Painful transition lessons Women’s clothing store at a loss of 2 million

is now a lot of small entrepreneurs have to like to try to transform the venture, and some successful, but some have suffered heavy losses, a woman’s Tmall shop with 2 million to buy a painful lesson in the transformation of entrepreneurship.

opened a Taobao C shop. 2 months later, opened a Tmall shop. When sales are best, there are more than 2 million sales per month. Sales reached 10 million in 2012. More than 8 million in the first half of 2013. So, we started in the fantasy, we can do Amoy brand. When bullish. At that time, courier brother asked us every day. Give each of us a cigarette.

however, this is just our bright side. On the other hand, we have more than 3 million of the inventory in the warehouse. In particular, we are to do the season’s Korean coat and dress. There are 5 models of our burst, so that we operate the people out of mind, a large number of orders.

Third: 13 Tmall stores closed.

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