included its assistance to the JFK HIV program.He added that for this program, ESTHER has been supplying medications, nutritional supplies and follow-ups visits.ESTHER has also a research program designed to ensure that patients were taking their medications, making follow-up visits and coming in for check-ups.“This is very important for HIV patients because if they do not take their medications and come for check-ups, they may suffer a relapse and die,” Dr. Billy said.The ESTHER program has also been helpful in supplying the JFK program with transportation and other logistics.Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img read more

Kwakwani NDC elects new leadership

first_imgThe Kwakwani Neighbourhood Democratic Council (NDC) elected new members to head the body, following the hosting of elections on Wednesday. Juanita Leacock has been elected as the new Chairperson, while Carl Liverpool was elected as Vice Chairman. Following the elections, Leacock said she was proud to be elected to the post and called on the rest of the elected members and the community to work together in an effort to move the community forward.“Our functions only begins after we are sworn in, which will be at a later date setNew Chairperson, Juanita Leacock and new Vice Chairman Carl Liverpoolby the Minister. Today (Wednesday) marks another remarkable achievement, not only for us Councillors Carl Liverpool, Sharmella Sulker Thomas, Maleka Russell, Charles Thom, Faye Navarro Rodriguez and yours truly, but for Kwakwani at large. The task ahead of us is great, and no one-man team can accomplish this. Much is expected from us, but we ask only for one thing and that is Kwakwani team work.”Leacock added that transparency and inclusiveness are high on the agenda for the newly elected officials as they work towards community development.According to the new Chairperson, development of the community is dependent on the efforts of “Councillors, community leaders, groups and all other members of our community near and far. Transparency and inclusiveness is our aim, as we believe that the more people know, the more they understand and can appreciate and with more people involved more can be accomplished  because each person has their own ideas, opinion, skill, experience and understanding.”“We cannot promise that we will be able to please everyone, nor can we say we will be able to achieve all that you expect us to achieve or that we hope to achieve within the year 2018, but we can promise you that we will work to the best of our ability to get as much work done and complete until our time is up and pave the way for long-term development,” she added.Merna Adrian had previously served as Chairperson while Kelvin Daly had served as Vice Chairman of the Kwakwani NDC.last_img read more

Bandits cart off over $3.5M in items from mobile cellphone unit

first_imgAn Essequibo Coast businessman is now counting his losses after bandits reportedly broke into his mobile cellphone unit, which was parked at his residence and made off with over $3.5 million in items.The businessman, Nahib Sabar of Vilvoorden, Essequibo Coast, the owner of the N Sabar Cellphone Connection, reported that the mobile unit (a converted Canter truck) was broken into on Sunday morning between 01:00h and 02:30h.According to reports, Sabar discovered that he had been robed when he inspected the truck before leaving home for the Suddie Market.He observed that the unit had been ransacked and several computers, cellphones, and accessories had been removed.A phone backup charger and a single sock that do not belong to the businessman were left in the vehicle. The Police were immediately contacted.However, the businessman is reporting that he is unhappy with the manner in which the Police are conducting their investigations.“I am very disappointed in the way the G Division [Essequibo Coast-Islands] Police are investigating the matter… a phone backup charger and a single sock were left on the crime scene, but one of the investigating ranks took the phone backup charger and pushed it into his pants pocket and left the sock … why the Police did not have fingerprints taken, because the entire mobile unit was ransacked and fingerprints might be all over?” the man questioned.Further, Sabar is alleging that a neighbour who reportedly saw the commissioning of the robbery has been giving conflicting reports to the Police.“When he was arrested, he give the Police conflicting reports, but he was detained for 72 hours and subsequently released … a woman a few days later turned up here in Anna Regina and was trying to sell me a Edge 7 Samsung phone, which look like one of the phones I lost, but by the time I contacted the Police she escaped,” the businessman further revealed.Attempts to contact the Divisional Commander for a comment proved futile. Meanwhile, he offered a $500,000 reward for anyone with information that could lead to the arrest of the perpetrators and ultimately the stolen items.last_img read more

