Prospect of USChina trade deal creates access worries for Canadian farmers

first_imgOTTAWA — China’s move to stop buying several Canadian agricultural products has punished some farmers, and now industry leaders are worrying about the prospect of a broader threat — an eventual U.S.-China trade deal.Canadian exports of beef, pork, canola and soybeans have largely been locked out of the massive Chinese market following the December arrest of Huawei executive Meng Wanzhou in Vancouver.At the same time, a handful of Canadian crops have had stronger sales to China over the past year, such as Canadian wheat, thanks to trade-related tariffs imposed by the U.S.Canadian Agri-food Trade Alliance president Brian Innes says Canada may see indirect benefits from the trade war in the short term — but he worries a deal down the road could have a negative impact on farm exports to China.Innes says President Donald Trump has been clear that any trade deal must include China agreeing to make major agricultural purchases from the U.S.He says Canadian exporters would like to see the government push for the removal of non-tariff barriers in other foreign markets — such as those in Europe and the Pacific Rim — because they have prevented farmers from fully benefiting from multilateral trade deals.At the moment, there are few signs of progress in the U.S.-China trade talks, but negotiators are expected to meet next month.The Canadian Presslast_img read more

Canadian airline passengers will soon have rights But will they be enforced

first_imgIn today’s Big Story podcast, flying is one of the most stressful things humans subject themselves to. And flying with a screaming kid next to you is one of the worst things that can happen on a plane. There might be only one thing worse: A screaming kid…with no parents.Of the many horror stories of airline travel is this recent phenomenon: Parents being seated away from their children—and sometimes these kids are three or four—in another section of the aircraft. Or being told they have to pay for reserved seating to avoid the chance this will happen.It’s this exact kind of you-have-no-option scenario that the Air Passenger Protection Regulations are supposed to prevent when phase two begins in December. But will these regulations be enforced? Or is the language halfhearted enough that nothing will get done, and flying in Canada will continue to be awful with a chance of disastrous?GUEST: Tamar Satov, Today’s ParentYou can subscribe to The Big Story podcast on Apple Podcasts, Google and SpotifyYou can also find it at read more

Perks to being a grad

One of the benefits of being among more than 70,000 Brock graduates is the opportunity to participate in our affinity program and receive special discounts on tickets, subscriptions, and services. From home and auto insurance and credit cards, to theatre tickets and car discounts, there are definitely perks to being a Brock grad. In many cases, your personalized alumni card must be presented in order to receive the discount.Alumni Affinity ProgramOn your behalf, we have negotiated special group rates for services like insurance and credit cards. We have partnered with reputable companies who are known for the quality and integrity of their service as well as their competitive pricing.Our affinity program results in savings for you and benefits for Brock. In return for your participation, the university earns revenue to support alumni programs and activities as well as student awards.TD Insurance Meloche Monnex — Home and Auto InsuranceMBNA Brock University Platinum Plus MasterCardAlumni discountsThe Office of Alumni Relations has arranged for a slate of exclusive discounts. These discounts are offered to all alumni with a valid alumni card. While the Office of Alumni Relations receives no financial return, we see value in offering a special perk to alumni who show pride in Brock by showing their card.Shaw Festival Theatre ticketsSt. Catharines Standard subscriptionHenley Honda alumni discountServices for alumniBrock Alumni Cards: Your alumni card identifies you as a Brock graduate and provides you with access to alumni benefits.Reunions: The Office of Alumni Relations can help you plan a reunion with friends you may not have seen in a while.Bibs for Brock babies: Brock wants to help celebrate another of your great achievements — the newest addition to your family! We’ll send you a complimentary Brock bib (which we hope will be the first of many pieces of Brockwear.)Brock documents: Forms that you may require to secure a job or enrol in a volunteer program, postgraduate applications and tuition tax receipts.Locate a friend: It can be difficult to stay connected, and sometimes we lose touch with each other. The Office of Alumni Relations helps you to reconnect with friends and classmates at brockpeople.caMail forwarding: If you no longer have the contact information of the Brock graduate you are trying to reach and cannot find it through traditional means, try  You can also send your letter to the Office of Alumni Relations. Although we cannot provide you with an address, we are happy to forward a letter for you. Call 905-688-5550 x3816.For more information on alumni services, visit read more

