Entrepreneurial approach join the chain VS independent Entrepreneurship

entrepreneurship shop when the boss, this is a dream of many people. We say we want to start a business. Today, the more common two entrepreneurial way: to join the chain of entrepreneurship and entrepreneurship. A lot of people in the tangle is a good or good business? In fact, these two kinds of business models, each has advantages and disadvantages.

then let us look at the success of the people is a kind of entrepreneurial approach? "Alibaba" the father of Ma Yun’s achievement let person envy unceasingly, creating a precedent for C2C B2C, successful business model, the company grow fast, Vanke President Wang Shi in 80s, with its unique insights, seize the real estate turning historical opportunity, has now become a China real estate leader, Jason Jiang and Li Xiang, etc. examples of success makes us ponder, so many entrepreneurs are relying on the enterprise, and the success of the original brand, is entrepreneurship is the only choice for


in fact, there is no unique mode of entrepreneurship. Before reviewing their business, have been accumulated a lot of experience, and even experienced a failure of the enterprise, and finally the loss of his own firm direction, focus and persistence is the fundamental reason for their great achievements, a model is not taken, if they had there is no failure, when we talk about the tone of envy. But more important, is that they are in their own resources and understanding the advantages of the field of entrepreneurship, but if they are to understand the industry, how can lead the enterprise rapid development? Blind entrepreneurship, but entrepreneurs taboo.

joined the chain from enterprises, the biggest advantage is that there is a unified management, unified training, lack of experience for the first time, venture entrepreneurs have to be a good way to solve many doubts early start, there is a system in practice more learning opportunities, under the guidance of the expert. Success can also further. According to my understanding, joined the chain usually from several aspects, one is just facing the work of the college students, after higher education based on knowledge, insight and understanding of social phenomena, think entrepreneurship is a good opportunity to carry out life, two in-service employees, after the accumulation of work experience they want better, improve their lives, through their own professional knowledge, human resources, a faction, the three is after laid-off workers, with rich life experience and fully understand the advantages and disadvantages of the industry, can be on the road of entrepreneurship is easy to eliminate difficulties, psychological endurance is not strong, four do young men and women from the status quo to do something themselves, for different levels, different social environment, different personalities, need to face the reality is very different, there are The lack of funds, or lack of experience, some lack of management ability, many may be a stumbling block hindering their progress, choose to join chain or independent business is crucial to correct before starting.


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