Xiamen area innovation more than 228 innovative initiatives benefits

innovation and development is not only based on the slogan, but also by some cities to apply to practice, such as the Xiamen area is one of the best examples. Listed more than a year, since the Fujian Xiamen trade zone area launched 228 innovative initiatives, 190 innovative initiatives informed of the province in the Xiamen area of 95, 33 is a national initiative; in total more than 20 thousand new enterprises, registered capital of about 360000000000 yuan; 1-10 months of this year, to achieve GDP341.65 billion yuan, an increase of 11.1%, import and export of 108 billion 720 million yuan, an increase of 6.8%.

simplify, the market is more active

in Xiamen area, the changes brought about by reform and innovation is being transformed into visible data, the release of tangible benefits. With the help of international trade, a single window platform, a ship can be reduced by about 4 hours of processing time, a total of 257 pages of documents, each year to create tens of millions of dollars to create benefits…… A statistical data through Xiamen Ocean Shipping Agency Co. Ltd., Yueranzhishang trade zone changes since the reform and innovation of "simplified".

benchmarking Singapore, international trade, a single window has become a major highlight of the reform and innovation in Xiamen area, was named as one of the best practice in the FTA test area in the Ministry of Commerce in 2015, in the country to promote replication.

according to statistics, the Xiamen area of the platform to deal with the number of documents to break 110 thousand votes, nearly 3 million votes in the month, ranking first in the country’s 4 FTA test area. Currently, the 2 edition of the platform is under construction, will be completed by the end of the year. Planning and construction of the declaration of goods, transportation tools, financial services and other seven plates 87 application services, has been running on the line 65.

reporting link reduction, approval time compression, Xiamen area through a series of subtraction for the enterprise deregulation, stimulate market vitality.

a field of food and medicine as the focus of the license separation pilot reform is accelerating the region. Inform the management mode of the promise of a new examination and approval system through innovation, implementation of the classified management of small restaurants, small workshops, food and beverage and food industry to simplify approval and bidding procedures and other measures, this reform has benefited 1.2 enterprises.

in addition, also the first implementation of the "gauge" city management system, to achieve organic integration of urban and rural land use and environmental protection related to space planning, to promote the approval process reengineering, issued from the project proposal to the construction permit, to declare the link from the original 24 to 4, the number of time compressed nearly 70%.

from front to back, the investment is more open

in Haicang Park, Taiwan standard food (Xiamen) Co., Ltd. sunflower oil construction project is nearing completion, recommended

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