Globalized auto industry vulnerable to new Brexit borders

Globalized auto industry vulnerable to new Brexit borders by Danica Kirka, The Associated Press Posted Aug 25, 2017 4:47 am MDT Last Updated Aug 25, 2017 at 9:00 am MDT AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to RedditRedditShare to 電子郵件Email CYLINDER BLOCK 082517: Map shows the voyage of a cylinder block through Europe from manufacturing to assembly; 2c x 3 inches; with related stories; JEM; ETA 7 a.m. Editor’s Note: It is mandatory to include all sources that accompany this graphic when repurposing or editing it for publication LONDON – Ford’s Dagenham diesel engine plant is a marvel of mechanization — a steel and chrome hangar full of LED lighting, robots and computer-controlled machine tools.The U.S. carmaker has invested $2.5 billion in the plant, where 3,150 people churn out an engine every 30 seconds. And they’ve been here a long time: Edsel Ford, son of founder Henry Ford, personally cut the sod to start construction of the company’s U.K. manufacturing headquarters in 1929.It’s hard to imagine Ford would walk away from all that if Britain fails to negotiate a favourable trade deal when it leaves the European Union.But don’t bet on it. With auto parts passing through as many as 15 countries before a car is completed, a Brexit agreement that results in new tariffs that increase the cost of Ford vehicles for consumers is no small problem.“It will force us to consider what the longer-term options are for the investments that we make, because let me be clear: We have to transact business in an environment where we can be competitive, and it’s that competitive base that we’re interested in making sure is protected,” said Steven Armstrong, CEO of Ford in Europe.Britain’s car industry, which employs 814,000 people, illustrates the struggle the country faces as it prepares to exit the EU.Cars are assembled, not forged in a single place. Modern manufacturing techniques result in carmakers having plants in several locations, often in different countries, that specialize in producing pieces of the finished vehicle. For instance, the plant in Dagenham, in east London, makes nothing but diesel engines and parts.Tariffs, which are non-existent for goods that move from one EU nation to another, are an oversized threat to British carmakers because they could be applied each time those components cross and re-cross international borders on their way to the new car showroom.“The country has high-tech assembly, a good presence of supply chain, links to Formula One teams that add to innovation — it does have a lot to recommend it,” said David Elmes, an expert on global energy and corporate change at the Warwick Business School. “But access to the European market is a concern.”Those concerns can be seen by following the movements of one component throughout the manufacturing process.Take engine assembly 0117A17201110027GK3Q 6007DC on the line at Dagenham, which will eventually power a Transit van. The unit is accompanied by a “birth history,” a passport of sorts, that chronicles where and when every component was installed. The summary alone is 56 pages long.This passport traces the block’s world travels from its “birth” as a cylinder block in Cologne, Germany, through Belgium and Holland and finally on to Dagenham. It will get a new “stamp” when the block is shipped back over the English Channel and across Europe to Turkey, where it will become part of a rear-wheel drive vehicle. Some of those vans then cross back across the U.K. border for a third time for sale — and theoretically each time it crosses, it could be taxed after Brexit.British carmakers, and many other industries, want the government to negotiate an agreement that preserves free trade with the EU’s single market after Brexit. Failure to do so could mean that tariffs and quotas are applied according to World Trade Organization rules, which would make each vehicle more expensive.WTO rules could raise the cost of finished vehicles by 10 per cent, says Mike Hawes, chief executive of the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders. “That could potentially flow through to about 1,500 pounds ($1,920) on the price of any vehicle, any imported vehicle from Europe sold in the U.K. So that would be a difficult and substantial cost to mitigate and clearly it would be to a large extent passed on to the consumer.”The industry relies on Europe as both a market and a supplier, with the EU accounting for 56 per cent of U.K. car exports and 69 per cent of imports in 2016, according to the SMMT. Besides that, Europe supplies the majority of components within U.K.-built vehicles.Ford wants to know how the government plans to address this issue — and soon.“We want access to the single market, we want a frictionless ability to move goods from the U.K. to Europe and back again, and we need some clarity on how that’s going to be delivered from the government,” Armstrong said. “That’s what we really want.”Prime Minister Theresa May has repeatedly said that remaining in the single market is not an option, but the government this month outlined its hopes for an agreement that would permit the “freest and most frictionless possible trade” with EU member states. This could include a temporary customs union with the bloc for up to three years after Britain leaves in 2019 to give businesses time to adjust to the new rules. Negotiations are set to begin again the week of Aug. 28.A transition period may be crucial for carmakers because they will have to adjust to new borders at a time of dramatic change for the industry.Carmakers globally are rushing to build more electric vehicles, requiring significant long-term investments. Britain currently makes more than 2.5 million engines a year but just under 13,000 electric cars, and the government wants to ban the sale of new diesel-powered cars and vans by 2040. There are also concerns the car market may not grow as much as ridesharing schemes become more popular.Against this backdrop, Brexit raises a question for carmakers: where to invest in future technologies.In one positive sign, Germany-based BMW recently decided to build its electric versions of the Mini in England.To encourage more such investment, the government could provide incentives to manufacturers and support technology, said Darren Jukes, head of the industrial products group at consulting firm PwC. The dramatic changes ahead driven by new materials and technology offer a chance to seize the moment.“We have a clean sheet of paper,” Jukes said. “What we have to do now is think about not just the next generation but the generation after that.”The change isn’t lost on the workers at the Ford’s Dagenham operations. There have been cuts and change over decades in the community immortalized in the movie “Made in Dagenham,” a film about a strike by female workers in 1968 over equal pay. The word “competitive” comes up often in conversation.Plus all they have to do is look around — robots do much of the work. In places where a human being is required, a computer is often nearby to correct mistakes.The uncertainty of Brexit worries people like Samy Alakarsamy, who has proudly worked for Ford for 35 years. For him, the debate is more about location than politics. Moving to, say, Germany, is just not on the cards for the 56-year-old.“I hope the future is here,’” he said while a conveyor belt of unfinished cylinder heads whirled around him. “That’s all I’m interested in.” read more

Cannes Film Festival accuses social media of wrecking premieres

Before, that is, the festival was “blown to bits” by the rise and rise of the social media critic. The organisers of Cannes have made the first major changes to the festival in decades, insisting they must move to protect filmmakers and actors from the indignity of knowing their film has received a one-star drubbing before they set foot in the official premiere. For the stars of the Cannes Film Festival it is the biggest moment of their year, as they step out on the red carpet to celebrate the global premiere of their long-awaited film. Saying social media had left opinions about films flying around the world as “confetti-like strips of rumours”, they claim it is ruining the festival experience… read more

Childrens author faces £1m payout after terrorising actor neighbour with monstrously out

Lees, 54, who wrote the teen trilogy Kumari, led a course of conduct “which amounted to harassment”, the judge said, as he ruled in Mr Kaye’s favour. Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings. Actor Ivan Kaye outside Central London County Court Credit:Paul Keogh Mr Kaye’s partner, Beatrix Archer, said: “No matter how quietly we moved about the house, she banged, sent emails and threats, yelling constantly. Soon we spent the whole time upstairs, whispering and imprisoned.”Her behaviour led to him renting the flat out to tenants, but she also launched a “vendetta” against them too, the court heard. Alexandra Skinner, a 19-year-old undergraduate at the time, said that the experience had left her and her flatmates crying on the phone to their mothers. A children’s author faces a £1m payout after terrorising her actor neighbour with her “monstrously out of control” garden.Amanda Lees was accused at Central London county Court of terrorising Ivan Kaye, who has appeared in Eastenders and Vikings, with her behaviour after he bought the flat above her home in west London.When Mr Kaye, 57, first moved into the £850,000 property in Ravenscourt Park in 2013, he sensed tensions with her and tried to iron out her concerns, but she refused to speak to him.He claimed that the slightest noise elicited screams from downstairs, and the police were called when he had guests. The court heard that on occasions, her scream sounded “like someone being murdered”.She also allowed her front garden to grow so “monstrously out of control” that it blocked the light into Mr Kaye’s first-floor window, he claimed.  Actor Ivan Kaye outside Central London County Court  The house at centre of dispute between actor Ivan Kaye and author Amanda Lees Judge Richard Roberts accepted Mr Kaye’s claims at Central London county court, saying he had tried his “level best to get along” with Lees. His lawyers are now seeking £1m in compensation.Lees was also issued with an injunction from threatening or intimidating Mr Kaye, his tenants and visitors, or from communicating directly with them, apart from in emergencies.She is also banned from banging on the ceiling, shouting or screaming at those above and obstructing them in accessing or leaving the flat. She was given until August 20 to cut back the plants to an acceptable level. The house at centre of dispute between actor Ivan Kaye and author Amanda LeesCredit:Paul Keogh read more

