You want to do business should also pay attention to the quality of service

even if it is the same commodity, now the choice of the space is very large, this is not good, there is another choice. Therefore, if you want to get the recognition of customers, service quality is more important, but also should get the attention of business people, so that their business will get better development.


dealer to the surrounding retail store delivery, to ensure the quality of all the products, service quality also plays a big role, do not think that their source is stable, service attitude has declined, it is only with his own petard.


of the dealer is a retired worker at the age of 60, agent a variety of beer, liquor, beverages, pure water, away from the relatively recent, sometimes a phone call in the past less than 10 minutes of arrival, the quality of goods is also very positive, usually fairly good service attitude; but, as the weather gets warmer, many more retail demand, especially the arrival of summer, beer, beverage, pure water has become the biggest demand this season, so the dealer delivery task becomes very heavy, not stop the time, sometimes refused to eat meal. Due to fatigue and busy, service attitude has declined;

goods prices are common, but every time the goods sent to the different prices, I would have to ask a sentence: "go up again? This time the price increases do not know when to stabilize some?" Asked only to vent their frustration for some price of the wind, and it filled with complaints dealers answer but let me die;

"is up again? I this morning and night, my old man is exhausted, sent to your home, you think I’m going to rise?"

beer bottles and I do not know the case, a pack of 2 drops a hair, the next drop of 2 hair, and sometimes back to the bottle will lose a few dollars, but can not accept the dealer in front of me vent grievances. In the course of time, I began to his goods less, in fact, there are a lot of home delivery, the same quality, good service attitude, we want a comfortable, why should his complaints?

recently sold out the liquor. In order to get him to pull the beer bottle, I called him again and said, "please bring me some boxes of liquor." "Well, all right, just a minute." This time the answer is obviously softer than the previous attitude a lot, to come very quickly, and the off-season back of the beer bottle is also higher than the season when a pack rose 4 cents, which shows what? The original quality of service alienated the customer, and now the off-season, to less goods, but also to ease the relationship as much as possible!

a lot of store business has been very good, but because the owner of the quality of service problems, resulting in poor business shop. So, whether it’s a big dealer, or a small retail store, business

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