But 50 thousand new ways to get rich

traditional Chinese painting, oil painting is the essence of art, with the changing times, the market is constantly changing, Shanghai World Expo China Museum highlights that people still remember, a dynamic qingmingshanghetu conquered many people. So what is the value of dynamic painting is not worth investing?

this product will be the traditional paintings with dynamic forms, more realistic, highly ornamental, in line with the current market consumption trends. This product has been tested abroad, reflecting very good, with broad market prospects.

Overview of

features 1,   novel. So that the traditional paper, cloth painting works become a dynamic painting.

2,   product sophistication, thickness of less than 1.5 cm.

3,   simple structure, low technical threshold.

4,   low cost. Cost of 5 yuan / piece.

This product will be

production conditions (monthly production 1000) a total investment of 50 thousand yuan, of which the equipment investment is 20 thousand yuan, 30 thousand yuan of liquidity, plant area of about 50 square meters, with 5 employees.

The estimated

benefit specification for example) production costs 5 yuan / piece, suggest that the ex factory price of 15 yuan / piece, production and sales of 5000 to recover the initial investment.

2,   products should be based on the needs of the market innovation, rich varieties.

3,   can be used as gifts, souvenirs to sell to major companies.


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