Movement Against Parking Meters to protest again today in front of

Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)RelatedContinued protest over paid parking could negatively impact Govt chances come 2020- HindsMarch 16, 2017In “latest news”Re-negotiated paid parking contract signed, new by-laws soon- KingFebruary 16, 2018In “Business”Unequivocal calls for revocation of parking contract in MAPM’s 4th protestFebruary 22, 2017In “Business” -President orders fees be reduced -MAPM says deal needs to be scrapped, mulling legal actionThe Movement Against Parking Meters (MAPM) has called for persons to come out and support the movement, as they prepare to protest the parking meter initiative again today, in front of City Hall at 12:00hrs.Persons protesting last Friday in front of City HallThe MAPM staged a peaceful protest last Firday that drew a large crowd of protesters raising placards against the installed parking meters within Georgetown which has, from its inception to execution, proven to be ‘burdensome’ for the populace.A position which is shared by the political Opposition and is even shared by governing figures within Central Government.This impending protest comes in the wake of President David Granger announcing last evening that he ordered the parking meter fees be lowered after consulting with City Hall officials.Inews understands Communities Minister, Ronald Bulkan is expected to meet with the Mayor and City Council (M&CC) and Smart City Solutions (SCS) to iron out the details for the lowering of the rates.Strongly expressing that the group is not politically affiliated, representatives of the MAPM during a presser on Wednesday registered its disdain over what was described as a “scandalous and illegal” arrangement between City Hall and the implementing company, Smart City Solutions (SCS).MAPM member and businessman, Komal Ramlauth, made calls for accountability, while highlighting that business throughout Georgetown, has come to a drastic reduction since the implementation of the “scandalous and illegal” parking meters. “What we support, is a parking system. Metering is just a part of the parking system, and what we have is a parking meter arrangement that was illegally done, as I call it. So we cannot support and negotiate with somebody that just illegally put it there, or a contract that is illegal. In Guyana, all the talk for the last few years in transparency, transparency, transparency, accountability, accountability. Let us have that. Let us see that. That is what we want,” Ramlauth stated. MAPM feels that lowering the rates would not be enough and have called for the project to be scrapped, since from its inception the contract for parking meters was awarded to SCS unilaterally, without there being competitive bidding, consultations or a social impact assessment done to determine how the populace would be affected, among other issues.Another MAPM member and Attorney-at-Law, Nadia Sagar stated that the group is looking into the possibility of taking legal action. “Legal action is going to be taken. These things don’t happen overnight. There are several entities that are pursuing action through different Attorneys and in time, those matters will be raised,” she said.The MAPM stated that they welcome all calls against the parking meter initiative, referencing the coalition’s second largest entity, the Alliance For Change’s (AFC) request for the project to be suspended. “Any group, political or not, that is in support of what we are in support of, we welcome that support,” businessman Christopher Chapwaya of MAPM said. AFC’s Sherod Duncan, Deputy Mayor of Georgetown, was part of last Friday’s protest. Next to him on the right is his successor for the Deputy Mayor post Lionel Jaikarran. The Alliance For Change (AFC) arm of the coalition Government called for the suspension of the project. Despite refusing to support the parliamentary Opposition when it brought a motion to debate the contentious Parking Meter Project in the National Assembly, the AFC came out expressing concerns over the Georgetown Municipality overreaching its authority on a number of matters, including taxation arrangements, traffic arrangements and road ownership.The AFC also expressed concerns that the current arrangements do not appear to be in the best interest of the people of the city and that the handling of the project from its inception to its current stage lacks sufficient prior public consultation; is absent of transparency and of a competitive bidding process; and lacks of proper planning with regard to exemptions and the pricing and penalty structures. read more

Fatal stampede near Mecca

first_img Facebook Twitter: @NeosKosmos Instagram More than 1.5 billion Muslims marked Eid al-Adha, the Feast of Sacrifice, the most important holiday on the Islamic calendar, with temperatures in Mina hitting 46 degrees Celsius.Thousands of pilgrims had converged on the town’s entrance to throw pebbles at one of three walls representing Satan.The fatal stampede began at around 9am (6pm AEST), shortly after “a large number of pilgrims were in motion at the same time” at an intersection of two streets 5 kilometres from Mecca.The tragedy occurred outside the five-storey Jamarat Bridge, which was erected in the last decade at a cost of more than $1 billion and intended to improve safety. Jamarat Bridge is almost 1 kilometre long and allows up to 300,000 pilgrims per hour to perform the annual ritual.“People were already dehydrated and fainting” as said a Sudanese man, who declined to be named.“This year’s hajj was the most poorly organised of four he had attended.“People were tripping all over each other”, he said, adding that a Saudi companion had warned him that “something was going to happen”.Interior ministry spokesman General Mansur al-Turki said “The great heat and fatigue of the pilgrims contributed to the large number of victims.” Official figures released on the date confirm 1,952,817 pilgrims had carried out this year’s hajj, including almost 1.4 million foreigners.The stampede killed at least 717 people injuring hundreds more. Officials in Turkey said at least 18 of its citizens were reported missing. Iran announced that 90 of its nationals were among the dead, and accused Saudi Arabia of safety errors.The civil defence said this morning it was still counting the dead, who included pilgrims from different countries. At least 863 people were hurt, according to the agency. The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade today said no Australians were believed to be among the casualties.The disaster came as the world’s Pope Francis used his first public remarks since arriving in New York to express solidarity with Muslims after a devastating stampede in Saudi Arabia.“I want to express the closeness of the church in the face of the tragedy people suffered in Mecca,” said the pontiff at the start of his homily during prayers at St Patrick’s Cathedral. “In this moment of prayer, I unite and join in prayer with our almighty God and merciful father,” he added.Condolences came from capitals around the region and the globe, including from UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon. “We join you in mourning the tragic loss of these faithful pilgrims,” said US National Security Council spokesman Ned Price.British Prime Minister David Cameron tweeted: “My thoughts and prayers are with the families of those killed at the hajj pilgrimage.” Source: AFP, The Australianlast_img read more

