Children’s clothing store to take the goods time can not be wrong

children’s profits are not cheap, so many friends want to open a children’s clothing store, clothing is a seasonal product, so take the goods can not be wrong, the transition of the season should also be appropriate to some. Here we look at the different seasons of the children’s clothing store take time.

spring: spring’s getting goods wholesale time mostly in the fifteen year after, according to the specific weather conditions will continue to 3-4 months, and will be divided into two groups to go, the first batch of second batches of thicker, thinner, is the transition from spring to summer, but, if it is the manufacturers, children’s clothing production in spring years ago began, the production of a number of years ago, second years after the production batch; if you are a seller must know the buyer is generally at this time to take the goods, do not wait until 3-4 months time faster than before the spring, it is too late in the spring, high-end children’s clothing price between 30-60 yuan.

summer: Summer children’s section of the words is watching the weather, the beginning of the end of March, according to the current weather conditions, will continue until around May, and also in the 2 batch of production, but also a number of thin point, a thick point, there is a transition always, in the high-end children’s clothing prices in summer between 30-50 yuan.

autumn: as for 6-7 months, is the children’s off-season, general children’s day after all idle. The buyers with autumn models are generally at the beginning of August, to October, this period of time is to take the autumn, autumn’s price of high-grade in between 20-70 yuan.

winter: Winter shall take the goods time in November until the new year, this time is generally divided into the ride and coat collocation, thick jacket coat can be as high as 100 yuan, in a low to 50 yuan, the price of high-grade winter children in between 50-140 yuan.



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