Chongqing held the first public contest

now the whole society is an Internet start-up period, at the same time there are many places in order to further promote the people’s Internet entrepreneurs have organized a series of Internet entrepreneurship competition in Chongqing held the first public record contest.

with "Internet plus" and "public business, put forward the innovation, entrepreneurship and innovation vitality all over the country, the industry is the depth to stimulate entrepreneurship and innovation, people boom is set off. 26, 2009, the fourth China Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition (Chongqing Division) and the first public competition in Chongqing, the curtain fell, since the clean photovoltaic battery project and magnesium alloy deep-processing products project won the gold medal.

to strengthen independent innovation, deepen the reform of science and technology, vigorously support the development of innovation and technology oriented small and medium-sized enterprises, the Ministry of science and technology organized the first Chinese innovation contest "in 2012, successfully set off a wave of innovation and entrepreneurship. The fourth China innovation contest officially in April 24th this year, the curtain. Chongqing for the first time as division contest organization to carry out related work, competition sponsored by the torch center of science and technology and the Chongqing Municipal Science and Technology Commission, the Liaison Office of Chongqing Jiulongpo District government and the high-tech zone, hi tech Zone Innovation Service Center, Chongqing science and technology financial group limited, Municipal Science and technology venture capital association.

in the final session, the team and the enterprise group is divided into two venues, respectively by PK at the same time, the 5 judges scoring, scores ranking to decide the 123 prize. The final scene of the open road show, all the contestants and the audience to watch the scene, by the same judges to watch the whole game group project, announced the final score on the spot evaluation.

A group of members told reporters the product deep processing project of enterprise

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