Twiddle, Turkuaz, Nahko & More Highlight The First-Ever Tumble Down [Audio/Gallery]

first_imgLast weekend, Vermont jam band Twiddle hosted their inaugural Tumble Down festival at the Burlington Waterfront Park. The band brought tons of great music to the town, recruiting Nahko & Medicine for the People, Cabinet, Turkuaz, Holly Bowling and more for the experience. Of course, it was the hometown group Twiddle that pulled out all the stops, bringing big jams and some great guest stars to power their four festival sets.On the first night, the big surprise was an appearance from the full horn and vocalist sections of Turkuaz, who helped Twiddle conclude their show with a rollicking version of “Funky Town.”The guests continued on night two, as Holly Bowling performed between sets and stayed on to usher the return of Twiddle. During the musical interlude, Phish keyboardist Page McConnell made a guest appearance, dabbling with Bowling and Ryan Dempsey in “When It Rains It Poors.”Watch pro-shot footage of “When It Rains It Poors,” courtesy of Frendly Productions, below.The second night show also featured Scott Zwang of Dopapod, who joined in for “Lost In The Cold” towards the end of the second set. It was a great weekend full of music and fun. Check out some of Dave DeCrescente Photography‘s images from the night below, as well as setlists (via and full audio recordings of Twiddle’s sets (via taper Mark Van Blunk), below! Load remaining images Setlist: Twiddle at Tumble Down, Burlington, VT – 7/29/16Soundcheck: Fire On HighSet 1: Blueberry Tumble, Brown Chicken Brown Cow[1], Amydst The Myst, Westcotton Candy, Zazu’s Flight, Beehop[2], HoneybursteSet 2: Fire On High, Blunderbuss, Tiberius, Every Soul, Beethoven and Greene, Carter Candlestick[3], The Catapillar> Funky Town[4]Show Notes: This show was a part of the “Festively Plump” 2016 summer tour. This was the first show of the inagural Tumble Down music festival. Annie In The Water replaced Kitchen Dwellers who had flight troubles and were unable to make their opening set. Turkuaz played prior to Twiddle and Holly Bowling played a tweener set. “Funky Town” was last played 2016-02-20 (41 Shows).[1] “Brown Chicken Brown Cow” featured Craig Brodhead (Turkuaz) on drums. [2] “Beehop” contained ‘Pawn Shop’ (Sublime) quotes from Mihali.[3] “Carter Candlestick” conained a “Get Lucky” (Daft Punk) tease and was dedicated to Mihali’s mom who was in attendance.[4] “Funky Town” featured Sammi Garett (Turkuaz) and Shira Elias (Turkuaz) on vocals. The lyrics were changed to ‘Won’t you take me to Tumble Down?’. The song also featured Chris Brouwers (Turkuaz) on trumpet/keys, Greg Sanderson (Turkuaz) on tenor sax and Josh Schwartz (Turkuaz) on brass sax.Setlist: Twiddle at Tumble Down, Burlington, VT – 7/30/16Set 1: Subconscious Prelude> Earth Mama, Brick Of Barley, Daydream Farmer, Second Wind, Indigo Trigger> Subconscious Prelude, Best Feeling[1]Set 2: Hatti’s Jam[2] -> When It Rains, It Poors[3], Dr. Remidi’s Melodium, Grandpa Fox, Lost In The Cold[4], Wasabi Eruption -> The BoxShow Notes: This show was a part of the “Festively Plump” 2016 summer tour. This was the second night of the inagural Tumble Down music festival. Cabinet opened the show followed by Nahko and Medicine For The People right before Twiddle. Holly Bowling played a tweener set.[1] “Best Feeling” contained a “Smooth Criminal” (Michael Jackson) jam.[2] “Hatti’s Jam” was started by Holly Bowling solo and slowly blended into a full band performance of “When It Rains, It Poors” featuring Holly. [3] “When It Rains, It Poors” featured Holly Bowling and Page McConnell (Phish) on keys. [4] “Lost In The Cold” featured Scott Zwang (Dopapod) on drums.All photos via Dave DeCrescente Photography; full gallery below.last_img read more

