Beijing devaluation electronic business license simplified process

in order to facilitate the operation of enterprises, Beijing opened the electronic business license, simplifying the operation process, so that entrepreneurs more worry. November 1st, the whole process of electronic registration pilot work in Haidian officially launched. Beijing University of science and Technology Park overseas returnees entrepreneurial enterprises Beijing Zhi Tong Pharmaceutical Technology Co., Ltd., became the first successful adoption of the entire electronic system of the enterprise. 3 days later, the legal representative of Mr. Lu in the system automatically generated electronic business license account inquiries into the company’s electronic business license.


, apply for the registration of a company name often after verification, online registration, online booking, site management, licensing of 5 links, and Mr. Lu through the electronic registration, free online registration, online booking, the scene for the 3 links. After the adoption of the audit, the automatic generation of electronic business license, the transition period will also be issued by the paper business license will be delivered free of charge through EMS.

Liu Chunmei, deputy director of the Haidian branch of the industrial and commercial bureau of, said the whole process of electronic business registration has also realized the electronic archive storage and query. After the approval materials have been approved by the approval of the electronic signature, it can form a standardized and non tamper electronic file, and the system will automatically deliver the archives management department to archive, which eliminates the link of the scanning and uploading.

Beijing is a pilot, the future may be more regional implementation of this policy, it is worth looking forward to. In the future, with the advance of the pilot work, the scope of the pilot will be registered by the establishment of domestic technology companies to expand the registration of all enterprises in Haidian District.

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