Fruit and vegetable drinks fast investment in the first year to earn one hundred thousand

now people pay more and more attention to health, a period of time before the end of carbonated drinks in excess of harmful substances, so many people talk about drinks on the color! With fruit and vegetables with drinks instead of milk tea, carbonated drinks, this natural, healthy drinks are being touted. Reporters recently learned that this hit the natural green brand of fruit and vegetables, although some cities in the field has become a climate, but there are still few figures in the city.

open this store, how much? Yang Yu said, in downtown Ji’nan to open her shop, shop in 24 square meters. Initial investment of about 100 thousand yuan, including shop rent, renovation costs and equipment, such as 5 machines. Store sales of fruit and vegetable juice ranging from 8 yuan to 20 yuan a cup. As for the daily sales, Yang Yu said it was not convenient to disclose, but now the initial cost of all recovered, intends to open a shop like this year.


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