Free can also be a miracle

speaking of Taobao, and now people are afraid that they will not feel strange, after all, it is in the current market influence is quite large. But, do you know what Taobao’s business model is like? In fact, this is a free miracle of the classic case.

Ma first engaged in e-commerce, announced that Taobao free shop, and his rival eBay is to close the shop fee. Since Taobao free shop in eBay, the sellers are not white do not open, whether Taobao has no traffic, are willing to put in the Taobao store a copy. Finally, Taobao brought together a large number of sellers through free, with the seller will have a buyer.

initially announced free time, Ma may not want to know how to make money by free. Originally he wanted to charge, but the Tencent’s pat Network eyeing ready to grab the seller of Taobao, so after three years of his free, had to continue to say free, permanent free.

in the end, when almost all of China’s business to Taobao shop, what will happen? You search for a toilet paper, will come out 10 thousand results. You free shop no problem, but if you want to go in front of the search results, it is necessary to pay value-added services.

Taobao today became one of China’s most profitable Internet Co, in fact, through the free mode to create a new revenue model. If Taobao is not free, then it may not be able to beat eBay, but also can not develop such a revenue model.

because eBay is a transaction fee, so the buyer and the seller are particularly concerned about collusion, strict provisions of the seller is not allowed to leave his cell phone, not allowed to leave the mailbox address.

and Chinese shopping habits is not the direct communication there is no sense of security, but direct communication if Taobao does not receive the transaction fees, so Taobao of the transaction is also free of charge, buyers and sellers contact more, Taobao also made a big deal to chat. In this way, Taobao has an instant messaging tool.

since it’s all free, it’s a good thing to do. Taobao provides a convenient means of payment transactions, in order to solve the credit problem, Alipay also creatively proposed, such as the buyer can get the goods to inform the payment, so Alipay back and promote the Taobao deal. The belated effort point of view, Taobao is the layout of the Internet financial success look far ahead from a high plane.

seems to be free, but why Ma can become China’s down payment, I think we are very clear. So, a lot of things, we can not stay on the surface. But Taobao’s operating case, we can clearly understand that: free is really a miracle.

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