Alert 10 simple steps to failure

business, something would be lost as the battlefield, not only that, many people can experience a lot of things in the above simple to this, but how can not enter the failure inside the circle, ten believe that it can help you.

1, try big jump, not a baby step: in order to let you stay put, do not violate the first principle. No matter what you do, must not seek little success (one by one), and to find a huge success, life changing behavior will change that will wreak havoc on your life upside down, you and your family.

2, will ignore the environment how to shape the behavior: IQ of more than 22 people all know that our friends, family and environment of our thoughts and actions will affect the output of great. So you should avoid " encourage " and " support " your friends. Here’s a little song I like to go on the way to work, it might help: " if you want to stop, stay with your ass. "

3, trying to stop the past behavior, rather than creating new: This is a despicable principle, if you used improperly, will bring great improvement and change your life. Instead of focusing on what you want, or creating positive changes, you should only focus on what you are trying to avoid. This guarantees you to stop.

4, the use of long-term change: perseverance perseverance…… You either have or not, it’s not something you can improve. Therefore, if you do not have the willpower, must look that oneself is the happy person. Imagine what it would be like to have a lack of progress by blaming yourself for things you can’t control,


5, failed due to lack of motivation: if you fail, because it must be motivated to continue without you. I mean, there’s no other reason for your failure, except for the lack of motivation.

6, underestimate the power: according to BJ fuse Fogg, the most reliable way is to change the behavior, the use of effective starter – like stickers with information as a reminder or a signal to remind you of the alarm, or somewhere to encourage you to do what thing. So you should take them out of your life. For example, do not put the gym bag near the door, because it may remind you to fitness. Starters will change. We don’t like them.

8, focusing on the abstract objectives rather than specific behavior: people say " short branch >

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