Guangdong reproduction tyrant wedding car luxury car received more than a bride hung gold bracelet

rich coastal areas in the south, many of them are full of gas trench. Recently, the reproduction of the tyrant wedding ceremony in Guangdong, wearing the style of the emperor’s groom with a number of luxury car received pro, and the bride’s neck is also full of gold bracelets.

1 11 am, a lot of people in Guangdong, Zhongshan circle of friends have been one of the three rural wedding brush burst. The main reason for the excitement is that the whole scene is too luxurious!

participation by the pro people told reporters that the groom is three township native, later moved to Macao, is a 90, "home business, very rich." The bride is from Macao. The public also introduced before the bride and groom have been married for eight or nine years.

comprehensive live pictures and video, the whole process of jieqin luxury cars gathered and many hangs the two plates.

and groom a costume "emperor" and the pro personnel to wear is also very eye-catching.

and other wedding like this wedding nouveau riche, today there is no shortage of cash and jewelry. It is said that the groom received the gift of time is a gift of millions.

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