Huskies conclude regular season with 5-3 win over Slave Lake

first_imgThe Huskies opened the scoring just over two minutes into the first period off of a Wolves turnover to put the Huskies out in front. Slave Lake tied the game shortly after but it would be all Huskies in the frame from that point on. Four goals in five minutes for Fort St. John put them up 5-1. Slave lake scored once in the second and the third period to round out the scoring at 5-3.Head Coach Gary Alexander says with Slave Lake only having nine skaters for the contest, the Huskies let up on the Wolves after the got a comfortable lead.“I think we took our foot off the gas. We were working hard but there was no killer instinct out there. I thought we continued to work but not very smart. We worked when we had to and that was the difference.” he says.- Advertisement -Alexander adds that the Huskies need to be better at putting teams away come the playoffs.“This is the team we have to play so they had to set a standard of what they’re going to do. I hope that isn’t what they plan on doing the rest of the way through,” he states. “We need to bury them when we have the chance and keep on doing it so we develop good habits going through the playoffs. It’s hard to get motivated for a game that means very little out there. These guys know that they can beat this team any time they so decide. It’s just a matter of preparing themselves and finishing them off when they need to.”Scoring in order for the Huskies were Shawn Holiday, Tyson Glass, Jordan Harder, Tyson Glass, and Jeff Heber.Advertisement Shots on goal were tied at 34.The official playoff schedule from the opening round has not yet been released, but it is expected that the first round series with the Slave Lake Wolves will begin this weekend.last_img read more

Bolt makes football debut, tires quickly

first_img0Shares0000Usain Bolt tired quickly in his football debut for Australian club Central Coast Mariners © AFP / Andrew MurrayGosford, Australia, Aug 31 – Sprint king Usain Bolt fulfilled a boyhood dream Friday in making his much-anticipated football debut, exciting fans but tiring quickly in a 20-minute cameo for Australia’s Central Coast Mariners.The Jamaican superstar, a huge Manchester United fan, has been handed a chance to train with the A-League side for an indefinite period in a bid to prove he has what it takes to earn a professional playing contract. His arrival has generated a massive buzz at the club’s base in Gosford, 75 kilometres (47 miles) north of Sydney, and some 10,000 people packed the Central Coast Stadium — a virtually unprecedented turnout for a pre-season game.It wasn’t quite Old Trafford but there was a lively atmosphere with a brass band on hand to get the crowd going.“It’s a wonderful moment to play at a high level, in professional football,” Bolt said after the Mariners beat an amateur side 6-1.“It was good, it was what I expected. The crowd gave me a big ovation which I really appreciated. I was a little bit nervous but as soon as I got on the field the nerves went.”After only a handful of training sessions since arriving last week, the fastest man on earth watched avidly from the bench as the Mariners began dismantling the Central Coast select side.He didn’t have long to wait to celebrate with his team getting on the scoresheet barely 20 seconds after kick off thanks to a sweet strike by Jack Clisby from the edge of the box.They were 5-0 up at a half-time and a massacre seemed imminent, but the part-timers battled hard in the second half.The eight-time Olympic champion wore gloves and appeared relaxed, despite his nerves, as he followed the match intently.On a chilly night, he stayed warm on the sidelines by stretching and jogging with the 32-year-old happily giving the thumbs up and high-fives to fans.– Get up to speed –The 100 metres and 200m world record holder made his entrance after 71 minutes © AFP / Andrew MurrayWearing the number 95 shirt in a nod to his 100m world record time, he finally made his entrance after 71 minutes to huge cheers from the crowd and fireworks.Starting on the left wing, he fluffed his first touch, making a run on the inside only for the through ball to hit him on the heel. He got himself in the box soon after but a cross whipped in from the left went over his head.Playing more centrally he didn’t getting much of a look in, jumping for another cross that again sailed high.His best touch came 10 minutes after coming on when he controlled a bobbling ball with his right foot, rode a challenge and laid it off with his left foot.Before the game Bolt admitted he was not match fit and pouring with sweat he tired quickly before a late flurry, narrowly failing to get on the end of a low cross after a sprint into the box, and then having a shot blocked.“I wish I had more touches but I’m not fit yet,” he said. “I’ve just got to put in the work, get up to speed and I’m looking forward to a great season.”Bolt, who retired from athletics last year, has previously tried out with clubs in Germany, South Africa and Norway to no avail, with the Mariners hoping to turn him into A-League material for when the season starts in late October.Former Australian international Robbie Slater, who was watching the game, said he still had plenty of work to do.“He was short of a gallop when it comes to match fitness,” he said. “He made some nice little runs, but obviously he needs to learn some more about when he should make the runs and where. He should also have more confidence to go and get the ball.“But look, it’s a special moment for him.”0Shares0000(Visited 1 times, 1 visits today)last_img read more

