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shop, will certainly encounter a customer credit situation, however, its work is actually a very important management work, if not done in place, for the operation of shops will be very bad. In short, in the daily operation, for some half will not bear the credit; debts, we usually take the form of accounting treatment. Although this way of keeping us away from a lot of trouble, but some problems but also can not avoid accounting.

old Yu, the people behind the village, but also an old store customers. Due to many years of cooperation, coupled with this man’s reputation, so he often encountered do not convenient to store credit points what time, we would never refuse. What about us? It is estimated that the trust established over the years, so that he came to the store no matter what to buy, we always say how much money he paid. The same is true for the checkout bill. Most of the time, even if you don’t look at it, it’s torn to pieces.

yesterday evening old Yu again checked out, or the same as before: the first oral check; finally the checkout to pay. Just because of the old Yu checkout that will continue to have customers in and out to buy things, so this account is basically by the author and her husband together with the old two. Old metaphor! It is the same as before, in after the account is at a glance the IOUs to tear a crush. For we let him take a look at the proposal, he said: This is what nice Sha? Will you give me more than a point? This is the end of the matter! From now on, things are far from over.

at the end of the store later, I took two children home. Can not go home for a while, the husband let the author of the old Yu’s account and then a copy, so that the next day with the old Yu check the phone hit back. Also feel strange, I asked her husband to do so. Really do not ask do not know, a question to know: the original, after the end of the account is also at home idle nothing, the old Yu will be the memory of the account one by one to write down and check.

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, to finally find more than and 500 Yuan account couldn’t mesh to doubt is not known, we made a mistake. So, the phone will be questioned hit the store, but because I had to go home, and her husband? Although with the old Yu. He also participated in the checkout, but leave with the old Yu checkout, he statement items are completely forgot, with the old Yu nuclear reconciliation and it falls on the head.

fortunately, because the interval between these two things is not very long. So the old metaphor of the bill was quickly drawn up by the author. However, with the bill to be re drawn, the author also quickly guess the old Yu doubt lies – a soft treasure Yellow Crane Tower. Because in the oral examination yesterday, other items are basically not waiting for the author to open the mouth, the old Yu has already said

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