Exhibition information is an opportunity for enterprises

now is an era of information technology, under such a background, the exhibition industry is also increasingly developed, become the main form of a local investment, especially in the exhibition activities, information technology plays a very important role.

in the exhibition operation, exhibitors and exhibits will be moved to the purchaser or the audience in the mobile phone, you can set the two-dimensional code for the exhibitors or exhibits, as long as can scan exhibitors or exhibits with information collected in income. In the exhibition business, the exhibition data can be collected, and then statistical analysis. Can also be carried out in the exhibition information push, more information will be transmitted to the user’s mobile phone in a low-cost way.

exhibition has been a widely used in modern life, at the same time, the country in organizing some exhibition activities at the same time, also need to speed up the construction of some related information, and the combination of information technology exhibition.


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