College students to open the store opened a big victory

90 university graduates rely on entrepreneurship to get rich, do not have any business experience, there is no adequate social human resources, but he built a baozi Inn, with conscience now Huobian baozi business, Handan.

chose this simple, ordinary industry, there are three reasons: one is the low cost, the two is in great demand, and easy to form scale, three is familiar with — my grandma and uncle had done a selling steamed stuffed bun. Subsequently, he and two like-minded students together to open a shop. He told reporters that the two partners, a graduate student in reading, one at work, the specific operation of the steamed stuffed bun shop by him a person responsible.

for charity caring society, is Zhang Yapu the most worthy of praise. He led the staff to social welfare, send buns social orphans; into the sanitation department, sanitation workers to send the steamed stuffed bun; recently, he also launched the "65 years old with ID collar buns" activities, meet the conditions for each of the elderly free to send a steamed stuffed bun, making his shop every day around several elderly, and some elderly hearing, actually not far the number to bring baozi.

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