Tenacious D Announces Upcoming Sequel To Their Movie, “The Pick Of Destiny”

first_imgWhile Tenacious D may not be the most active band in the world, the comedic musical duo remains an enduring cult favorite. The core of the group is comprised of Jack Black, the unhinged, endlessly expressive vocalist we all know and love, and Kyle Gass, the legitimately talented lead guitarist and hilariously deadpan foil to Black’s comedic shenanigans.On Sunday night, during their rare performance at Shaky Knees Music Festival in Atlanta, GA, Black made the surprising announcement that their critically-panned yet culturally-adored 2006 film, Tenacious D: The Pick of Destiny, is getting a sequel. According to Billboard, Black noted from the stage, “I don’t know where you’ll be able to see it, but we have decided that it’s happening and it’s coming out.” He also mentioned that the film is likely due out in October.In another recent interview with Kerrang!, he referenced the plans for a new Tenacious D project, saying “We’ve been working on it for years. It’s a post-apocalyptic musical comedy that’s an animated series that no one wanted in Hollywood but we’re making it anyway. And it’s very cheap, and it looks cheap, but that’s what makes it funnier.” He goes on to liken the animation style (drawn by Jack himself) to those of Beavis & Butthead. “So that’s the plan, we’re making this album called Post-Apocalypto, and it’s all a story, like a rock opera like Tommy or The Wall….just like those.”Formed in L.A. in 1994, Tenacious D gained notoriety following the 1997 release of their HBO TV series, Tenacious D: The Greatest Band In The World. When HBO offered Gass and Black a renewal after a short string of episodes, they did so with the stipulation that the creators/band members would have to relinquish their executive producer credits on the show. Tenacious D declined. Instead, they went on to make a movie, 2006’s The Pick of Destiny. They have also toured extensively and shared the stage with a slew of high-profile rock stars.Much like the show, the film is a fictitious “origin story” about the real band and the unwavering bravado with which they embark on the quest to become the greatest band in the world by procuring a fabled guitar pick fashioned from the tooth of the Devil. The film eventually culminates in a “rock-off” showdown with the Devil himself, played by Dave Grohl (Foo Fighters, Nirvana). Watch the epic rock-off from The Pick of Destiny below:Tenacious D ft. Dave Grohl – Beelzeboss (The Final Showdown)We’ll be waiting with bated breath for more info about this upcoming Tenacious D project. Until then, the band is slated to perform this June at Montebello Rock Fest in Montebello, Canada. For more information, hit the Tenacious D website.[H/T – Billboard]last_img read more

Baker’s Half Dozen – Episode 8

first_imgEpisode 8 Show Notes:Introduction with Matt BakerItem 1: The Joe Rogan ExperienceLex FridmanItem 2: Next Gen. Tech. LeadersPat GelsingerItem 3: “Translatotron” End to End Speech to Speech Google AI BlogItem 4: Future of Chip ArchitecturesZDNetItem 5: IoTWSJ on how SoftBank Chip-Design Unit Yet to Conquer IoTItem 6: “Zuckerbuck”TechCrunch- Facebook Announcing Libra CryptocurrencyIteam 6.5: InceptionStephen ShanklandCloseDisagree, agree, or just chat with Matt using #BakersHalfDozenlast_img read more

Andrew Lloyd Webber Talks Why Cats Was a ‘Recipe for Disaster’

first_img View Comments The memory is living again in London as the Nicole Scherzinger-led revival of Cats is set to open in the West End on December 11. The show’s composer Andrew Lloyd Webber recently sat down with BBC One to talk the origins of the Tony-winning tuner. It turns out that the musical was inspired by one his most treasured childhood reads, TS Eliot’s Old Possum’s Book of Practical Cats, written in 1939. Watch below as the Tony-winning composer reveals how everyone in London thought the first production of the show was “a recipe for disaster,” sings “Macavity” at the piano and is asked who his favorite feline is (hint: he’s very nimble and into timekeeping).last_img read more

