Automotive beauty industry to join the achievements of the new world of wealth

according to the relevant survey data, the number of domestic cars will continue to increase, the annual average number of cut injury reached more than 3 times, the car surface micro wound repair market turnover of up to 55 billion yuan, and 20% per year of rapid growth, the formation of a huge segment of the market.

in the domestic automotive beauty industry in the micro repair service is in its infancy, but already the enterprise saw the business opportunities, to solve problems on the car body appearance clothes took the lead in the introduction of products and technology in europe. Through the film to achieve color painting effect, and to protect the original car paint. Car clothes has now become the first color of the body to change the color of the body, with unlimited broad market prospects.

project after a year of development, and continued efforts in the car, to Hangzhou, Wenzhou area in Shanghai, Xiamen, Shenyang, Urumqi, Songyuan, and Taiwan Taoyuan 8 regions, including Xiamen, Hangzhou and Wenzhou will join in the franchisee within half a year successfully upgraded to the exclusive distributor.

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