Entrepreneurs how to open up the market

for many entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs in the early, have a good market research is a very important thing, especially in the whole process of entrepreneurship, the market is often the ultimate success of the entrepreneurship shop.

second strokes: to find market opportunities in

the United States Philip, Cotler and other 3 co authored a new book "competition", on the successful experience in international marketing companies in Japan have been studied in detail, and puts forward 5 concrete methods of looking for opportunities to enter the market.

1. looking for off the shelf opportunities. In the choice of the target market to be hit, we must first find those forgotten market segments, in these markets stand firm, and further expand the market.

2. creates new opportunities. That is not "copy" to imitate the products of others, but through their development and innovation, innovation attitude in the target market, to give consumers the feeling of novelty, stimulate new psychological needs.

3. creative marketing. Any product has a technical breakthrough, to enter a new market is not the only factor in the new product, and sometimes can be part of some products to improve, you can improve marketing capabilities.

4. adapt and change customer preferences. To enter the market not only need to know what the consumer needs of the market, what they love, but also can create customer needs, through advertising to change the customer’s hobby, or establish a new concept of consumption.

5. understand competitors and learn from competitors. A Japanese company produces the competitors of automatic dishwashing machine into his laboratory, the dishwasher’s performance, the quantity of parts, the cost structure were evaluated, and each parts were determined, and determine its design merits, understand competitors technical ability, production equipment and sales system. On the basis of understanding and mastering the specific circumstances of the other side, the design of better performance products, which entered the market to create a good condition. In general, to expand the market to find the opportunity to enter the market, while looking for opportunities requires entrepreneurs have observation, comprehensive analysis and imagination, "Miss recommended

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