Creating wealth with labor and changing fortunes with Entrepreneurship

as long as the heart has a dream, all the hardships of life will come out. Three poor college students in the countryside, start empty-handed entrepreneurship dream, who dares to rush, the development of mushroom greenhouses with entrepreneurial career, change the fate, with a wealth of labor.

11 23, office of the Shanxi Agricultural University School of economics and trade, Tian Navy seemed stiff, "in the eyes of others, the rural poor and backward, I a from the rural areas out of college students, reading many books back to the countryside, really nothing. But I do not think so, the vast rural areas, the greater the space to rise, you can accomplish much." />

2010, admitted to agriculture, waiting for admission in this period of time, in a large local brick factory, start the work of moving bricks. School, earned 4500 yuan tuition. Taking into account the difficulties of their own family, after the entrance of the field to raise more than 10 thousand yuan, borrowed more than $10, opened a canteen in the school. At the same time, spare time is still in the school several construction sites do earthen tile live, 60 yuan a day income. In this way, not only to meet their own costs, but also appropriate to subsidize the home.

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