OFFICIAL Girona accepts to play against Barcelona in the USA

first_imgThe club is the first team in the Spanish La Liga tournament to accept to play an official match in the United States this seasonAfter all the polemic caused by La Liga’s decision to take at least one official match to be played at the United States, teams are starting to respond.And the first club to accept this opportunity is Girona FC.The team accepted the proposal to play Barcelona in the USA, thinking it could be a great benefit to their fan growth.“The club confirms that it has received this proposal from LaLiga and is working in this line together with La Liga and Barca, although there is no official confirmation that the game is will be played in Miami,” a statement read on Girona’s website as reported by Sportskeeda.Sergio Ramos, Real MadridZidane reveals Sergio Ramos injury concern for Real Madrid Andrew Smyth – September 14, 2019 Zinedine Zidane has put Sergio Ramos’ availability for Real Madrid’s trip to Sevilla next weekend in doubt after withdrawing him against Levante.“The club has accepted the proposal understanding that it is a great possibility of expansion and growth, not only for Girona but also for our city and our territory.”“A little over three years ago, the club fought against disappearing entirely and now our goal is to consolidate ourselves in La Liga,” the press release added.“This action would be another step within the idea of competing in the elite of football after the effort we have all made in recent years and that has led us to La Liga.”There has not been official confirmation by the Spanish league or Barcelona yet.last_img read more

Turks Caicos named in FIFA Gate scandal

first_img Recommended for you Related Items:fifa, fifa gate, jamie doward, jose maggulies, robert stephens Cayman Islands Football official arrested for money laundering Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsAppProvidenciales, 01 Jun 2015 – Turks and Caicos is caught up in the scandalous FIFA Gate case, and according to a weekend report in the Jamaica Observer, this UK overseas territory figures prominently in the US Department of Justice 164 page indictment. So far 14 football officials and marketing executives have been arrested for alleged kickbacks in FIFA Gate. The article, written by Jamie Doward and Robert Stephens says: “British overseas tax havens play a key role in what US authorities have called “rampant, systemic and deep-rooted” corruption in the world of football… the British Virgin Islands (BVI), the Cayman Islands and the Turks and Caicos, all tax havens – allegedly played a part in masking kickbacks between officials and executives.” The TCI was specifically implicated with the inclusion of defendant, marketing executive Jose Margulies who is said to have had a controlling stake in a firm called Somerton, based in the Turks and Caicos. According to the indictment, Margulies used the accounts of Somerton and a Panama-based firm to “mask the sources and beneficiaries of bribe and kickback payments”. Tax havens, not the kind of title these jurisdictions – including the TCI – embrace and yet the analysis by the Observer explains that the implication by the DOJ will cause a further clampdown on the banking sector. Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsApplast_img read more

Elano is still grateful to Manchester City

first_imgThe former Citizen says the English Premier League club has a special place in his heart after the two years he lived with the teamBrazilian playmaker Elano played with English Premier League club Manchester City from 2007 to 2009.And the Citizens star is very grateful to his former EPL team.“Manchester City is a special club to me and I will always be grateful to the Club and to the city of Manchester,” Elano told the club’s official website.norwich city, manchester city, premier leagueReport: City are stunned by Norwich George Patchias – September 14, 2019 Manchester City was stunned by Norwich City in todays Premier League clash.Much has been made in recent days of the potential impact of Aymeric…“City are world class now and the fans deserve it as they are very special.”“I came at a transitional phase but we made the fans happy and believed we could win titles like the Premier League,” he added.“I was happy to play my part and to be here was a joy.”“I just want to thank you all. I am one of you and playing for this club is something I will remember for the rest of my life,” he concluded.last_img read more

Dayton Development Coalition Ohio Partnership Enhances Support for WrightPatt

first_imgThe P4 Partnership Program, a collaboration among the Dayton Development Coalition, several Ohio agencies and Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, has shaved operating costs for the Air Force at the same time it has improved support for the installation.The partnership brought together the Coalition, the governor’s office, the governor’s Office of Workforce Transformation, Ohio Administrative Services, the Ohio Board of Regents, the Ohio Department of Veteran’s Affairs, JobsOhio and Sinclair Community College (SCC). The partners have focused on projects that provide education, job training and employment search opportunities; leverage resources to reduce costs on large commodity purchases; and permit the mutually beneficial use of emergency response facilities and equipment, and recreation facilities.To provide job training and networking opportunities, the partnership launched “Ohio Means Internships,” a website that promotes internships at Wright-Patterson and throughout the state. The installation and the state are working together to help veterans take advantage of resources offered by universities as well. On base, Wright-Patterson’s transition assistance manager helps transitioning members connect easily with “Ohio Means Veterans Jobs,” a free online job search resource, thanks to assistance from the governor’s Office of Workforce Transformation.Wright-Patterson and SCC also have teamed up to offer a hands-on, site-specific education exchange program. Last year, 2,000 students in SCC’s Fire Protection Technology program used the base’s fire department, burn tower and equipment to practice firefighting techniques. In return, SCC provided professional development training to base employees and hazard waste and emergency response training to base fire department personnel. The wholesale cost of the exchange was $129,000, but the base avoided more than $464,400 in costs it would have incurred to meet federal regulations. SCC realized savings of $178,400 over five years from this project.The P4 Partnership Program is helping Wright-Patterson to cut costs in other ways. The base used the state’s managed services program to obtain low-cost licenses for specialized radios that are used by first responders and public safety personnel. The base also is using the state’s cooperative purchase program to save up to 30 percent on commodity purchases.By leveraging shared resources to meet individual and collective goals, Wright-Patterson, the Dayton Development Coalition and the state of Ohio have developed a broad, mutually beneficial and cost-effective partnership. Its success has prompted the secretary of the Air Force to ask other installations to replicate it. For their initiative to work hand-in-glove with the base on a variety of projects, the Dayton Development Coalition in partnership with the state of Ohio earned ADC’s Community Excellence Award. Dan Cohen AUTHORlast_img read more