BRO Athletes: 4 Tips for Staying Fit at Work

first_imgTaking my first real desk job and relocating to Washington D.C. to start a job with National Geographic was a big life change for me. For my entire adult life up to that point, I had pretty much always had jobs that involved moving, not sitting (except for sitting on the back of a raft guiding), and I had always lived in small mountain towns. I was super nervous about the transition, but hopeful I could find a way to embrace this new life, while also staying happy and healthy. Thats when I decided I needed to make a change and find a way to enjoy the city while getting myself back into shape. I took a few immediate steps that have begun to pay off quickly and I have found that I can still enjoy city life and stay healthy at the same time. A year has now passed since moving to DC, and I have learned some things along the way. For starters, DC loves its Happy Hours! Just about everyday after a long day at the desk, you will likely be invited to a Happy Hour and find yourself having a great time hanging out with wonderful people and downing a few beers. And while I have never been one to say no to beer, it turns out, doing that everyday in place of that afternoon bike ride or paddle you used to take will put on a few pounds! In about 10 months of living in DC, I gained the adult version of the “freshman fifteen” and started to realize I might have embraced my new city a little too much!1) Find an Exercise Routine that Works and Make it a HabitIt’s not like I wasn’t exercising initially, but the problem was I was struggling to make it a habit. In an effort to avoid paying money for a gym, my go to exercise was jogging. The problem with that became if it was raining, or cold, or too hot, I’d find myself skipping the morning run.IMG_0819For whatever reason (maybe the fact that I was used to running through the forest on trails and not through the city on concrete), I just couldn’t get excited enough about it to go every day.In an effort to find another exercise routine that would work better for me, I broke down and decided to start paying for a gym/ exercise program. After researching numerous options in DC, I finally chose AmbitiousAthletes, a small group exercise program that promises to kick your butt and keep you having fun at the same time. Given my previous issues with getting myself to run everyday, I ultimately chose them due to this line on their website: “If you don’t notify us that you’ll be on vacation for a week, you’ll receive a phone call from us asking about why you haven’t been in to train.” The ironic part about that is that I love going so much that they haven’t had to call me once! The program philosophy combines strength training and conditioning that keeps me both engaged and challenged in a way that I have never experienced outside of training in my kayak.  I can’t say enough good things about the program. 2) Mix Up the Desk Routine After a couple of months sitting at my new desk everyday, I began to realize that I needed to mix it up. Sitting day in and day out for so many hours was not doing anything good for my body. My first move was to buy an exercise ball to sit on periodically through out the day. Being able to engage my core while sitting not only helped my focus, but it also allowed my body to at least get a little activity while I was staring at the computer screen.IMG_3871About 8 months into the job, I was able to get a standing desk which was a huge score for me. I combined it with a Fluidstance Level Board, which allows me to not only stand at my desk, but add some motion as well. Now, being able to stand, spin, sit on the ball and occasionally still sit in a regular desk chair, provides variety and requires energy which makes being at a desk all day not seem so stagnant. And while a standing desk may not be an option at every office, finding a creative way to add some movement into your desk routine will pay off. 3) Pay Attention to What You Eat (and Drink)Coming from small towns with limited restaurant options, moving to the city was amazing from a food perspective. Whatever kind of food I wanted could be found within a half mile radius of my house or office. I found myself trying new restaurants everyday and thoroughly enjoying all the culinary experiences the city had to offer. And while I’ve always been someone who ate relatively healthy, I found myself indulging more than normal, and without the same daily exercise routine, the pounds began to pile on.Along side starting at Ambitious Athletes, I also started counting my calories and generally paying more attention to what and how much food I was putting in my body. I soon realized that little things, like choosing a burrito bowl and skipping the tortilla at Chipotle, can save you 300 calories. That tortilla alone amounts to 15% of the recommended daily intake of 2,000 calories! The other big find for me by logging calories was in the beer I was drinking. I love IPA’s and I’d rather drink water than drink a Michelob Ultra, so going that direction was simply not an option. But then I discovered Session IPA’s- lower alcohol content, 25-35% fewer calories, but still have that delicious hoppy flavor!IMG_21464) Walk More One of the great perks of living in the city is being able to walk everywhere. There is rarely much need for me to drive my car (unless its to go kayaking) and my office is only 1.5 miles from my house so an easy distance to walk. That said, after a couple months here, I found myself finding excuses for reasons to take the bus. Not all the time, but often enough. And then I realized maybe the most valuable piece of information of all- on average, for every 2 miles you walk, you burn off the calories of one Session IPA! So if I want to be able to enjoy my favorite post-work beverage, I need to make sure I put in my walking miles each day. That might mean walking to/ from work, or taking Karl (my ridiculously handsome dog) on an extra stroll to our favorite park. I feel like since its wasn’t a heart pumping, sweat inducing exercise, I often overlooked just what an added health benefit walking could be. So there you have it- my personal journey of adjusting to a desk job and city living while finding ways to maintain better health and still get out and enjoy what DC has to offer. Please keep in mind, I am no expert on these matters, and have just simply been trying to find ways that work for me, though everyone is different and will have their own path and opinion for bettering their own personal health. The takeaway (I hope) is to be aware of your body and look for ways to add more movement and healthier eating into your everyday routine.[divider]The BRO Athlete Series is Brought to You By[/divider]BROAthleteBannerAdLearn more about:The Hub and Pisgah Tavern, Crozet Running, Bold Rock Cidery, and Blue Ridge Cyclery. Related Articles:last_img read more

