Chengdu travel net about car platform net brush single quilt

people in the travel time, will choose to take a taxi, the car is about the way people travel, to bring more surprises. Chengdu has tens of thousands of drivers, the flow of tens of millions of water operating platform for more than six months, there is hardly a single real ride! In this platform registered "driver" relying on the simple single brush can get up to 47% of the income, many drivers involved in earning large quantities of gold each day, this attractive game.

according to media reports, as well as Red Star News reporter survey data show that only in Chengdu there are hundreds of drivers involved, involving an amount of more than 3000 yuan. In the country is spread to Beijing, Shanghai, Anhui, Hainan and other provinces and cities, involving a total amount of hundreds of millions of dollars. Currently, Beijing, Chengdu and other places the police have been involved in the investigation.


platform to promote sales: recharge points can be returned when the amount of

2016 in June, a road trip, the about the car platform operating on the line. Its official website, which is a collection of car travel, hotel reservations, entertainment and other functions as one of the APP. September 2016, the road trip announced on the line in Chengdu beta. Not long after, Chengdu about the driver of the car in the middle of a car driver in a group of WeChat drivers know the way to travel agents in Chengdu Zhong Dechao and Zheng Bin. Qin master told reporters: Zhong Dechao and Zheng Bin continue to introduce this new about the car platform in the group, said it was a chance to earn money and invited me to join."

whether it is business or consumers, people choose to know a new thing, it will win people’s recognition, to give people more assurance. After the end of this wave of activity, it is the Spring Festival holiday, the driver can not mention now, when they did not think there is any problem. But after the Spring Festival, February 6th to February 9th, the driver side master Qin login account, "that now appear Caton phenomenon, and to the present time, time to go grab it may now succeed, those days basically only half of the driver can withdraw cash.

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