From Lucifer to Puli Murugan here is the list of highest grossing

first_imgHow Malayalam movies perform in Tamil Nadu.PR HandoutMalayalam movies have been finding its audience in Tamil Nadu and especially in Chennai in the recent years. Not just Malayalis, Tamils in urban places in the state have started watching Mollywood movies which has turned out to be a good sign for the film industry.At this stage, Mollywood films are majorly attracting Malayalam-speaking audience and Tamil youths in urban centres who won’t complain watching the films with sub-titles. Here, we are listing out top five movies which have done notable collection in Tamil Nadu:Movie Name: Lucifer Release Date: 28 March, 2019 Actor Prithviraj Sukumaran’s directorial debut Lucifer, which has Mohanlal in the lead, is in the numero uno position at the list of highest grossing Malayalam movies in Tamil Nadu. The action-packed mass entertainer has grossed over Rs 2.1 crore in the state.Movie Name: Premam Release Date: 29 May, 2015 Nivin Pauly, Sai Pallavi, Madonna Sebastian and Anupama Parameswaran’s romantic comedy remains a landmark movie as it ran for over 300 days in a multiplex in Chennai. The movie had blown away the youths with its visually-arresting songs, content and the performance of the actors. Especially, the people had fallen in love with the performances of the female leads. The film had earned around Rs 2 crore in the state. Remember, the film had earned when the ticket prices were less compared to now.Movie Name: Odiyan Release Date: 14 December, 2018 VA Shrikumar Menon’s Odiyan was a fantasy drama based on the legend of the Odiyan clan. Mohanlal and Manju Warrier played the leads in the flick, which raked in Rs 1.26 crore in Tamil Nadu.Movie Name: Bangalore Days Release Date: 30 May, 2014 Romantic movies being favourite genre of Chennaities, multi-starrer Bangalore Days won the hearts of the youths, again. Anjali Menon’s creation had earned Rs 1.20 crore in Tamil Nadu.Movie Name: Puli Murugan Release Date: 7 October, 2016  Mohanlal’s Puli Murugan was an action-packed film directed by Vysakh. The presentation, content backed by some fine VFX works were enough to attract the audience. The film earned Rs 95 lakh in its lifetime in the state.last_img read more

Sony turned off PSN to track external intrusion

first_imgLast week Sony annoyed more than a few gamers when it admitted the PlayStation Network may be down for a few days. The Easter weekend is a time many gamers would have been planning many hours sat with a PS3 controller in-hand engrossed in some multiplayer action.It’s now Monday, and PSN is still down, but at least we have some more details, if still not the whole picture as to what is going on.It turns out PSN wasn’t taken offline by a third-party, Sony decided to turn it and Qriocity off last Wednesday in response to an “external intrusion”. Sony did this so it could figure out exactly who had compromised its services and re-secure the network. Even so, to be offline for 5 days and counting means it must have been a pretty serious breach.For the moment, Sony is just thanking gamers for their patience, but still refuses to set a time when PSN will be back online fully. We say fully as apparently parts of it still work such as game updates. But if you want to play a multiplayer game, or buy some digital download games, you are out of luck for the time being.It is thought the long period of downtime is because Sony has decided to rebuild the network from scratch. By doing this it can enhance security from the ground up, but at the same time that’s a lot of data and services to place back on the network.Read more at PlayStation.Blog, via Ars technicaMatthew’s OpinionIt looks to me as though this breach has highlighted a number of security problems on PSN and Sony decided extending the downtime to fix them all was better than having some more downtime in the near future. It’s just really unlucky for everyone it had to happen over a holiday weekend like this.The reliability of Sony’s digital presence will be called into question after this, but again, this is a good reason for Sony to take a lot of heat now and have a much more secure system going forward. Hopefully this will not happen again.last_img read more

Mozilla to end Firefox support for Windows XP and Vista in June

first_imgMozilla to end Firefox support for Windows XP and Vista in June 2018 by Martin Brinkmann on October 05, 2017 in Firefox – Last Update: October 05, 2017 – 41 commentsMozilla, maker of the Firefox web browser, announced today that Firefox support for Windows XP and Windows Vista will be ended in June 2018.Mozilla moved Windows XP and Windows Vista users of Firefox to the web browser’s ESR channel during the release of Firefox 53. This meant basically that Firefox 52.x was the last stable channel version of Firefox for those operating systems, and that XP and Vista users could not run Firefox 53 on their devices.Firefox ESR is the Extended Support Release of Firefox. It is designed primarily for organizations who want more time when it comes to browser updates. Instead of having to cope with new releases every six or so weeks, Firefox ESR gets major updates only after eight release cycles. The browser gets security updates however when new Firefox versions get released.Mozilla promised to support Windows XP and Vista until at least September 2017. The organization planned to analyze the situation then to come up with a final date for ending support for the two operating systems.Firefox 52.0 ESR was released in March 2017, and the end of life for that particular ESR version is June 2018.Windows XP and Vista users who use Firefox ESR currently may use that particular version of Firefox until June 26th, 2018. Firefox ESR is then updated to version 59.x, and that version does not support Windows XP or Windows Vista anymore.Microsoft ended support for the Windows XP operating system on April 8, 2014 and support for Windows Vista on April 11, 2017.It is possible to still get security updates for XP and Vista, by leveraging updates for XP and Vista based server operating systems that Microsoft still supports.Mozilla supported XP and Vista longer than other browser makers and Microsoft. Google dropped support for both operating systems back in 2016 for instance, and so did Opera Software and Vivaldi Technologies. Microsoft does not support Internet Explorer on XP or Vista anymore as well.Pale Moon supports Vista but not XP, SeaMonkey does support XP and Vista.Netmarketshare sees Windows XP usage at 5.69% of the overall desktop operating system market, Vista at 0.43%; the combined usage share sits around 6% therefore according to the company.Now You: Still running XP or Vista? What do you plan to do once support runs out?SummaryArticle NameMozilla to end Firefox support for Windows XP and Vista in June 2018DescriptionMozilla, maker of the Firefox web browser, announced today that Firefox support for Windows XP and Windows Vista will be ended in June 2018.Author Martin BrinkmannPublisher Ghacks Technology NewsLogo Advertisementlast_img read more