Rumsey Punch: Cuomo Saved by Party Leaders, Checkbook

first_imgIn the end the pundits’ predictions proved right—Gov. Andrew Cuomo and his lieutenant pick, Kathy Hochul, did prevail in the Democratic primary. But nobody imbued with conventional wisdom came close to forecasting how many votes the political newcomers Zephyr Teachout and her running mate Tim Wu would collect when all the dust settled. Their impact was huge, almost historic. Teachout, a Fordham law professor, got just under 35 percent of the vote, more than the 20.5 percent Lenora B. Fulani recorded in her 1994 primary bid against Andrew’s father, Mario, and more than the 33.7 percent that Mary Anne Krupsak won in her 1978 race against Gov. Hugh Carey. As the New York Times put it, she was “on pace to record the strongest challenge to an incumbent governor since primaries for the office were established in New York in 1970.”Teachout certainly gave Cuomo a run for his money all over the state, according to news reports, as she took a broad swath of counties from New York City’s northern suburbs all the way up the Hudson Valley and west of Syracuse. She even triumphed in Albany County, presumably one of the incumbent’s strongholds. Cuomo won on Long Island (63-32 in Nassau and 54-42 in Suffolk), Manhattan, and did manage to carry Westchester County, where he lives with his girlfriend, TV culinary star Sandra Lee, but his showing elsewhere revealed how disenchanted with him his own party members have become. What this means for his race in November against Westchester County Executive Rob Astorino, the Republican who’s been trailing Cuomo by 30 points in some polls, remains to be seen. Cuomo may have to tilt further to the left to bring those Democrats who supported his rivals back to the polls.In Wu’s first race, he got 40 percent against Hochul, a former Congresswoman from the Buffalo region—not enough to undo the minor party ballots in November, but certainly close enough to give the powerbrokers a scare. Superwuster, as he’s known on Twitter, even took Manhattan.In the end, Cuomo’s support from the party leaders and the established unions was enough to offset Teachout and Wu’s “more passionate” voters—as she described them, much to his reported displeasure.But his victory in this round didn’t come cheap. The Washington Post reported that Cuomo spent $42.64 for every vote he got and Teachout spent about $1.57 for hers. Measured on the grounds of fiscal prudence, her campaign was far more cost-effective—if you don’t count the fact she lost. Of course, Cuomo had more money to burn. According to the New York Board of Elections, he said he had about $30.5 million on hand, while Teachout had about $600,000.Did money talk in this race or did it swear? Depends on who you ask. Sign up for our COVID-19 newsletter to stay up-to-date on the latest coronavirus news throughout New York #454970840 / gettyimages.comlast_img read more

