2012 hidden investment in the rich ore car service industry

with the development of society, the car has become the main means of transport, has entered the people’s family life. The rapid development of the automotive industry, the automotive service industry has become a gold industry, is developing in full swing. 2009 in January, China’s first sales of light vehicles more than the United states. According to the Chinese Automobile Industry Association statistics, in 2009 May, China’s auto sales overall still maintained a rapid growth, and has three consecutive months in 1 million 100 thousand level operation, 1-5 month accumulative total sales growth rate of nearly 10%, record. Global auto makers expect Chinese auto sales to grow by 5%-10% this year, in contrast to the sharp drop in car sales in the US, Europe and japan. In addition, China is expected to overtake Japan as the world’s largest car producer this year.

auto industry more than 50% profit from the automotive service industry

has been recognized industry classification, automotive after market services can be classified as: automotive beauty, decoration, maintenance, automotive electronics and other 11 categories of nearly four hundred specific services. According to the statistics of Europe and the United States, in a mature international automobile market, the automobile sales profit in the whole automobile industry profits accounted for only 20%, profit components accounted for 20%, and 50% to 60% of the profits generated from the car in service industry. In fact, Chinese automobile market attracted more manufacturers and investors to enter, and attract a lot of private capital to enter the automotive service industry has a rapid development in the 00 spread, from first-tier cities to the small town, the automobile service industry has blossom everywhere. After a survey of China’s automotive aftermarket, an analysis of China’s auto market, China’s auto market will reach $23 billion 17 million by 2010, ranking second only to Japan in asia. It is not difficult to foresee that the car market is indeed a great market potential, the potential to explore the gold mine.

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