Cao Guowei’s strong life

is a strong need for capital, the knowledge of the news business as well as in the field of finance, investment experience, so that Cao Guowei has a strong reason in sina.

in a dazzling flash, sina CEO Cao Guowei and Google Li Kaifu, vice president of global high up a bottle of oversized red wine, into a huge ice special, congratulations to the Sina and Google strategic partnership, occurred in June 11th of this scene, if you can also visit the conference site see in the sina science channel video.

Although the

position as CEO has been more than a year, Cao Guowei is still very low-key, even not published the inaugural speech, that many people are not aware of Cao Guowei this year, what has been done, "to be able to determine where the Cao Guowei era" of sina? However, careful people will find the Sina channel content has been integrated into other elements, not only is the full sense of the scene of the video content, Sina channel and blog and community interaction becomes more and more deep, the combination of reading may be very easy to see a variety of different forms and the related content.

"beyond" CFO

it is difficult to present Cao Guowei with such a description: the link is very thin, with a long hair. In fact, Cao Guowei learn to work in the days of the United States is the same, careful observation you will find that the American culture may be affected, even if Cao Guowei will also appear in Western dress and leather shoes, more casual, more when he does not love wearing a formal dress "".

the Journalism Department of Fudan University after graduation, Cao Guowei has made the Oklahoma University Master’s degree in journalism and Dezhou Austin University financial professional master.

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