How to join the new year dumplings net

New Year approaching, whether it is already home or still keep in the job, whether can wait to go home to eat mother dumplings. Xiaobian tell you, of course, have to eat dumplings. If you want to invest in a dumpling shop may wish to consider the brand.

dumplings was founded in April 6, 2000, in October 17, 2002 by the State Administration for Industry and commerce, "new year" trademark certification. June 2004 to participate in the government organized by the characteristics of snacks rating, in one fell swoop from nearly two catering enterprises stand out, becoming one of the twenty characteristics snacks. By the end of 2004, and participated in the "Manhanquanxi national dumplings contest", with absolute advantage won the contest only a silver medal, recognition and praise from the people.

for a long time we are in the "brand of survival, integrity and development, to create quality standards, to management efficiency" business purpose, quality concept to more efficient, more convenient, more nutritious and more delicious, more health ", gradually standardize the development of today has a distribution center, more than and 10 chain stores the chain, more than and 200 employees. So how to join the dumplings?

how to join the new year dumplings

join conditions:

1, have a legal identity card, applicants and family health, no infectious diseases and mental illness;

2, agree with the company’s business philosophy, have engaged in food and beverage enthusiasm;

3, approval of the headquarters of the management, approved by the headquarters of the rules and regulations;

4, willing to participate in the headquarters of the training, and to ensure compliance with the headquarters of the management;

5, with the opening of a store funds;

6, with a certain degree of ability to coordinate external relations or social basis;

7, be able to work -time as a store manager or appoint a -time manager, responsible for the daily store management;

8, willing to consciously maintain the "new year" brand image;

9, with a strong entrepreneurial spirit, have some management experience.

join process

first step, telephone consultation or online inquiries related to join conditions;

the second step, fill in the "new year to join the application form," the identity of the

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