Can not afford to hurt look at the tyrant who choose pets

impression, nouveau riche spend money like water, residential building fan dog, but that is the past nouveau riche play. In the new era of the nouveau riche, western style, some dogs do not flow, such as playing with pets, some dogs just suck. So, now the tyrant who are playing with pets? – (nine brother do not curse, it is called the "Grass Mud Horse" alpaca, white lion), chimpanzee, python…… Insane? And these pets are very expensive, a look up.

1, platinum arowana, tyrant price $315000

2, white lion cub, tyrant price $138000

3, antlers, tyrant price $89000

stag beetle aka "stag beetle" and "stag beetles" and "stag beetle", breeding is very simple, as long as the pet box ready for the size of a pair of antlers with leaf bug in the organic humus, plus a stag beetle mating habitat for wood, feed fruit or jelly, soon had the baby born antlers insect.

4, chimpanzee, tyrant price $60000  –  $65000

5, cat, tyrant price $800  –  $3000

Bengal origin of America, as a cat in the noble, also known as the cat, because of the early stage of reproduction is quite complicated, so the number is not much. The body has a golden background and black markings, weight of about 5.5 ~ 9 kg, skeleton strong, strong body, short hair, friendly personality, gentle.

6. British bulldog, tyrant price $2000  –  $5000

7, snow monkey, tyrant price $3500

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