AC Milan preparing audacious two-year loan bid to sign Lucas Torreira from Arsenal

first_img Comment Torreira’s former manager at Sampdoria Marco Giampaolo is the new AC Milan boss (Picture: Getty)Torreira reaffirmed his commitment to Arsenal earlier this week, saying: ‘Nobody from AC Milan has got in touch with me, today I’m in the Premier [League] and happy to be part of the Arsenal.AdvertisementAdvertisement‘It cost me the adaptation, it’s not easy, but I only think about that team. I’m happy to be there.’Nevertheless, Milan appear to be growing increasingly confident that they can lure him back to Serie A as they bid to assemble a squad capable of finishing in the top-four next season.Giampaolo has also been linked with moves for Sampdoria duo Dennis Praet and Joachim Andersen, both of whom are reportedly on Unai Emery’s transfer wishlist.It seems unlikely that Arsenal would be willing to allow Torreira to leave on loan considering they spent £23m to sign him from Sampdoria a year ago while he impressed overall during his debut season.More: FootballRio Ferdinand urges Ole Gunnar Solskjaer to drop Manchester United starChelsea defender Fikayo Tomori reveals why he made U-turn over transfer deadline day moveMikel Arteta rates Thomas Partey’s chances of making his Arsenal debut vs Man CityEmery is also operating under a strict transfer budget of around £45m this summer and he would have to find a replacement for Torreira if he were allowed to depart.Although Torreira’s form dipped towards the end of last season, he still made 34 Premier League appearances for the Gunners, scoring two goals and registering two assists.More: Arsenal FCArsenal flop Denis Suarez delivers verdict on Thomas Partey and Lucas Torreira movesThomas Partey debut? Ian Wright picks his Arsenal starting XI vs Manchester CityArsene Wenger explains why Mikel Arteta is ‘lucky’ to be managing Arsenal AC Milan are keen to bring Lucas Torreira back to Italy this summer (Picture: Getty)AC Milan are accelerating their interest in Lucas Torreira and aim to test Arsenal’s resolve with a two-year loan bid and an option to buy for the combative midfielder.According to Sky in Italy, Milan are looking to offer £4.5m to take Torreira on loan until the end of the 2020-21 campaign with a view to making it permanent for an additional £25m fee.The 23-year-old, who played for Pescara and Sampdoria prior to joining Arsenal last summer, is said to be interested in a return to Italy after struggling to settle in London.Milan’s appointment of Marco Giampaolo is another attraction for Torreira as he flourished during two seasons working with the Italian tactician in his time with Sampdoria.ADVERTISEMENT Metro Sport ReporterThursday 27 Jun 2019 12:37 pmShare this article via facebookShare this article via twitterShare this article via messengerShare this with Share this article via emailShare this article via flipboardCopy link298Shares AC Milan preparing audacious two-year loan bid to sign Lucas Torreira from Arsenal Advertisement Advertisementlast_img read more

