Entrepreneurship should be able to endure loneliness and loneliness

many people think of entrepreneurship, there should be rash and too much in haste to develop their own cause, there are so many people have chosen to start this road, what consumers will buy your account, let your business develop rapidly, so lonely and lonely in the normal thing. So, if you want to go on business, then need to endure the loneliness and lonely.

0 to 1, on the surface of the mutation is essentially the accumulation of

0 and the 1 is the nature of the computer world, but you may not know is that even in the computer world, 0 to 1 is also a process of accumulation. For example, we generally use the level to determine whether the logic value is 0 or, above 3.3V is high, indicating that the following: 0.8V is below the level of 0, indicating that the value of the level of the value of the level is low. So from 0 to 1

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