Oriental beauty professional Manicure join what are the advantages of

nail selection, in our lives, has been a very strong project. For business with a small capital entrepreneurs, is a very wise choice. Join the Oriental beauty professional nail? Project worth joining! So what do you choose to join the East beauty professional nail beauty?

Oriental beauty to join the advantages of 1: authoritative nail expert

Manicure industry the most powerful training team to teach, the Ministry of labor Chinese Manicure contest, Manicure international contest runner up, the international Manicure contest judges, China Manicure, Manicure contest judges long international contest technical director, Manicure experts to guide, to students and to join an international exchange of learning stage.

Oriental beauty to join the advantages of 2: Union quality first

Oriental beauty Manicure and Manicure international well-known brands to establish a strategic partnership with the range of products Manicure import agent service system, provide the best quality, the highest cost-effective product support for the franchise.

Oriental beauty to join the advantages of 3: advanced international technology

Oriental beauty Manicure on "life, practical, fashion and other diversified technology, international trends, grasp the latest professional information in a timely manner, synchronize with the international Manicure level, and always maintain the leading position in the domestic industry.

Oriental beauty to join the advantages of 4: team escort

Oriental beauty nail professional operation team is the industry’s senior management experts, nail technology experts, store operations experts together. Oriental beauty nail for each franchise to provide a set of mature mode of operation, competitive advantage and management team to ensure that the interests of the largest investment to join.

Oriental beauty to join the advantages of 5: unified operation mode

brand image of unity, unity, unified price, unified management, unified promotion propaganda, unified, unified system, unified, unified technology, techniques of operation if unified, unified, unified service flow, unified, unified training, grooming facilities unified.

Oriental beauty to join the advantages of 6: media campaign

and "fashion", "Chinese fashion beauty", "Manicure horizon", "fashion", "Manicure fashion pioneer", "LADY" and other fashion media, as well as Google, Baidu, Sina, Sohu, 3721, U88 and other media cooperation, strengthen brand awareness, to add >

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