Explore the meaning of entrepreneurial innovation

want to know the meaning of innovation and entrepreneurship, want to know the importance of innovation and entrepreneurship, we can from a very creative small companies to answer.

2009, the domestic first digital full HD resolution 1920X1080, the "fire  eye"; "almighty fire record", set off waves in the industry, there is praise say this is the reform and innovation of history, also ruin the voice of "definition is too high, the computer will crash" "definition is too high the network can not afford" law enforcement "video not so high-definition" etc..

however the market ignored the miscellaneous sound, full HD "fire  eye" in 2010 by the Ministry of public security on all equipment included in the Financial Bureau of police "new alternative compiled" officially, achieved national recognition.

2010 Asian Games and the 2011 world university students, after the official screening, digital full HD HY-001HD with the lightest volume, the highest definition, the widest shot, etc.. At the same time excellent flying company also won the national public security system, police equipment top ten brands award.

"sense of innovation, innovation is the survival value", the second generation of products HD-3G for the first time to join the GPS function, the third generation of "Monkey King" is a real-time video transmission function products…… The fifth generation of FE-5G is a set of portable real-time transmission, SOS emergency communications, real-time positioning, multi-functional integrated background management system functions in one of the law enforcement equipment.

like users, users need to solve, flying always uphold the concept of excellence and innovation, in this way constantly, repeated success!

HD-89 video resolution up to 2304*1296, video frame rate of 120 frames / sec, more recommended

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