Open a shop is the flow of what Korean cuisine

Korean Trend in China for more than ten years, and now has become an indispensable element of life in the Chinese people’s lives, many people have turned to the Korean market, such as Korean food. But the opening of a Korean restaurant is not so easy, you need to accumulate sufficient reserves of knowledge in order to practice the best. So how to open a Korean restaurant? Specific steps are as follows:

first, market analysis and positioning. Analysis of the status quo of Korean cuisine market and competitors, to find out the market vacancy and the weakness of competitors, so as to determine their own market positioning.

second to raise funds. There are many ways to raise funds, including bank loans, to borrow money from relatives and friends, find partners, the use of commercial credit to raise funds and other forms. To raise funds in accordance with the Korean food stores the size of planned investment, combined with its ability to do what, choose the appropriate way of raising money.

third, site selection. On the basis of food stores for Korean market positioning to find suitable values to determine the target consumer groups, and has management standardization, simplification and specialization based location as Korean food store location.

fourth, decoration. Including the production of signs, hall, private rooms, cashier, bar, kitchen, bathroom layout, wall painting, lighting, table chairs, cutlery, etc., are to be completed at this stage. In particular, we must pay attention to the design of the kitchen, we must meet the convenience of operation.

fifth, equipment purchase. Including kitchen equipment, hall equipment, bar and cashier equipment, kitchen utensils and hall appliances, home appliances, office supplies, decorations, overalls, etc.. The style of these devices, colors, such as the Korean restaurant with a unified style of the overall decoration. Of course, the use of convenience is the basis for the purchase.

sixth, document management. Public security permit, fire control license, business license, health permit, etc.. In order to improve efficiency, license management and other matters can be handled together.

seventh, manpower. According to the business area, business hours, shift arrangement, turnover and other factors to determine the number of employees, and reasonable arrangements for the management team and service group allocation, to avoid the waste of labor and labor costs.

eighth, management system development. Nothing can be accomplished without norms or standards。 Including the code of conduct, cashier, cashier guarantee system, punishment system entry, salary, welfare, insurance, work injury, leave, resignation, there are definite rules and regulations, in order to realize the system of restaurant and standardized management.

ninth, vendor management. Suppliers include alcohol and tobacco

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