Sanchez creates QB controversy

first_imgSOUTH BEND, Ind. – Really, he was something. Played a beautiful game. The kind USC followers have become spoiled by from their quarterback. Mark Sanchez looked like someone who belonged under center for the Trojans. Like someone out of the USC quarterback mold, who one day may have his own Heisman dreams. And you know where this is going. Sanchez steps in for the injured John David Booty on a marvelous fall afternoon and leads USC to a staggeringly easy 38-0 victory Saturday over struggling Notre Dame. Only Booty’s broken finger is just about healed and he expects to start Saturday in Eugene against No. 7 Oregon. AD Quality Auto 360p 720p 1080p Top articles1/5READ MOREGame Center: Chargers at Kansas City Chiefs, Sunday, 10 a.m.“I do in my mind,” Booty said. “Totally. No doubt about it.” Sanchez, buoyed by his performance, would like to keep going. “I don’t want to let it go,” Sanchez said. “Now that I have it, I don’t want to look back. I just want to keep rolling.” It is the unexpected USC quarterback controversy. A midseason surprise that Coach Pete Carroll only figures will make his team stronger. Which quarterback will make them stronger next week, is one of those matters Carroll would not touch Saturday. One quarterback is going to start, one is going to play the good soldier. “I don’t know the answer to that,” he said. “What I do know is, we’re going to make the best decision that we can possibly make with the information we have. We’re not going to rush to please anybody.” This won’t stop the local populace from taking sides, championing one or the other. Nothing stirs the sporting masses like a good quarterback debate. And based on Sanchez’s four-touchdown performance against the Irish, he figures to have some major campaign momentum. It will be yet another difficult decision for Carroll and a key to the future success of this year’s USC squad. Yet for all the great potential displayed by Sanchez, for his superior mobility and obvious upside, here’s a vote to stay with Booty. It is not an easy call, maybe not the obvious one, but Carroll can’t be overly swayed by an impressive performance in one game. Booty started every game for USC last year. He threw for more than 3,300 yards, 29 touchdowns and just nine interceptions. He led USC to an 11-2 season. He was hyped as potential Heisman winner coming into this season, but his early season was not the kind that wows voters. His numbers are down, and then there was that struggling, four- interception performance in the season-changing loss to Stanford. After which, it was learned he had fractured a finger on his throwing hand in the first half. He is a senior who patiently waited his turn behind Matt Leinart. There is something to be said for loyalty, certainly, but his experience gives USC its best chance as it begins the most challenging part of its schedule with games at Oregon, Cal, Arizona State and at home against UCLA. There is also the unwritten rule observed by many coaches, that players don’t lose their starting position to injury. “That’s not my rule,” Carroll said. “I don’t mean to be making it controversial in any sense. “John’s been our starting quarterback. He has (18) starts under his belt. He’s a fantastic football player. He’s not healthy yet. You go try to throw with a broken finger. It doesn’t work.” This is an issue that would have been hard to see coming last week after Sanchez’s so-so first start in USC’s unimpressive 20-13 victory over Arizona. He seemed hurried, looked somewhat uncomfortable. He threw a couple of hellacious interceptions. Generally played like someone making their first collegiate start. But Saturday at Notre Dame, the redshirt sophomore seemed like a completely different player. The game had already slowed down for him. Protected well by his line, he played with confidence, was in command. Sanchez completed 21 of 38 passes for 235 yards, plus had several dropped. He completed passes to eight different receivers, four of whom caught touchdown passes. He was never sacked and did not throw an interception. “This was huge for Mark,” Carroll said. “Huge to get on the road, playing against the crowd and the whole thing, and realize he can do it. And he did a fantastic job. “This was a much better performance than last week, although under the circumstances that was a stellar performance last week too, because it was his first time ever.” Sanchez’s game was not as restricted as it had been against Arizona, but still somewhat conservative. And, of course, it came against a very bad Notre Dame team; it was the biggest USC victory against the Irish ever. “I started to feel real good,” he said. “Things started clicking. I started seeing things more clearly, and once that happened, we got on a roll.” Carroll said Booty could have played Saturday if Sanchez had not delivered, though it would have meant playing through the pain. Now Booty is confident he’ll be ready to go by Tuesday’s practice, ready to resume his place as USC’s starting quarterback. USC has two quarterbacks who want to start, who say they’ll back the other if they don’t. “It’s a great asset to have two quarterbacks who can play,” Carroll said. “We’re very lucky to have that. As soon as John’s ready, then we’ll figure it out.” There’s clearly no wrong decision here, but if Booty proves healthy, he deserves the nod. His experience against a good team in a hostile environment could prove the difference. What USC learned Saturday, however, is that the future under Sanchez is also looking pretty. stephen.dilbeck@dailynews.com160Want local news?Sign up for the Localist and stay informed Something went wrong. Please try again.subscribeCongratulations! You’re all set!last_img read more