The three key elements of entrepreneurship is what all the business

choose what kind of road, which may have a direct impact on their future life development. Now because a lot of people do not love life, to turn to for themselves; their hands to create their own cause; the maturity of the market have to say that it brings a big challenge to all want to start, want to succeed in business is not a simple thing; so if we are undertaking you need to pay attention to what, in the early start we need to prepare what elements, this has also become the concern of the entrepreneurs.


want to invest our costs will not make sense, then we need to make adequate preparations for the entrepreneurs in the business, so that they can Everything is going smoothly. on the road of entrepreneurship. In fact, for their own people, the most crucial factor is mainly in three aspects, one is the cost, one is the market, there is a consumer group characteristics; so if we are undertaking these three aspects need to understand what?

input cost

when we venture in the choice of the project, the first element of nature is our investment cost; cost accounting for us in the early days is better yourself to do a detailed cost estimate, we look at the start-up capital is not enough for us to support our project on track; of course we pay attention in the calculation of cost in time to try to look a bit too far, not simply to spend it in front of some.

is our first investment project started to store renovation costs, manpower costs, material costs, publicity costs; and we also consider their store in the process of development, how long does it take to be able to enter the profit model, and the cost in the development process of the propaganda and the cost the daily operation of various aspects, to choose a suitable project to ensure our own investment projects to support to our store on track for us; otherwise we will face the loss of business results.



market, in fact, it contains more content; we should look at the development of this industry first; if we choose is a relatively mature industry, so we must consider the number of stores in this industry, and the sales situation of the industry, is not already saturated state.


is oversupply is not necessary choice; if some of the emerging project selection, we also need to pay attention to their own needs; to recognize these projects is not suitable for the purpose of its development direction of the market overall, while people in this regard the concept of consumption in recent years will not be affected by some external factors and change.

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