Students do poineering work to create hundreds of billions of wealth

barbecue industry is a very popular industry, a lot of people want to start a business in this industry, but no one has been able to create millions of barbecue wealth, today we want to introduce a barbecue wealth creating hundreds of millions of students.

5000 block small capital

said "poor children as early masters, really is this sentence, college life, Wang Yu’s world only two, one is learning, one is working, but never thought of" beautiful wife ". Work can earn money, less to worry about at home, Wang Yu was the only idea at that time. The University’s working life, is a useful book, Wang Yu learned in the knowledge, taste the fun. Every night can’t sleep sleep, Wang Yu quietly thinking, instead of working for others, why don’t you work for yourself? The idea slowly began well ingrained in a silent night, in a little bit of Huicheng strength.

5000 now may be just a dollar in the meal, for Wang Yu at the time, this is a "digital life". Why do you say? Come to know, a poor student was covered with few nails? This is a little gambling, if money is God’s eyes, if lost, it simply sell yourself to others, even the horse when cattle do to repay.

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