Cock wire business from the group to private custom

In fact,

venture itself needs is to bold practice, at the same time, in the business when hold a social prospect of entrepreneurship in fact is particularly important, then say the entrepreneur will grasp the direction of entrepreneurship.

2014 in June with two partners to develop on-line and edge network, combined with the theme of making friends, line group purchase of O  2  O Internet platform, has been with the 8  more than 0 French restaurants and more than and 10 French shops signed a group purchase agreement, cooperation continues to grow, and the success of the 5 delicacy theme activities, the next will also try to put in Chinese and French society combined business model.

group purchase delicacy

in France Sun Yangke found business opportunities. He found that European Chinese life is monotonous, lack of social, usually between the Chinese to dinner, "two Chinese life forum only French Chinese market, many people need to communicate, but not a reliable way". Now, there are about 600000 Chinese people in France, there are only two Chinese restaurants in Paris.

3 months time, the development of the site, the recruitment team, the heat to prepare for the world. In June this year, the edge of the network normally on the net, began trial operation.

to private custom business model for

and domestic prosperous group purchase net, net margin, focusing on the social group purchase, joint business group purchase information released the theme — such as the world cup delicacy activities, exchange of entrepreneurial activity, and for a limited time and the number of. User registration login can see some buy information, buy price is generally the market price of 6 to 6 .5 fold, the user clicks "I want to participate in" after leaving a personal contact, you can not pay online. After the activity is confirmed, the user can go to the designated place at the appointed time to complete the line activities. "Before we are online payment, but now the money is not our hand, recommend

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