2012 is the most worthy of your investment in the seven industries

from the current venture capital market analysis, any industry can become a successful start of your business. We need someone else’s entrepreneurial success is not how much money? A leading way to make money is to become the best prerequisite for success. The following is the whole network (http://s.shang360.com) in 2012 the most worthy of your investment to join the seven industry for your analysis:

from the clothing market is not a speculation on the fire of the bull market, especially in recent years, Korean fashion clothing trend triggered really let the market become more colorful and dazzling, and its design is more close to the public consumption and clever marketing of the road more classic! China’s average annual growth rate of Korean clothing more than 17%, total sales of over 100 billion, the next two years will have a greater breakthrough, the expected sales of up to nearly 400 billion yuan!

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