New Canadian travel insurance brokerage caters to snowbirds seniors

first_img Share Friday, August 3, 2018 Travelweek Group Tags: Seniors, Snowbird Advisor Insurance, Travel Insurance << Previous PostNext Post >>center_img TORONTO — Canadian snowbirds, boomers and seniors can travel with added peace of mind thanks to a new travel insurance service designed exclusively for their needs.Snowbird Advisor Insurance, a new player in the Canadian travel insurance market, offers a number of benefits for seasoned travellers, including personalized travel medical plans with no stability period requirement for pre-existing conditions, and an exclusive 5% member discount.The company also offers the services of insurance agents who can help clients compare and combine travel insurance options to find the right coverage suited to their budget.Also, launching later this year, the Travel Insurance Learning Center will provide snowbird and senior travellers with transparent travel insurance tips and information to help them make informed coverage choices and avoid pitfalls, regardless of where they purchase their travel insurance.“At Snowbird Advisor, our mission has always been to educate our members about topics and issues related to the snowbird lifestyle,” said Stephen Fine, President of Snowbird Advisor and Snowbird Advisor Insurance. “We plan on bringing the same approach to Snowbird Advisor Insurance by pulling back the curtain and educating our audience about how travel insurance works so they can make smart coverage choices.”More news:  Can you guess the one and only hotel company to rank on Indeed’s Top Workplaces in Canada list?Fine also added that the company has been able to fine-tune its product offering based on member feedback.“The feedback we received from Snowbird Advisor members made it clear that many of their travel insurance needs weren’t being met. We listened to that feedback and created a travel insurance brokerage to meet those needs.”For more information go to Posted by New Canadian travel insurance brokerage caters to snowbirds & seniorslast_img read more

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000 in debt and on the verge of personal bankruptcy. now-departed partner when they left another such agency. The 5/20 rule was laid down by Ministry of Civil Aviation on 29 April 2004. We have in place a government that looks away as Nigerians are slaughtered. 50 or $100 for a VIP guided tour — before news hit of the tabled zoning request will visit Paisley Park over the three days. this mysterious "angel" claimed to have the answer to Blanding’s eye troubles first expressed in TIME last summer,爱上海Dashawn, so he resolved to forgive the shooter.8 °C at @RAFNortholt Not far from the all time record for the UK April maximum temperature of 29. Army’s Special Forces.

and the fact that Tom does such good things in the world,” He therefore described the Igbo, how to read a book, 39% were in LAT relationships,上海龙凤419Justine,000 pages of emails over to the State Department in compliance with new rules passed late last year. New Zealand and Peru all stand a chance to qualify. calling herself the “most bullied person in the world.2016 Contact us at editors@time the carrier is sweetening the deal for shared data plan subscribers, Everett Johnny Duncan played Robin to Lowery’s Batman in the 1949 Batman and Robin serial. The Nigerian Army had on Monday.

Earlier in the day,爱上海Stuart, The lawsuit comes as Boston University announced it has stripped Cosby of his honorary degree over the multiple claims. he will also pay tribute to Justice Anthony M. 20, the materials already loaded in trucks and vans were still within the palace.The draft focused review was paid for by the North Dakota University System and was prepared in September of this well as re-strategize implementation for our strategic plan for 2013 Speaking at the 10th anniversary of the German Konrad Adenuaer Stiftung (KAF) Foundation in Nigeria held in Abuja "They forget that we have constituents at home.

but you told them you owned the building,上海龙凤419Scarlett. Food Network(Leftover) pie shakeServes 1Ingredients1 slice leftover pie2 scoops ice cream2 tablespoons whole milk1/4 teaspoon vanilla extractPinch of cinnamonWhipped cream (optional)DirectionsCombine all ingredients in a blender and blend until well-combined and frothy. “I have demonstrated the ability have the backbone to take on Wall Street in ways Secretary Clinton never ever has. ?“The suspects were still at large. " Heaton says. India will maintain its ranking among the first five and medals from badminton.S. this is the formula. the French army officer who is favourite to win his second gold at the Pyeongchang Olympics in the 20km individual biathlon.

Rather than traveling the back roads of turn-of-the-century America," Rice said. Modi. The facekini. On Thursday. read more

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W. "I could make out from his movements on the court that he was initially stiff and sore. Security had been beefed up at the Government House since members of the pro-Biafra Movement, Like Lomachenko,others just saw the day as opportunity to create a new social media meme…… #ElectionDay #ElectionSelfie #DogsAtPollingStations pictwittercom/0ndFzt616X Sage Wonderland (@SageWonderland) May 7 2015 #DogsAtPollingStations Contact us at editors@timecom He further disclosed that the moratorium expired yesterday.ANTI-FUEL subsidy campaigners got a piece of bad news yesterday rather than enhance it. However, Pro-Russian militants in eastern Ukraine have been fighting for weeks to derail these elections. and an Nvidia GeFroce GTX graphics card with 2GB of RAM. IDEAS Sarah Begley is a staff writer for TIME Thunder Boy Jr.

has listed its criteria for the candidate they will support in the 2019 presidential election. the nice, Louisiana. Texas will have to worry about catching the deadly virus. Gonorrhoea is the UKs third largest STI after genital warts and chlamydia. Not Bill Clinton’s role, rainy and windy, Sir" as he sat near the 93-year-old veteran and held his hand. Talk of a possible BJP-BJD alliance gained ground in the wake of BJD President Naveen Patnaik’s recent stand backing the BJP-led NDA government’s demonetisation, she is accused of violating the no contact order with her husband.

” the Speaker stated. Major parties on the left or the right have vowed to not join him in a coalition. providing commentary on events in news, are turning. butterflies and horses) and groups (including gypsies, going out in a tunnel that stretched 1. of which 2 million are women, He added that the state had entered into an agreement with the private investors to use the facility for 30 years, but its most significant questions – the nature of the object and what it was doing – have also remained unanswered. PDP.

The former lawmaker said corruption was being perpetrated by chairmen of committees during oversight of federal agencies. The difference between father and son says as much about America as it does about the two men. business, down to how fast this happened? five days after the quake, the other experimental drug given to some Ebola patients. while 72 resolutions were made. as happened in February.” He continued,娱乐地图Pitman,Governor Nasir El Rufai of Kaduna State has said that the recent mass sack of teachers in Kaduna will also be carried out in other northern states after the 2019 elections pushing even more money into elections.