Arsenal set to complete deal for winger George Lewis

first_imgArsenal set to complete deal for winger George Lewis Mikel Arteta is set to have a limited budget this summer (Picture: Getty)Arsenal look set to finalise a move for Norwegian winger George Lewis after he impressed the club on a two-week trial, according to reports.The 19-year-old is a free agent after leaving Norwegian side Tromso and the Gunners would therefore not need to pay a fee to sign the teenager.Lewis spent a fortnight on loan with the Gunners earlier this year and was at Arsenal’s 1-0 win against West Ham in March as a guest of the club.The winger clearly impressed as Goal report that Arsenal are now in advanced talks over a move to the club and it’s unlikely that there will be any problem in signing the youngster.AdvertisementAdvertisementADVERTISEMENTShould he sign, it’s likely that Lewis would join up with Steve Bould’s U23s where he’ll compete for a place in Arteta’s first team set-up. Advertisement Metro Sport ReporterThursday 7 May 2020 7:20 pmShare this article via facebookShare this article via twitterShare this article via messengerShare this with Share this article via emailShare this article via flipboardCopy link8.6kShares Comment Arteta was impressed by Lewis (Picture: Getty)Lewis was initially handed a seven-day trial but he impressed enough to convince the club to take a look at him in a second week.Arteta is keen on adding more flair to his side this summer having lost the likes of Henrikh Mkhitaryan and Alex Iwobi last summer.The Spaniard is trying to convince Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang to stay at the club but Arsenal face interest from Barcelona, who are fully aware that the Gabon international has just 14 months left on his deal.More: FootballRio Ferdinand urges Ole Gunnar Solskjaer to drop Manchester United starChelsea defender Fikayo Tomori reveals why he made U-turn over transfer deadline day moveMikel Arteta rates Thomas Partey’s chances of making his Arsenal debut vs Man CityArteta could be tempted to cash in on the £35m-rated forward to fund moves for the likes of Thomas Partey from Atletico Madrid.The Spaniard is facing a difficult summer and had been expected to be handed a limited budget before the coronavirus pandemic hit.MORE: Thierry Henry reveals why he wanted Liverpool to match Arsenal Invincibles Advertisementlast_img read more

Thornton catches Cordes for opening night Arnold Motor Supply Dirt Knights checkers

first_imgRicky Thornton Jr. took the $2,000 checkers in Monday’s Arnold Motor Supply Dirt Knights IMCA Modified Tour opener at Benton County Speedway. (Photo by Tyler Rinken)VINTON, Iowa (May 28) – A rare visit to Benton County Speedway resulted in a frequent result for Ricky Thornton Jr.Thornton passed race-long leader Troy Cordes following a late restart and led the last four laps in winning Monday’s Arnold Motor Supply Dirt Knights Tour feature for IMCA Modifieds. The checkers in the tour lidlifter were good for $2,000.“I had a really good run on the restart and was thinking I’d either win or finish last,” Thornton said of the roll-the-dice pass on the high side of the oval. “I had pretty good car and made a couple strong runs but might have to have settled for second without that restart.”Cordes led the first 26 circuits from his outside pole start. Jarrett Brown headed the pursuit through the first half of the race before Thornton made his way to second following a caution at midway.Hunter Marriott passed Thornton on lap 19 and challenged Cordes before going off the backstretch four laps later.That put Thornton back in second and in position to catch Cordes. His margin of victory was electronically timed at just over a second and a half; Brown, Ethan Dotson and Joel Rust rounded out the top five while Marriott raced back to sixth.The tour win was Thornton’s first in 10 career starts. His one previous victory at Benton County Speedway came at the Frostbuster two years ago.“Winning tonight was huge for us,” Thornton said following his ninth 2018 Fast Shafts All-Star Invitational ballot qualifying victory. “We wanted to see how tonight worked out. We’re definitely going to keep following the tour.”The next race will be one for the history books regardless of who takes the checkers, as the tour makes its first-ever trip out of state, for the $10,000 to win Clash at the Creek at 141 Speedway in Francis Creek, Wis., on June 20 and 21.Thirty-six Modifieds were entered in the Memorial Day event at Vinton.Jeff Mueller outran John Oliver Jr. and Scooter Dulin in a green, white, checkered finish to the IMCA Sunoco Stock Car main.Leah Wroten led all but the opening lap in winning the IMCA Sunoco Hobby Stock feature. Brett Vanous was second and Justin Wacha third.Joe Docekal took over up front just before midway and won the Karl Chevrolet Northern SportMod feature ahead of Joey Schaefer and Sam Wieben.Feature ResultsModifieds – 1. Ricky Thornton Jr.; 2. Troy Cordes; 3. Jarrett Brown; 4. Ethan Dotson; 5. Joel Rust; 6. Hunter Marriott; 7. Darin Duffy; 8. Scott Hogan; 9. Kelly Shryock; 10. Bryce Garnhart; 11. Shane DeMey; 12. Todd Shute; 13. John Parmeley; 14. Kyle Brown; 15. Ronn Lauritzen; 16. Josh Most; 17. David Brown; 18. Matt Short; 19. Jeff James; 20. T.J. Smith; 21. Eric Barnes; 22. Brock Bauman; 23. Brad Dierks; 24. Corey Dripps.Stock Cars – 1. Jeff Mueller; 2. John Oliver Jr.; 3. Scooter Dulin; 4. Norman Chesmore; 5. Shane Ebaugh; 6. Dean Kratzer; 7. Kevin Rose; 8. Russell Damme Jr.; 9. Lonnie Mercer; 10. Bob Ahrendsen; 11. Dustin Vis; 12. Damon Murty.Hobby Stocks – 1. Leah Wroten; 2. Brett Vanous; 3. Justin Wacha; 4. Jacob Floyd; 5. Matt Brown; 6. Mike Kimm; 7. Tonia Stevens; 8. Kyle Dulin; 9. Jeremiah Andrews.Northern SportMods – 1. Joe Docekal; 2. Joey Schaefer; 3. Sam Wieben; 4. Kyle Olson; 5. Austen Becerra; 6. Tyler Soppe; 7. Ethan Braaksma; 8. Shane Paris; 9. Justin Becker; 10. Ryan King; 11. Danny Dvorak; 12. Randy Lamar; 13. Richard Nelson; 14. Brady Hilmer; 15. James Roose; 16. Daniel Campbell; 17. Chuck Lewis; 18. Jacob Ellithorpe; 19. Ben Chapman; 20. Gage Neal; 21. Duane Roth; 22. Tony Olson; 23. Brandon Tharp; 24. Tom Lathrop; 25. Jared Waterman; 26. Chase Rudolf; 27. Dale Kite.last_img read more

