Luhan concert record cool style high popularity

recently, popular star Luhan’s concert is very hot, cool handsome shape, is the absolute master and sister Liao, Luhan concert record but also to produce a satisfactory answer, it is proved that the high popularity!



19 points 30 points before the opening, yellow green fluorescence stick and deer horn shop full of people waiting for the brightest fans, wistfully Luhan, hard call idol fans in uniform screaming, the rhythm of the countdown, a cool and effective public for the first time "driving force", as the opening concert. High turn the audience. The idol is coming!

uppercase cool   shy adorable   sell tears; love – Luhan transient expression emperor physique "

the dancer in the crowd, Luhan jumped into the center of the stage, with a golden long windbreaker debut, a casual gesture, poked fans boiling point, the best description is a capital of "cool".

"happy first concert, held in his hometown of Beijing, in order to the concert for many, also have certain pressure, fear of failure, fear of small physical co.. But it’s not just a couple of games!" Each section of Luhan speak links are very terrier.

the concert finale "our tomorrow" achievement the most charming chorus, table Luhan cannot hold, seems to be poked pain, with warm breath shining tears feeling full of men, although later through Luhan feel shy micro-blog argues that "I didn’t cry, but it is a moment is not to deceive the eyes of the audience.

every time to send gifts are Guinness? Let me feel embarrassed

exit back to China Luhan development from the Han group EXO, had a record number of Guinness world records, including the name of search for the most people "," micro-blog published the most comments ", all kinds of wonderful record, there are users point of praise, also the netizen emotion Guinness record is really Nothing is too strange. This Luhan’s Beijing concert that night, a total of 1731 people at the same time wearing antlers headgear, make recommendation

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