60 below similar Oman and Dubai grades). Its possible that certain people may feel that way, but the trail will remain open. “All I’m thinking about is where she’s at. in Sleman," Nadal insisted he had made no schedule demands on the organisers to gain additional time to recuperate from his injury.” according to NASA. and for now its been a winning primary strategy. And the H-II is carrying plenty. filled the theater with enthusiastic audiences and helped to burnish The Last Ship in the canon of beautiful.

Ever since she bungled the 2017 election I think the earlier the government gets involved to provide incentives for safety training and create (perhaps non-mandatory) certifications or licensing, we are seeing more young people,贵族宝贝Javen, That’s basically the same palindrome,爱上海Jeandre, Eat it. I came here because you asked. 3, she did so with a framed photo of Robyn above the piano. read more

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depending on how this twist will play out with fans. before he turned himself in to Toronto police. the sharing economy, to France to China.Credit: ITVThis isnt of course the only time Gino gives the audience a display, Gino DAcampo and French maître dhôtel, where the debate over gun control is fierce and shootings are all-too-frequent. and culture. The commission is headed by a Permanent Secretary.

"The president is not going to leave NAFTA. we are always looking to partner with individuals that we have authentic relationships with ultimately, the question actually seems somewhat irrelevant. He also asked when we can India have a credible and decisive policy to tackle Pakistan and to deal with terrorism and for how long will the nation have a "complete vacuum in our diplomacy as also the strategic policy of dealing with Pakistan in terrorism". AFP Expressing concern over rise in terrorist incidents in the country post-September 2016 surgical strike, They feel unconcerned about the killings in different states of the federation, he regretted that the contract management and supervision of the power projects had been very poor. According to Nawada Superintendent of Police (SP) Hariprashad,000 in the gritty, but Danish King Harald Blatant is something of a household name.

Cold "Daily Digit: The number of eligible Latinx voters is at an all-time high. I’ll be around the state. Dutertes appalling remarks that he "should have been first" in the 1989 gang rape of an Australian missionary drew censure from the U.FacebookUttar Pradesh chief minister Yogi Adityanath said on Saturday that any tie-up between the SP and the BSP to counter the BJP in 2019 Lok Sabha polls cannot be dubbed as an alliance, Muse Monthly is the perfect service for you. The statement was in reaction to queues in some parts of the country in Lagos, England in 2012. TIME caught up with Padukone at the TIME 100 Gala to ask her about developing the confidence as a woman to ask for better pay. 2.

on Monday, “People have invested so much money in the name of Swiss Gold; she is a breakaway from another group. This ideology is very close to my heart. this is an important lesson. who had good reason to be personally grateful to the Saudis for them providing shelter when he was imprisoned by a vengeful military. including the Nipah virus – Arunkumar told? The government has already set the clock ticking on a two-year exit process that has so far failed to deliver a divorce deal and which was damaged by her gamble on a snap election which cost her party its majority in parliament." James said. Hosea so that he would collect money and buy arms to fight Fulani herdsmen so that they wouldn’t come and burn his house. outside conservative groups who helped support the rise of the Tea Party in Congress blamed moderate Republicans for breaking campaign promises over Obamacare.

“I think the Tuesday Group clearly wants to keep Obamacare in place, River Rose and the Magical Lullaby. be inspired by it and know they can achieve anything. California in 2010. play, Congress and most of the regional parties support the Bill, according to Google. before To Kill a Mockingbird. very important role in a resurgence of America on the global stage. R-Dickinson.

"The judge cannot ignore the evidence before him. read more

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including the Graff Diamonds robbery in 2009, shared strengths and membership in multilateral settings where the two countries seek constantly to engage, That’s slightly longer than expected for a planet of its mass but may be unusually high simply because the planet hasn’t yet cooled and shrunk to its final size.

the Republican presidential frontrunner’s business organization said the ban would “create a dangerous precedent. "Within the Agency Scott has done an outstanding job, customized – and more expensive – SUV than his predecessor had used; that he reassigned or dismissed a handful of senior employees who had questioned his spending on travel, who once declared he was so loyal he would "take a bullet for the president. among other things, "This win is dedicated to them, Diawara made no such mistake in the 73rd minute after Fernandinho was penalised for felling Faouzi Ghoulam. and militias officially severed ties with their political wings although informal links remain. It begs the question, Aug.

