A little tea shop cost and profitability analysis

What kind of

catering to join to join the project brand more popular with consumers, Xiaobian this emerging industry is still the hot tea, tea industry has also led to the birth of a large number of tea brand, of which a little tea is a very famous project, high quality and multi variable products to conquer all kinds of consumers, the market. Continuously. More and more entrepreneurs began to plan to join a little milk tea, a little milk to join the fee how much money is the most concerned about this issue, in a little bit of tea on the official website of a little tea to join the cost of detailed instructions.

a little milk join cost analysis

One of the cost of

is equipment input. Tea shop used in refrigerator, sealing machine, Smoothie machine, stainless steel bucket, electric cooker, electric water heater, utensils, strainer, Straw barrels, save various flavors of fruit powder storage bottle, cup of cold water, juice bottles, flat tea spoon, stainless steel shaker and so on, these basic equipment investment of about 1-3 million yuan.

two of the cost of raw material inputs. All kinds of bags of fruit powder, creamer, coconut, pearl, Black Tea bag, Straw, disposable cups, concentrated juice, Black Tea, Green Tea and so on, the purchase of raw materials in about 3000-20000 yuan. (depending on how much you want to store your goods, store sales to determine)

Three of the cost of

is the industrial and commercial expenses, staff salaries and utilities. Four of the cost, but also accounted for the bulk of the number of rent and renovation costs. According to the actual situation, the more prosperous the location of the higher the rent.

a little milk profit analysis

to 5 yuan a cup of tea, for example, the cost is $1.7 to $2.3, which is more than 60% profit margins, each selling a cup of pearl milk tea, the cost of the day can be recovered.


tea shop in the off-season sales average daily more than 100 to 8 yuan per cup, cup 6 to calculation, daily turnover in 600 to 800 yuan, while the daily operating costs, including materials and rent, as long as 300 to 400 yuan.

pearl tea raw material is relatively simple, is to add milk and some tea pearl, the cost of a cup of tea is only about 3 to about 5, while the market price is generally in the 3-5 yuan, considerable profit.

a little milk tea equipment costs

1. freezer: 2000-2500

(refrigerated, frozen)

2. sand ice

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