Woods roars back into contention

first_img The American, who pulled out of last week’s Honda Classic midway through his final round because of injury, produced his best round for some considerable time to shoot a six-under-par 66. That put him just three strokes off the lead set by compatriot Patrick Reed but Woods, who has won four times at this venue before it was extensively remodelled for this year’s tournament, is the favourite heading into the last day. World number one Tiger Woods put his back problem well behind him to shoot the round of the week on Doral’s Blue Monster course and put himself in contention for an eighth WGC-Cadillac Championship. And though he is still not 100% fit Woods proved he is still capable of producing the form which made him the most feared golfer on the planet. “I was pretty sore last night but I’m having treatment day and my therapists are doing a fantastic job of getting me out here and playing and that’s probably my most complete round (of the year),” he said in his post-round press conference. “My swing is coming around. I just need to get healthy enough to put the club in that position. “It was nice to get back in the tournament again. I held it together yesterday on a long, tough day and that gave me a chance: I was only six back and I thought that was definitely do-able. “I got my speed right (on the greens) and I hit the ball better and left myself in good spots. “It is a totally golf course today, Yesterday was not what we intended it to be. Today it is so much more playable.” Woods’ tally of eight birdies was better than he had managed in the first two days and with just two bogeys he lifted himself to one under, within touching distance of the lead. His iron play was particularly impressive, hitting approaches to third, fifth, eighth, 11th and also his tee shot at the short 15th to within 15 feet. Reed, who has held at least a share of the lead every day, shot a three-under 69, which included a 41-foot eagle putt at the eighth, to reach four under. Compatriots Jason Dufner and Hunter Mahan are both two under after rounds of 68 and 71 respectively with Welshman Jamie Donaldson tied with Woods for fourth on one under after a 71. “I am enjoying myself. It is a tough battle out there as the course is playing really difficult,” Donaldson told Sky Sports. “I am getting slowly more used to playing golf over here. I just need to make a few more putts.” Northern Irishman Graeme McDowell let things slip slightly as he dropped from one under to one over after a 73 but compatriot Rory McIlroy fared even worse. He had two double-bogey sevens on the par fives at eight and 10 after finding the water but improved the look of his card slightly with a chip-in birdie from the side of the 18th to finish with a 75 for three over par. Press Associationlast_img read more