How delicious steamed to join Chinese fast food

in the field of Chinese fast food has such a brand since its inception by the vast number of consumers concerned. After many years of operation to create the brand is a race to join the project investors, it is steamed delicious nutrition fast food.

steamed delicious snack items since the successful operation, has been widely recognized by consumers, has won a good reputation in the market, the original tonic steamed vegetables production technology and modern advanced production process perfectly, breaking the traditional fast food taste a variety of single market structure, the formation of "1+7+N model". "Western fast food advanced management mode steamed delicious" super fast food fusion, and the timely introduction of new products, has been formed to steamed dishes, rice, rice noodles all kinds of cold dishes, drinks are more than and 10 series for auxiliary, using technology and standard modern professional technical recipe produced fast food brand shop. Variety of food, so that the steam has become the pasta industry leader and facilitator.

so how to join the steamed delicious Chinese fast food?

steamed delicious Chinese fast food join conditions

1. recognized the "steamed delicious steamed vegetables" business philosophy, to accept the unified management of headquarters.

2. to ensure a unified national store image and unified norms.

3. unified products: steamed delicious steamed vegetables unified technology and taste.

4. store business address, telephone number and other contact headquarters for the record.

5. area protection: the distance between the shops must be maintained above 2 km.

steam delicious Chinese fast food join process introduction:

, telephone communication with the company

2, cooperate with the company to apply

3, to the company site visits

4, identify with the company

5, signed an agreement with the company

6, access to technical information

7, store decoration

8, opening support

9, opening profit

believe that through the introduction of the above for the introduction of steamed delicious snacks, you have already had a more comprehensive understanding of the brand, if you want to know more information

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