Depth analysis of the Shanghai free trade zone which suction gold industry

Shanghai is known as the "magic", such a city, what entrepreneurial magic? Today, Xiaobian to introduce you to some areas of wealth can bring opportunities. Shanghai free trade zone is a regional free trade zone established by the Chinese government in Shanghai, the test area in August 2013 22, the State Council formally approved the establishment of the official opening on the morning of September 29th at 10 am. Countless entrepreneurs are asking Shanghai FTA in the end can bring their own?

FTA is certainly not just financial speculators, giant FTA, also gave birth to a small entrepreneurial opportunities. As free trade zone designer Wang Xinkui said that the functional positioning of the Shanghai Free Trade Zone, is from the traditional FTA turned to – the country’s reform and opening up the pilot area. In other words, this is not a preferential wealth by SAR, but a truly belong to the paradise for adventurers. In the past do not let, as long as there is no provision not to do, can do, if done well, but also to the country! So, open your eyes, the opportunity everywhere.

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