At the age of 4 was sentenced to life imprisonment a case is probably the most absurd

is it inconceivable that a four year old boy could have murdered four people and had been killed by plotting to kill the other 8?. What is the story of the 4 year old life sentence?

[4] was sentenced to life imprisonment for the murder of 4 people, planned to kill 8 people, 4 year old Egyptian children due to a number of outrageous charges was sentenced to life imprisonment. This is probably a case of the most absurd.

2 18, the Jerusalem Post reported that a court in Cairo this week due to a number of charges sentenced to a boy of only 4 years in prison. The 4 year old Mansoor Ahmed · · (Ahmed  Mansour  Karni; calni) was included in the list of 116 people to life imprisonment, the crime is a deliberate murder, disturb and damage state property.

however Egypt Court seems to "2 year olds" do not doubt. 16 this month, although Ahmed did not appear in court, the court sentenced him to life imprisonment. The boy’s defense lawyer Ramadan · (Ramadan  Farhat) presented to the court the birth certificate of Ahmed to emphasize the age of the court, but the court ignored the material of the.

"judge estimated that even cases did not carefully read." He added.

this staggering decision quickly in Egypt on the social networking site set off an uproar. Internet users shelling the judicial system and the unfairness and corruption of the government. Egyptian lawyers, journalists and others to describe this judgment is a blind ridiculous, saying it was the Egyptian judiciary’s most absurd decision".

"Egypt justice now is not saved, Egypt has no justice at all. There is no logic, no reason, Egypt is crazy. This is how a bunch of deranged people are making a verdict." Egyptian lawyer Mohamed (Mohammed  Abu  Hurira) is filled with righteous indignation.

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