Cigarette displays which matters needing attention

although the operators of each cigarette shop are trying to learn how to do a good job of cigarette display, but also learned a lot of skills. But most of the time, often because some attention did not pay attention to, it is possible to make cigarette display work is not in place, and thus affect the development of the entire smoke Hotel business. Then, the cigarette displays what note?

1, the sample should be fully displayed, the sample smoke vacancies to be filled in time. General use counter display cigarette at least Liesi Chen more varieties of each line to display the volume reached 11 to 12 species per square metre; such as shelves display each line to display the cigarettes for at least more than eight brands, in order to avoid the monotonous and unobtrusive display; when the display sample by the customer to buy smoke go after pay attention to replenish, OTC, prevent the cigarette vacancies generated supply insufficiency, cigarette store impression cigarette out of stock to a customer.

2, pay attention to counters, shelves of health. The general store is located more than place on the roadside or flow of large population, resulting in more dust, should pay attention to keep the counter clean, adhere to the "two day" sweep ", often finishing samples of smoke, to create a good shopping environment, ensure the counter clean inside and outside appearance, due to smoke samples stored for a long time, change the time to clean up the replacement.

3, insist on the implementation of the price tag. Put the price tag to a kind of cigarette and in the vertical direction, is conducive to the customer of the cigarette brand, price, origin and other information at a glance, to stimulate the customers desire to buy; at the same time can express customer: business standard shop, in order to give people a sense of trust genuine goods at a fair price. It should be noted that the cigarette price tag should be placed in a prominent position, the label should be written neatly, standardized, give a person a real feeling. In case of loss, damage or label brand new arrival to contact the local area manager, to facilitate the timely compensation by the price tag.

The actual operation of

each store will be different, but also need to treat specific conditions, or even small in here to point, this work will be carried out, so the retail customers really appreciate the kind of specification of cigarette price tag, carry out good also need our service personnel in the daily visit guide the relentless propaganda and patience of customers, I believe that in the near future through our mutual efforts, this work will be for our retail customers in cigarette sales in the great role in promoting.

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