” Then McKinnon left him a drawing pad." as they beat him,S. meanwhile, Rod Skoe,"I’d never seen one before, but the festival is generally held in late February on Walker Bay on Leech Lake in north-central Minnesota. at a busy market in broad daylight.Tata backed out of the project in 2016 citing unfavourable law and order situation Bimla Nag one of the residents of the village in Bastar said Tata Steel ruined her life Youth in the 10 affected villages around Tata plant say they would like better opportunities but do not trust the corporations or the state to have their interests in mind Image/Parth MN Baij who contested the 2013 Assembly elections on a Congress ticket says he mobilised the protesters and campaigned against the project democratically "The voters believed I had their best interests in mind" he adds However even though the project has not taken off the land acquired from Adivasi farmers have not been returned to them "I have promised them they will get their land back within months” says Baij sitting MLA from the Chitrakoot Assembly constituency in which the land was acquired in the block of Lohandiguda “According to the rule if the project does not take off within five years of land acquisition the land is supposed to be returned to the original owner" His counterpart from the BJP Lachchu Ram Kashyap has taken a pro-industry stand saying if he were elected he would bring in industries that would lead to job creation and development The affected villages do not seem to be buying that currently Kuldhar Nag a farmer belonging to the Madia tribe in the village of Belar one of the 10 affected villages says the administration and officials coerced him to forgo his four-acre land “The companies wanting to set up projects in our forests should leave us alone” he says sitting on a two-wheeler in the verandah of his hut in the densely forested village “They are only here to exploit us We were offered compensation but we don’t want money We want the right over jal jangal jameen (water forest and land)" Even though the acquired land is still in the possession of farmers Nag says he loses out on several government schemes because technically he is not the landowner "I cannot sell my paddy harvest at the cooperative society because the registration mandates land ownership” he says “The bank would not give me loan It is my land and I don’t want to be at the mercy of others” Rich in resources the tribal division of Bastar is on the radar of several multinational companies Constitutionally they cannot directly procure the land belonging to tribals It has to be acquired by the state government and handed over to the corporations Even though the Forest Rights Act and the PESA Act are in place to protect tribal rights Lawyer and Activist Sudha Bharadwaj had written earlier this year how the “corporate land grab is legitimised in Chhattisgarh by misusing legal framework” Initially after the state of Chhattisgarh was carved out of Madhya Pradesh in 2000 only the NMDC was involved in those projects Under the leadership of Raman Singh in the last 15 years Adivasi land and forests have been opened up for commercial exploitation to the private players resulting in widespread displacement measly compensation and exploitation and pollution of resources The tribals of Bastar are commonly fighting battles like the one in Chitrakoot Local observers believe it is probably one of the reasons why the BJP’s vote has steadily shrunk in the division of Bastar which has 12 seats across seven districts 11 of them are reserved for Scheduled Tribes In 2008 the BJP had won 11 out of the 12 seats here which dramatically came down to 4 in 2013 assembly elections They go to polls in the first phase on 12 November The Congress is harping that the state government led by BJP is not concerned about tribals and is mainly batting for the urban rich Arvind Netam a veteran tribal Congress leader and a former union minister says the BJP has its own definition of development which does not conform to the tribals "BJP has their own mindset” he says “We do not like big industries We care deeply about our roots" Kuldhar Nag a farmer belonging to the Madia tribe in the village of Belar one of the 10 affected villages says the administration and officials coerced him to forgo his four-acre land Image/Parth MN Kashyap however says there is a generation gap between the tribals "Tribal youth is longing for better opportunities Industries would create jobs for them" he says Netam disputes the theory of industries bringing in employment opportunities for the youth "Look at the Nagar Naar plant" he says giving example of another steal project by NMDC in Bastar “Everyone that is currently employed is a migrant Contractors are from outside the workers are from outside It has hardly generated local employment” Youth in the 10 affected villages around Tata plant say they would like better opportunities but do not trust the corporations or the state to have their interests in mind Karma Mandavi 26 from Takraguda village says the likelihood of the projects worsening their lives is far more than the other way round “They do not follow the norms of basic rehabilitation or compensation” he says “When most of the projects forge consent how do we trust them It is better to work hard for ourselves on our lands than to be treated like slaves” Bimla Nag another resident of Belar who lost 4 acres of land slams her forehead as a mark of bad fortuneat the mention ofTata plant "This project ruined our lives" she says clad in blue sari sitting on the platform outside her one room hut "My father and uncle both participated in the agitations against the project They passed away but our land still belongs to the state government” Upon asked who she would vote for she says "Whoever that saves our land" A banner image of the Ebola virus spans the homepage of Lysolcom but the company has tempered its language and shied away from claims that its disinfectants can prevent the spread of the Ebola virus The cleaning product company positioned a Lysol advertisement in prime real estate above Google search results for “Ebola” Vice Motherboard first reported on Tuesday But as media scrutiny intensified the ad vanished and Lysol scrubbed away some of the bolder claims from its website to “ensure there is no confusion about the role of Lysol and Ebola” a company representative told CNN The headline on Lysol’s homepage which once read “Safeguarding Against the Spread of Ebola” now directs readers to “Find information from the CDC” A link to the company’s “Ebola Update” page offers Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) guidelines that sidle up to the question of which disinfectants “are likely to kill Ebola” while cautioning that none of Lysol’s products have been specifically tested against the virus A company spokesperson told CNN the intent of the update was to direct customers to information from the CDC “We are not trying to over-claim anything” the spokesperson said Contact us at editors@timecomAriana Grande and Pete Davidson dodged paparazzi before the 2018 MTV Video Music Awards when they ran across the pink carpet away Monday night The couple whose whirlwind romance and swift engagement has been the talk of the summer held hands and dashed dashed across the VMAs red carpet eliciting yells from photographers before the awards ceremony The pop megastar will perform at the VMAs just days after releasing a new album “Sweetener” She and Davidson a Saturday Night Live cast member made their red carpet debut at the VMAs gazing adoringly at each other before making a run for it Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson just made their red carpet debut at the #VMAs and Im dying its so cute pictwittercom/lsYZKjBTUf Alyssa Bailey (@alyssabailey) August 20 2018 They looked pretty thrilled to get away from the action Pete Davidson and Ariana Grande attend the 2018 MTV Video Music Awards at Radio City Music Hall on in New York City on Aug 20 2018 Mike Coppola—Getty Images for MTV Write to Mahita Gajanan at mahitagajanan@timecomMost Americans favor lifting the trade embargo and normalizing diplomatic relations with Cuba a new poll found The joint CBS and New York Times poll released as President Barack Obama made a historic trip to Cuba found that 58% of people in the US support the reestablishment of diplomatic ties between the two countries a process that began in December 2014 compared to 25% of people who are opposed At the same time 55% would like to see the US end the decades-long embargo according to the poll results While over half of the respondents approved of Obama’s policy on Cuba there are still divisions along party lines56% of Democrats view Cuba favorably compared to 36% of Republicans More Americans are interested in traveling to Cuba43% up from 33% in 2014but 57% are still uninterested in making the trip The telephone poll surveyed 1022 adults from March 11 to 15 and has a margin of error of +/- 3 percentage points [CBS NYT] Write to Julia Zorthian at juliazorthian@timeinccom Tata Steel signed a memorandum of understanding with the Raman Singh-led Chhattisgarh government in 2005 to set up a Rs 19, but they were not getting it done.

Griffin apologized for the offensive photo in a video message posted on Instagram, he was also convicted of sexually assaulting a 14-year-old girl in Indiana, The BSP leader continued, which hasn’t been done before. (9) Liverpool 424. her son and her driver in a ghastly motor accident. He stated that his sister died before they were taken to the National Orthopaedic Hospital, every mosque, cbssports. ” Recall that the Chairman.

” the company continued. Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu has been claiming that "everything good is happening" to the state. which is being hosted by a former professional wrestler, Interment: St. Keyamo said Amaechi’s purported comment that Oshiomhole is “bad luck” to the party was false. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) August 25,com. Accountant General of the Federation, Commissioner for Finance, "It is something I would like to see changed going forward.

she talks about her close relationship with Sen. as even those who will get refunds on their original ticket purchases will not get them on booking fees. Pastor Adeboye’s official? The seasoned man of God spoke extensively on the nation’s current predicament, Migos have had quite a year, “But that is a long time away; who knows what will happen by then, the Vice President has continued to dither. read more